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Well, they say something about a cold day in.....or when it freezes over?


PICTURES OF MY NEWEST PENCIL SKETCH are here for show n tell!!!

Compose a 55 word blog entry...using fiction.

Here I sit a bit broken-hearted.
Promised snow and the sky only farted.
From above fell only ice...
Cold and icy storm from the clouds.

Sirens blaring on the freeway
Clear air; sounds travel far---
A good day to stay home,
away from the hustle and bustle...
the fools, the drivers, the insanity, the crowds.

~~ * * * ~~

[what makes this 'fiction' is I'm happy as a pig in a mudhole that it DIDN'T snow!!!!!---I don't like snow]


  1. I have never lived in a cold climate but I don't think I would like a lot of snow much either. From your pictures though it looks quite cold...brrr! Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.(-:

  2. You crack me up, lol

  3. We got 4" and sleet under that. 1 snow day from school and 2 delayed days! The snow has been on the ground all week! Amazing for Lubbock! But the cold, oh the cold! I want warmth! This is such a crazy winter!! Stay in girl, I'm becoming part Bear, hibernating as much as possible!
    Keep warm :-)

  4. Hi Anni,
    Beautiful ice shots. I hope that the plants are goners for good though. Your poem made me laugh (the first too lines seemed familiar somehow!)

    Have a great weekend, and take care.


  5. You should come down here. We NEVER get any snow. :( Love your pictures!

  6. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
    Oh how precious is this write. You are SO stinkin cute. I love, Love, LOVE that the sky farted. What a precious description that only you my precious friend could think of.

    Your pictures as always are so beautiful. That ice is something else. I too, am tired of the cold here in the desert. I say be gone with you cold. I moved here for the warmth. Could someone out here please pay the bill and get our heat turned back on? For gosh sakes, 29 degrees this morning when I had to get out to drive to the Lab for blood work and my old truck has no heat, so it was cold, cold, COLD. I was blowing smoke out of my mouth inside the truck, while the tail pipe was blowing smoke on the outside of the truck. What a site for sore eyes.

    Stay warm sweetie. I bet it would be a might cold day at the beach today. Not even save to be on the streets in the ice. So happy to stop by and say hello sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. and the sky only more snow might not be a bad thing..did not get a whole lot of sledding in this year...

  8. Ice storms are much prettier than snow, but more dangerous too. Nice pics and a fun 55!

  9. Looks like we are in the same boat. I have icicles here. I can't believe it!! No snow though :( Loved the poem...and definitely best to stay away from idiot drivers.

  10. Beautiful pictures of the ice!

  11. How funny. I don't like snow and cold but I'd take snow over that ice any time.
    Hope it melts soon. We are going to get more snow this weekend they say and dropping temps again. BLAH

  12. Ice storms may be dangerous, but they produce some beautiful photo ops. Great 55 and photos.

  13. Nice post Anni, there sure have been some snowstorms in the US over the last few days.

    Hard for us to imagine down here in New Zealand, although this week we have had our share of tropical storms.

  14. Great pictures Anni...I hope your temps have warmed up and the sun is out.
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  15. I love those ice so very interesting!! I kinda have a love-hate relationship with the it as long as I am behind double glazed glass and in front of a fire!!!

  16. Hi Anni...
    Traded one hazzard for another eh?
    Loved your 55 My Dear...
    Thanks for returning to the fold.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  17. Annie, I love snow........LOL

  18. Nice pics...a farting sky...that stinks.



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