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Sunday walk, A foggy morning on the Bay....

...the sky cleared...

Bay Park
Portland Texas

...then, rainclouds threatened

Corpus Christi's Harbor Bridge
Thru the car's windshield
from a distance
climbing over!!

But, no rains came. Eventually, by late afternoon last Sunday, the skies cleared to a cloudless blue and the temperature shot up to 81 degrees. Now it's cold, and windy with a chance of snow flurries. Freeze warnings are posted all over the bay area.


  1. how i love your misty shots, my favourite kind of weather!

  2. Your weather over there is pretty crazy, no?
    But I do envy you a bit for the rain & green :D
    Lovely shots of your surroundings!

  3. "Changeable as the weather!" What a crazy day. You got some great pictures. :)

  4. Yep... gotta love that Texas weather!


  5. Stay warm my friend!!!

  6. I thought of you when I saw the freeze warnings there. We have very little snow but, o, it's sooo cold at 1 degree.
    Stay warm, Anni..

  7. What a day! Great shots and I love the egret and herons of course. Snow flurries are you kidding me?

  8. What a crazy weather day, making for such wonderful variety in the pictures - and what a crazy weather week! They've called off school for a second day - what a ridiculous precedent they set yesterday for nothing, and now today - will they continue to call off school every day until this cold spell breaks?? What a bunch of pansies we are raising!

  9. Nice photographic series. Happy Ground Hog's Day!
    Joyce M

  10. Oh man, 80's? wanna trade? We have snow and ice.

  11. oh! it has been raining heavily in malaysia for daily and some places as announced flood.

  12. Beautiful photos!!!
    I heard parts of TX got hit with this massive storm also. I hope that you are warm and safe.
    We had Windchills of -40 with air temps -11
    Have a nice day.

  13. Do you have snow today? Happy Wednesday!
    Watery Wednesday

  14. Lovely pictures...I wish I had a beach close by to take walks!!! Watching weather move in at the coast is fascinating.
    Madi and Mom

  15. My word! It was foggy! Glad it cleared up, and you had a great day after all!

  16. ast evening's news, there was even snow in Texas. I hope you didn't get any of those, otherwise where would your poor birds go?

  17. Same here, gorgeous weekend with Spring like temperatures. Now it is in the 30s and supposed to be in the 20s tonight. I hope they're wrong about the snow and ice....Winter, begone!
    Mama Bear

  18. Love all the pics especially the bird's shot.

    btw. I'm so in love with your template. perfect for this month.

    thanks for the visit Anni.

  19. it'salways great and enjoyable to see photos of other areas of the country. Fog/mist adds some extra touch to a photo. thanks rose

  20. Hi Anni,
    Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.
    I love your photos, they are amazing! So much change in a short amount of time, did you end up getting some of the snow that blanketed so much of the USA?
    Stay dry!
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Such wonderful pictures, Anni. Isn't it amazing how much the weather can change within a day?! It looks foggy here in the mornings but it's ice fog! lol Bring on Spring, I'm so ready for it, unfortunately we still have a couple more months of winter to get through here. xoxo

  22. wow, beautiful places, love it. Thanks for the visit as well. Be back soon.