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"Through the Looking Glass"

weekend funnies now hosted by Gattina

My six words for today are:

Zoo excursions are always enjoyable times.

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A tiny town of about 80,000 in population, northeast of Corpus Christi by nearly 100 miles, Victoria, Texas is home of a small zoo in their Riverside Park. Tho it's nothing like a large, well kept zoo such as Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville Texas, it's still a good way to spend an hour or two walking the trails of exhibits. From tigers to an aviary section, from prairie dwellers to the exotic...the Texas Zoo is one to see if in the area. I titled this post today "Through the Looking Glass" because the zoo has adopted [by two of the town's residents' donation of caring for the cubs] a pair of lion cubs. They were enclosed in an area that had glass outer walls...and one was laying up against the warm glass on a cool morning...getting the sun's rays]

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  1. I love zoos but our nearest one is about three hours away. All of the animals are so much fun to watch, I really like the lion cub at the window glass.

  2. We love going to the zoo, but didn't make it this year. Maybe we can go sometime this winter on a nice Saturday.

    I have a good friend in Victoria.

  3. love seeing pictures of wildlife. funny sign. rose

  4. I love visiting the zoo!! I grew up in San Diego and it is still my favorite.

  5. I like to go to the zoo with my husband and our grandkids. We have a nice one here in Wichita, Kansas.

  6. There is a zoo like yours in the mountains of PA. Our girls got to hold mountain lion cubs.

    That sign is fantastic.

  7. Wonderful pictures and a lovely post ... I love 'we advise outdoorsmen to wear little noisy bells on clothing' ... LOL!!!!
    thank you for stopping by mine, so glad you did as it led me to visit here :o)

  8. The zoo pictures are so nice !
    I am still laughing about this sign ! I just imagine hiking around with bells on my clothes and a magnifier to analyse the poop of black and grizzly bears ! hahaha !

  9. I know that some people don't like zoos, but I'm not one of them!

    6WS: Persevere

  10. love the zoo animal images.
    lovely 6 words.

    my entry, awards for you.

  11. Love your pics and your weekend funny. LOL

  12. Love your photos, and that notice is brilliant! LOL!

  13. lovely pictures, I enjoy zoo excursions too :)

    Lol..Grizzly bear shit has bells in it and smells like pepper!

  14. The animals are fun to see but I think the sign is your best find of the day. LOL

  15. You have some great zoo shots there! It's always nice to be warned about bear activity! :D We have to always be on the look out for gators!

  16. HA! That's quite the warning, now, isn't it?! Wonderful batch of wild shots!!

  17. Awesome critter shots!

    Hope you've been doing well. I've not been a good blogger in 2010!

    My CC

  18. Looks like a great place to visit!

  19. Love the zoo pictures, Anni, especially the young lion.
    I've seen the sign from Fort Steele before (I'm from B.C.) but that last line always makes me laugh. Thanks, I needed a laugh after reading Mama Zen's post. Heartbreaking.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  20. An interesting endangered animals to watch, sometimes if I want to go to the zoo what interest me are the animal that I don't see often like this one you had in the photos. The crocodile looks scary just looking on skin scares

    Hope you a had lovely weekend Ms. Anni.

  21. Hi there!!
    Thanks for stopping by my place too!
    Great zoo that is. Very nice photos...absolutely love that tiger!

  22. Oh the gator shot is fabulous!

  23. Looks like a nice zoo. I love going to the zoo!

  24. We visit a couple different small zoo's and it really is fascinating to just sit and watch them.
    Although it does kind of makes me sad to see animals caged up instead of running wild...still I am one to take my little's to see them. :) It tends to feel like I live in the fact I have a sign that hangs in my kitchen that says, "welcome to the zoo"...the little's find this humorous. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my place today! Lori

  25. Love your new header!
    Great pictures of the animals. Looks like you had a great time!
    Have a fabulous day!

  26. Great shots. I think I like the tiger shot best of all.

  27. Anonymous11/14/2010

    That Warning sign is a hoot! Love the reflections and shots of the lion cubs too.

  28. Great set of wonderful animal shots!

  29. The zoo is such a great place to photograph. Great shots!

    Erika B

  30. I, whole heartedly agree.
    Mama Bear

  31. Great photos, always fun to go to the zoo. Loved the sign too.

  32. what an entry i love it!



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