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Now that the traveling season is in full swing, I have been reading and listening to on the news and radio talk shows the concerns and discerning and/or disconcerting issues on the full body scan at the security gates when taking airline flights from one city to another throughout the U.S. Or, opting for a full body search by the airline security guards. For me, personally, I stopped flying several years ago when I flew into Houston from Tucson to see Erik. I found myself walking through part of the airport both in Houston and in Tucson before boarding my flight....barefooted; all because of security checks. Back then, I thought that was not all that healthy...walking without protection on my feet...what germs were boarding my unprotected body! I didn't like it. And yes, maybe I have sanitary issues on that one can call me 'odd' or whatever you the time I thought it wasn't right. And I still don't. That is why I stopped flying. Now this full scan low radiation for the entire body imaging? Either that or request a pat down? No way. When you look at the full issue here, it's legal for an employee of the airport/airline if you are boarding a plane?----------yet, if someone were to do this to you 'on the street''s sexual harassment? Does this tell us and those of other nations visiting us as frequent that saying that the government, our government, is above the laws of our nation? [President Bush's phone tapping comes to mind also] Has it now come down to 'do as I say, not as I do' mentality? I understand that there is a great threat to our nation because of terrorist acts....that's impossible to stop, I think. But traveling from one city to another aboard a jumbo jet when you have pilots that drink on the job and maybe fly beyond their scheduled destination while having the plane and its passengers' safety...while the pilots sleep, all the while the plane is on auto-pilot... airline officials that are supposedly highly scrutinized by certain agencies to keep our planes me, there is always a 1% chance of those employees working in cahoots with someone on the 'outside'. But to twist the whole shebang in another direction of thought, I also think that if there are issued weapons for the pilots in the cockpit, perhaps the 911 attack on the Twin Towers may not have happened. There are so many different aspects to look at and research on this very subject that it boggles the mind.....but, the full 'on the street illegal' body it really necessary? I question the fact that there are those who travel A LOT for their who goes from one large airport to another several times a week....the 'low radiation' from the body scanners....just what is this doing to the frequent traveler? What entails the suspicious looking person boarding? What entails the warrant for a full body search? What would it take to allow a person to board a plane or to have the security not allow an innocent to board? Or for that matter, one guilty, suspicious looking traveler to board and become a threat at 30,000 feet above sea level? Or, if you will...some irate traveler still in the tarmac going ballistic because of all the hype on body searching...then, the whole ground crew and the travelers are in jeopardy!! You can call it socialism, government run fanatics, or any label necessary, but there is always that ONE thought that comes to mind...the one who is traveling has options...stay home, go through the body scan, or choose to be molested by the security guards. Or....perhaps find a good lawyer!!! I would prefer to stay home or find another means of travel.

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Then, on another note, yesterday, or being more specific, last night...there was a blue moon of November. I know, I know, I always thought the same thing...the only time there is reference to a 'blue moon' is when there are two full moons in one contraire!!!....READ MORE


  1. very beautiful Anni!
    Flowers are a good subject for photography

  2. i have to agree that the lines between 'national security' and 'personal privacy' have become very blurred. but what to do about it?

  3. I'm jealous of your flowers. We're supposed to get snow this week!
    Like you, I'm not thrilled with either option when it comes to being checked. Good thing I don't fly too often.

  4. wonderful post Anni.
    thanks for dropping by at my blog. cheers!

  5. Morning Anni!!! Lovely flowers...
    Oh boy do we agree with you. I had to fly into London several years ago. As we all paraded through the gate I was singled out to be patted down!!! First I was totally astounded I was picked. I had on jeans, and a shirt and a purse...pretty obvious I wasn't hiding anything but the lady in front of me was wearing a shift dress and carrying a huge bag but she was passed over!!! They took me behind a curtain too. The only good thing is it was a woman and she was nice. My husband still teases me about being patted down.

    Barefoot in public places!!!
    My friend and I signed up to take yoga at a local community center. The class was held in the very exact room where we vote. The yoga teach was insistent that we take off our socks to become one with the earth. I told her point blank that was not happening. The carpet in that room was older than dirt!!
    Hugs Mom and Madi

  6. Happy Ruby Tuesday!
    Lola & Nora:)
    btw My quick RT link!

  7. Exactly Anni...maybe Yoga Babe knew how much dirt was in the carpet!!! The rest of the story...she also wanted us to bow our heads and say a pray of thanks to the building at the beginning of each class. Both fail to do this too. First class my friend and I were on the front row, 2nd class we assigned ourselves to the back row. Yoga Babe gave us dirty looks for 6 weeks.

  8. Fabulous collage! Thanks for sharing.

  9. great macro's
    they're getting better anytime; excellent!

  10. I agree with you.I have never traveled by air in my life and I have intentions of ever doing it. I am afraid of heights for sure and the news don't help change my mind at all.
    Keep my feet grounded:)LOL
    Have a great day.