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I'm early posting this on Monday...why? I dunno. Just thought I'd get a head start on Tuesday maybe? LOL There are 'ruby reds' in each of my photos....:::raspberries::: Ha, ha. LOL

If you follow me here you'll know that for the last month I've been slowly constructing a new witch doll for Halloween. It was a fun project-- I finished it over the past weekend, and wanted to begin showing you the work in progress...then, come Friday for Show n Tell, I will have photos of the doll to share once I get the pictures off the camera and uploaded on the blog. I began by painting the face and hands. Then, started building from the plastic cone up to dressing her. Many times her head and arms/hands were taken off to 'build' and construct, using lacy black/orange/white and red print for her clothes, red fingernails, pastel green for the skin, etc. etc. I like the results. She turned out pretty well, considering this is only the 3rd time one was made---

COME BACK FRIDAY FOR SHOW N TELL to see her, finished!! And in regards to Witch Hazel, nope...didn't name her Hazel. But, I did name her as I do all my 'buddies'.


  1. Anonymous9/20/2010

    Witch Anni perhaps? LOL i can't wait to see her totally complete. :) She already reminds me of a few unnamed people LOL. When this post came up on my reader I thought what is she doing? It's never this early. The early bird catches the worm so to speak or is it Which Witch?? Have a great Monday :)

  2. Looks like fun.

    Coffee is on.

  3. Thom... I think I'm bored. It's raining again and I just had to do something. I've been reading a book most of the day, and I got tired of that. LOL

  4. You KNOW I love dolls! Can't wait to see her all done!! ~tina

  5. Awesome! What a fun project. If I tried to construct something for Halloween I'd be lucky to have it done for New Years, LOL. Great job!

  6. Wish my simple witch looked more like this, yes dear friend I will be back for show & tell to see more of this new "buddie" of yours.


  7. looking at your witch I think I have to start getting ready my decorations, your witch is great!!!

  8. Fantastic Anni! She looks perfectly creepy for Halloween, love it :)

  9. Wow, Annie, you are so creative. Love it. Perfect for Halloween.

  10. Mmmwaaaahahaaa!!

  11. Can't wait till Friday. Looks like a fun project!

  12. She's looking mean.

  13. Anni the witch is wearing a lovely shade of ruby red nail polish!!!

    Speaking of witch...Mom went to a new sandwich shop yesterday...very good too. It is call
    Which Wich!!! When Mom was telling the Dad about it, she kept saying Which Witch. MOL
    Madi and Mom

  14. weeh! looks interesting =) I'll come back on Friday to see how it looks like.hehe..have agood day, hope you could visit my page too!

  15. Thanks for showing us your work in progress..can't wait to see the unveiling on Friday.
    Mama Bear

  16. I can not wait to see the finished project.
    Have a great day.

  17. yes....
    i will be back friday for secrets revealed!!!

  18. Oh, Anni, I can tell already that she will be gorgeous...well as gorgeous as a witch can be! lol Your artistic talents never cease to awe me!! I can't wait to see the finished product on Friday.

    Just came back from having lunch with my friend June and we got caught in a downpour heading to the car. Now I'm trying to dry out! lol I thought I'd better stay home this afternoon and visit some blogs or you'll soon all disown me:-) xoxo

  19. I'll be back ... she looks very interesting, Anni.
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon