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ESPERANZA bush - Photo taken off our front porch.
The seed pods in the background...they look 'ruby' to me! LOL
In Spanish, a loose translation: "HOPE". Seems today, no matter where we live, we all could use some 'esperanza'.


  1. That's a gorgeous flower!

  2. I see the Rubiness in this beautiful photo. The flower takes center stage though, and it is stunning.


  3. The colors and texture in this photo are superb. Wish we had one. All we had this bush instead of kudzu (see our Monday photo).

  4. What beautiful blooms. I agree, the seed pods work nicely for Ruby Tuesday. ;)

  5. Wow, this is such a gorgeous bloom...I love the different shades of yellow!

  6. Oh Annie Sweetie...
    If you only knew what this post means to me this morning. I said in my prayers I needed HOPE. I popped over here this morning and here it is. Oh thank you sweet friend. God is so listening to me. I keep finding little answers along my trail today.

    I pray you and Bud are well. I think of you each day and smile. I vision you walking the shores and collecting beautiful shells along the way. I so loved your post of all of the sand dollars, and wish for my day to find just one. They are so beautiful.

    Have a gorgeous day. I can't wait to see where you two venture off to today.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

    Oh thank you for the most beautiful HOPE I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. So gorgeous. Does it have a smell? Sweet maybe?

  7. Definitely...maybe if we all planted esperanza bushes?

    Interesting how different the flowers and seeds are. Nice contrast.

  8. That is a very pretty flower and the seed pods do look red and remind me Fall isn't too far away.
    Mama Bear

  9. The flowers are gorgeous! What a lovely color....Christine

  10. That is beautiful... you said a bush... how large and what zones can it grow in? I think hummingbirds must love this plant!

  11. That is truly really nice. I really love the wisps of red in the back

  12. The pods is red to me too I thought it's some kind of a pepper. ^_^ Happy Tuesday!
    A Chevrolet red pick up

  13. That is a beautiful bush. I agree we could all use hope today.
    Have a great day.

  14. what a lovely flower!!!

  15. Lovely flower bright yellow color and looks very neat and fresh..

  16. Lovely flower bright yellow color and looks very neat and fresh..

  17. how right you are, my friend! And by the way, Red-Twigged Dogwood, bush.

  18. wonderful picture it gives me hope just looking at it

  19. great photo and yes we need Hope. rose

  20. Very beautiful Pic !