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When you were younger, didn't you have someone that you admired and perhaps wanted to mimic. I did. My sister, older than I by 6 years, collected celebrity 8x10s. Many of them. She collected them for the 'glamor' of it all. And of course, I looked up to and wanted to grow up being just like them; especially those in the movies! For this instance I wanted to 'talk' about celebrities for a bit. One lady I grew up with in movies...I grew up...she was already adult. Patricia Neal. In fact, she debuted in her first movie the year I was born. But that's not the case in point here...I always liked her style, her looks, her raspy voice, her stature and confidence. The one certain movie I really paid attention to her was in the movie, HUD. Co-starring Paul Newman of course. I'm pretty sure that was the reason I went to see the movie....Mr. Eyecandy himself!! As years went by, I tried to keep up with her if I could...her love affairs [gossip], her 30 year marriage, then, her startling divorce, etc. etc. In the 1970s, her triple stroke while being pregnant with her daughter!! She surviving after being in a coma for birth to a healthy girl, and relearning to walk, talk-------and act!! She played Olivia Walton in the Hallmark TV movie "The Homecoming: A Christmas Story". I was shocked to read in the news that my long time movie icon had lost her life to cancer last week. She was 84. PATSY LOUISE NEAL - 1926 to August 8th, 2010.

There were/are others I admire from the celebrity point of view...the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Joann Woodward, Betty Davis, Rita Hayworth. Even the young'un, Drew Barrymore!! There were some that I didn't like also...but that's beside the point. I wonder sometimes if the twenty-year-olds will look back in decades to come with awe and admiration for the 'stars' of today like those 'popular' from the 80s up to today....
Demi Moore
Cameron Diaz
Angelina Jolie
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Mel Gibson...

Do they have the same style, panache, class as those of yesteryear? If you were to ask me...I'd have to say a resounding "NO".

photo borrowed from wikipedia
with no infringement intended

blog title - quote from the movie "HUD" [1963]

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I just read the comments left for me from yesterday and didn't get back 'til late...sorry, I was gone most of the day so I couldn't get back to y'all. I had to chuckle... you think I'm early with Halloween? Would you believe two craft stores here, Joann and Hobby Lobby are putting out CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. Anonymous8/16/2010

    Love love love your macro's They are just beautiful :) You know I have to agree with you about the stars of today. So agree. Those stars of yesteryear are classics...X-Mas already PFFFT. Have a great Monday :)

  2. I love the old classic movies. The women were so classy and prissy - it makes me laugh. And other "on screne" kisses are so funny and fake. I still love them tho.

  3. I agree with you about the stars of today - not the same as the others you listed!
    I'm not surprised those stores are putting out Christmas - but it sure is early!

  4. Christmas cards are out on sale here just now - and soon the displays for christmas will be here too.

    Lovely little marigold - pity about its smell though - at least it keeps all the little nasty beasties away. Good Macro and thanks from visiting me again this week :) Rosie

  5. Last week, at work, we had a fuzzy week, we were to give something to our fuzzy for one week. My fuzzy liked mint. I went to my neighbor's garden and got some mint, then I saw their marigolds, I plucked some and made a little posy in a champagne glass.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen such a lovely marigold!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  7. OMG - I completely missed that Patricia Neal had passed on. I don't do news and only get what I get from my Comcast homepage, but recently switched from IE to Chrome and haven't even seen that. Oh my - I have always had a special place in my heart for her and wasn't she just marvelous in The Homecoming? Yet something else we had in common. And yes, the craft stores have brought out the Christmas stuff, but that's because if you're a crafter and making stuff for Christmas, you really need to start now, unless you like crazy deadlines : )

  8. I worked in the movie biz for a while. In fact, that's the last work I did before i retired. I've worked with a few greats. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, Ann Margaret and Sophia Loren in Grumpier Old Men. These are real people and comfortable with their fame and fortune.
    I also have worked with Cameron Diaz and she is a fantastic person. Others that you mention, I have not worked with, but some younger ones I have I will agree just don't exhibit that same charcter as the older great ones.
    Been busy and away all wekend myslef and just getting back into thr swing. Slow day here getting organized. Hope you have a good day.


  9. I think I commented on the wrong post yesterday. Hopefully I have it right today. Anyway, I too was a fan of Patricia Neal, and my favorite was HUD. I suspect I went to see it for the same reason you did, Mr. Eyecandy. ;) These movie stars never age in my mind, so it seems odd to picture her as an 84 year old woman. And, I do agree, stars today do NOT have the same style, panache, class as those of yesteryear. Nice tribute to Ms. Neal.

  10. I do agree! We have lived in a special era of memorable actors, including the Redgraves, Bergman, the Oliviers, et al! Today's actprs names I only know vaguely through my daughter. Thanks for your comment about the Trumpet-flower!

  11. Rosalind Russell was a favorite of mine, though i am vey young I grew up watching the older movies. I followed Natalie Woods story for a bit and Marilyn Monroe, I even went to her crypt in West Hollywood. I grew up in California. Joe DiMaggio's estate sends a red rose to be put on her crypt every day. He always loved her. It is sad when they go, I hear Zsa Zsa Gabor has recently asked for a priest to be at her bedside.

    Most people my age only remember her for slapping a cop. great post

  12. What a great macro photos, love the colors ...


  13. Marigold is very pretty. I remember back in the Philippines we used to plant this at the flower beds around our school. It stand a hot climate too. Happy Monday!

  14. Marigolds are such pretty and hardy little flowers. Great photos. Yep all the actresses of our era are slowly fading away to the big house in the sky!

  15. Love the marigold! My Dad always planted them every summer.
    I enjoyed your thoughts on Patricia O'Neal.
    My vote is no as well. Today's actors do not have the same esteem for me as those I grew up with. In my mind nobody today is an icon.
    My local craft store has had Christmas out for three weeks - sheesh!

  16. I wonder if our fascination with those stars was because most of their lives were a mystery to us and we saw them so rarely...Today, we have so many gory details splashed on the TV that we've lost the mystery.
    Beautiful pictures.
    Mama Bear

  17. Beautiful macros!

  18. Anni, Enjoyed reading about the celebrities of our day. They were a much different breed than those of today. I had my favorites as well.

    Our stores haven't started putting out Christmas yet, but they will at the beginning of September. They are just beginning to put out Halloween.

    Love your photos of the flowers. Awesome! Just had a compliment on my gardens from a couple walking down the street. They should have seen them last year.

    Have a new blog post up today if you have time to drop over to the Nook. Also new decor.

    Have a great day. Miss you.

  19. Love Bears Well, I'm not so I said, my sister was a collector...and she had just about every 'glamour magazine' printed back then...with all kinds of gossip on the celebs.

  20. Yep--saw Halloween and Christmas things out at Costco, too! Lovely macros, too!

  21. Anonymous8/16/2010

    A really pretty marigold.

    One actress I've always admired is Andy McDowell, she's absolutely beautiful! She's sophisticated, graceful, etc. & I think she deserves more credit than what she's been given! I agree w/ you about the stars of today not having that 'extra' that the stars of yesteryear had... They just aren't as grown up & glamorous!

    My dad LOVES the movie HUD!

  22. Hi Ya
    beautiful macro shot,sue,x

  23. Anonymous8/16/2010

    Beautiful marigold!

  24. Beautiful captures of one of summer's loveliest flowers.

  25. what a lovely colors

  26. I wanted to be a Sandra Dee and grow up and marry Bobby Darin. Do you remember them?
    I also thought that Doris Day was someone I'd like to be.
    I am now really telling my age.

  27. Marigold - what a pretty name. And the photos are lovely as well. :)

  28. I've never seen that film, Was it wonderful?
    I loved the smokey voice of Lauren Bacall and as a kid, I loved Shirley Temple! Boy could she sing and dance. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of respect for Mel Gibsom, but I do love Richard Gere and just saw Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves which I loved. I'm also a great fan of Morgan Freeman!!

  29. Great post, Annie. I'd say no also..
    Thanks for your visit..

  30. I love the classic stars, and movies.

  31. Ah, a kindred Halloween fanatic! One year, long ago, I found a black ceramic skull at a Goodwill, it was shiny, and ghoulish and I wrapped it up and gave it to my best friend at Christmas!! She LOVED it! Her mom could not understand our excitement. :-) It became a permanent part of our annual Halloween decorations for many years...she has it still, sitting out all year long. We're a Ghoulish couple of Girls, no matter how many years we count!

    Anni, Somehow I haven't visited you in awhile, but now I'm back to enjoy your life and your humor. Good read!

  32. Dear Annie,
    Whoops, I meant for the previous comment to go for yesterday's post. Please forgive my lapse~~~!

    I remember Patricia Neal in Hud, and also one of my favorites, "In Harm's Way" with John Wayne. She starred with some fine actors. She had sex appeal that wasn't blatant. What a sultry voice. Sad to think she is gone.

  33. Brad, george and mel will never be James Dean and Paul Newman ...I love them both and I am only 31 classy handsome and great actors ahhhh oh and I have a lil thing for Harrison Ford too

  34. The marigolds are beautiful, I love that golden color.

    Today they are called celebrities and it seems talent isn't necessary a requirement. There are few real Movie Stars like Patricia Neal and her contemporaries. There was a discussion a week or so ago on a blog about another star of that era, do you remember Susan Hayward?

  35. You do have to wonder about the star power of today stars (especially some of the reality stars)...the glamour seems to have gone away!

    Gorgeous macros and stunning color!

  36. Neat photo of the marigold. I imagine they do very well in Texas!