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Clam Shell
[and others]
drying on the patio after being cleaned in order to bring inside to
add to my apothecary jars filled with seashell finds
[yes, that is a coconut in the background]

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This is definitely a 'feel good' story that's come across the 'net. Tho it's heart wrenching to begin, the fact that some 30+ miners in Chile; trapped for nearly two weeks are all alive!! 2300 feet below the ground surface. When the report came up that "All 33 of us are well inside the shelter," ---it sent chills through my soul!! I can only imagine the strife, the fading hopes of all the family members as they awaited the outcome and the news. The worry. The sleepless nights. The tears. And then, the joy and relief of knowing they're well and all is accounted just made me a happy lady! All too often the news covers the disasters and deaths....but this story was one that brought elation across the globe.


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Then, to close today's Monday Morsels thoughts...I let it be known that I tend to be one who holds a grudge. To those that treat me with disrespect in any way shape or form,...I never forget. As with politicians and politics. I can hold a grudge for years. Not to mention consumer rights. Of course, that's a whole 'nother blog post in itself that I may work on someday...consumers get the raw end of the deal, and 9 times out of 10 I fight it. But today, working with the 'shell game' above in my title. I'm wondering right now after reading this article linked below here, just which shell has the nut under it? Which one would you pick? The empty one or the one full of promise? There's this hate monger, my opinion of course, who just twists my gut into knots. Is he and P@lin working on a campaign for 2012? Just a thought. Even tho he's not holding any government office, I guess it's highly possible...maybe, kinda sorta.

F0X news Mr. Béck--- "Obama is NOT a racist". Just what the heck is this? His conscience getting the best of him? I'm leery as to the meaning behind it all. In shock that this came from him, but still leery of his remorse tho it sounded endearing as it was.



  1. Thanks for popping over, and I think you take great photos so have linked up as a new follower.

  2. Gorgeous! Really!!! Thank you for your kind word! Wishing you a grand day! Cathy

  3. the shell is beautiful, and here in Holland it is raining for days now, so I'm jaealous

  4. this is wonderful, I would love to collect shells, love your monday morsels too and thanks for your comments on my blog, I really do appreciate them

  5. I definitely LIKE your shell!! And the happy ending of the miners! ;D

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!

  6. I also was so touched by that story of the miners - they have a long road ahead, but they have HOPE!

  7. Seems to me that democracy would work better if the system was changed to a vote for 5 year terms to begin with, and if God is left OUT of the process. The country takes huge steps backwards every time a republican gets in. I look to the current British combo with interest - there was a vote that shows that the democratic system can create an alternative approach to governing.

  8. Very pretty shell. Great shot too!

  9. Hi Anni! One of my biggest regret is that I can not always visit ALL my visitors BUT I am trying. Thank you for dropping by. Artists are special to me because I managed a self-support non-profit art space grant for years and am now debunking the myth that artmaking is only for artists.

    Your shells are wonderful and they remind me of my dog Bogart who died this April. He is the custodian of our shell collection.

    As to your political stand, I respect it. ANd yes, I believe we should stand up for what we believe is right, including personal opinions. Cheers Anni!

  10. You clam shell is a real beauty !! Looks so different from the once I find on our beaches !

    It's hard to follow American politics especially when a Palin is around ! Can't she stay in an igloo in Alaska and get deepfreezed ?

  11. great macro and excellent composition!
    thanks for visiting. :)

  12. Gattina I'm sure there are some who think as you do regarding Ms. P

  13. They're so pretty and I love the detail that you got!! You must have one great collection!!

  14. Margaret YES!! Let's all leave religion out of politics! You got that right.

  15. Anonymous8/30/2010

    Love the clams shells. My wife has some old green canning jars filled with beach shells and glass.

  16. Anonymous8/30/2010

    Beautiful sells. That miner story is something else. At least this has hope for a happy ending. He's full of nothing in my humble opinion.

  17. a lovely shell. And without faults as it seems. :)

  18. That's a beautiful Shell Shot!
    Did you find that Coconut at the beach too?
    We found one the other day.
    I didn't bring it home though (we had a small oil spill a while back, wouldn't wanna eat it).

  19. Nice shot Anni, like the details.... a new make over to your blog... like it

  20. Anni, the shells are beautiful. I love your apothecary jars of shells.

    Hope you will drop by my writing Nook and get the latest on Mom.


  21. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm loving your photos. It must be wonderful to live where you have such beautiful scenery to take photos of.

  22. Lovely little shell!
    Wish I still lived near a beach to give some macros a try. :)

  23. Another good post.

  24. Anonymous8/31/2010

    Wonderful shell...i can almost hear the ocean... :) How cool it would be to live close to water and all those shells!

  25. I can't stand that there are so many people being taken in by Glen Beck. Frightened people longing for someone to tell them what to do and how to think.

    On another note: hope you have recovered from your scary bugbite. I've been reading you on Google reader where I can't comment because last week (on our roadtrip) we didn't have a good connection.

  26. Nice seashell photo. love the beach and anything that goes along with it.