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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

...all in due time

This week's outdoor activities came to a screeching halt for me. I try to do my walking each day, rain or shine, hot or cold. But Tuesday morning I was outside with Bud and happened to feel a prickly bite near my left knee. And the itch was very aggravating. All day long and into the nighttime hours; trying to sleep. OTC allergy meds didn't help at all. Besides, I'm a little leery of combining those with the Rx drugs I take for the heart...don't want to deal with ER and any adverse reaction to it all. Next morning it felt somewhat better....we went shopping. The longer I was on my feet, the worse I felt. Got home and changed from Capris to my shorts and the knee, below the knee, above the was so swollen!! So the past few days, I've tried to stay off the feet as much as I could. The humongous swelling has gone down somewhat, I can once again see the kneecap...but the itch is still unbearable. The only thing that is really helping this time is cold compresses. Those creatures in the wild are out to get me! LOLOLOL

So, in the interim of having to stay off my feet as much as I could, I've done nothing much but crochet on my afghan. All seven large rows are done, and I began doing the trim. It'll probably be another week or so before it's completed. The particular pattern I'm using is quite simple and fast working.

Sandy at Teacup Lane posted about her new crochet project and shared a site about knitting and crocheting, so I joined. Thank you for sharing the information. If you too are interested, just click on the link HERE. It's by invitation only and you need a valid email address to join. But, it's free. And the image with this little paragraph shows you some of the samples of the free patterns available. Awesome. I must confess, I've checked over and over online for some free patterns and have only found a few that I really liked and saved. On this site there are over 12000 patterns to choose from...from crocheting to knitting. All are categorized for convenience, and it seems to be well organized. I will continue to peruse the patterns and see what they have. Thanks for the heads-up Sandy!!!

- - -

I've been keeping an 'eye on' the hurricane activities this week. Seems to be one right after another coming off the west coast of Africa. But luckily for us in the Gulf of Mexico, we have been ignored. I'm not complaining one bit. Danielle has been really striving to make herself known. Her forecasted path will take her up near the Northeast coast of USA/Canada...but by the looks of it, only the 'fallout' of the storm will affect land...she will remain mostly in the ocean and not make a direct landfall. Then there is Earl...he followed closely behind Danielle. The predicted path for him is a shade different...much farther south...perhaps affecting Florida and the Carolinas. But, he too, by the looks of things will stay well away from least USA. And right behind Earl, another one...and another one. The activity begins. September is usually the most active month in the Atlantic for hurricane formations. I get upadtes emailed to me from June thru November.

The day I was with Bud, shopping, I went to the Dollar Store and got more items to make a decoration for Halloween. I bought a styrofoam sign and a full sized skeleton [not life-size, just a complete skeleton] and some decorative picks and ribbon. This will probably eventually go on a window or perhaps hang atop the fireplace mantel...dunno exactly where yet, or when I will begin making anything from the goodies purchased.

Pssst...don't say a word about this, but with Bud so concerned over my allergic reaction to the insect bite/sting, he's been a little housekeeper. I'll milk it for all it's worth!! rofl cute little hedgehog Autumn header disappeared last night, so I added this one 'til the other comes back up. :o(


  1. "HEY BUD!!! CALL ME DUDE!!! THERE'S SOMETHING YA NEED TO KNOW. OR SEND ME A SMOKE SIGNAL!!!!" ROFLMAO!!! Oh my HA I would have gone to the doctor. People can be so stubborn when it comes to that. Not me boy. I pay insurance I'm using it. Now before you go and say anything I don't go very often but stuff like that...well I always say better safe than sorry. I hope this gets better real soon. I hope the hurricanes stay away and your knitting is very nice. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Hi Anni,
    I was so surprised to see me mentioned on your blog! I'm glad you like the Ravelry website. I've been having fun adding my projects to my notebook. Sorry to hear about your insect bite that must be awful. I've been under the weather too. We had to stay in Billings, MT two extra days with a visit to the medical clinic there for me. We finally left Billings this morning and only got about 81 miles down the road and we had a truck tire blow out while towing our 5th wheel travel trailer. We called our emerg service but was given a four hour wait until anyone could get there so my poor hubby changed the tire. We got to a small town in MT hoping to find a place to get new tires (the replacement tire has a slow leak) but the tire store closed early and Wal Mart didn't have the tires we needed. So we are stuck here until Monday to see what we can do. We were hoping to get some miles under our belt as we want to be home by Labor Day Weekend. Hope you are well soon!

  3. Praying for you sweetie, please take care.

  4. a quick reply on the Wizard of Oz, my daughter was 15 when she performed. Now she is 26. it was a time pre digital, and I didn't take any photos. i don't know if she has any, and she lives in Singapore.

    But this year, my school had a book week, We had the set of 4some, I managed to take Dorothy and her dog, and the tin man. I will do that another time.

    I have just finished my intended post for this week. Let's a sneak preview for you. It is about environment. You remember "No blade of grass?"

    Enjoy your Sunday, in one hour, we will be Monday, and Sunday evening is not a nice time to go to bed. Tomorrow, I have to rush to go to work. Friday is my best night. I love my bed. LOL

    What about you?

  5. I did something to my leg too - banged it good and now it's swollen, so I'm trying to keep it up. It's looking better this morning though.
    Take it easy - keep crocheting! It's looking good!

  6. Those little buggies sure can knock you down. I can't wait to see your finished afghan. The stitch looks pretty and lacy. Your last paragraph is so funny.

  7. Oh, what happened to little hedgie? He was so cute!!

    The bug bite is scary - I think I would have gone to the doc, though I hate doing that so much. But good for Bud!

    The afghan looks delicious.

    I can't locate your e-address - could you send it to me from my e-mail link? Thanks!

  8. So sorry to hear about the reaction..scary not knowing what bit you..we're getting a little break from the heat early in the morning and evening..the wind is playing with our chimes right now...Have a blessed day,
    Mama Bear

  9. Hope your bite gets better soon, hey look at it this way, you made time for your crocheting....something positive always comes from a negative! :)

  10. Hope you feel better. In the meantime, crochet away and milk it for all it's worth!

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  11. At least, ya didn't try leaping a "low cable" in a single bound and end up on yer kester in pain for at least a week now, sweetpea. Aaaarrgghhh.....

  12. Connie Ya, I remember that blog of yours. It still makes me giggle.

  13. Hope your bite gets better soon.Can you take Benadryl? It is my back up anytime I get a "critter" bite.
    I'm keeping an eye on the storms here in SC too. Hope they all die out at sea and don't visit us.
    Have a good week, Annette