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While going through all the photos and albums last week I came across one of Irene...that I'd totally forgotten. But the thing is, I immediately remembered one of me that was so nearly identical to hers!! Nearly the same pose and both in front of my mother's favorite climbing rose. And what seems to be a true generational thing with the two of us, each and nearly always things happen that seem ironic; twenty years apart. She graduated in 1987, I graduated in 1967. Irene's birth year, 1969 - mine 1949. Her first born, 1989, mine 1969. Things like that; all the time.

Now these two photos, what's written on the backs of both, in my mother's hand writing---mine 1955 and Irene 1975. Again twenty years difference. Look closely, and the hair color is nearly the same, but the biggest thing to check is the hair style!! Part in the middle, bangs AND the way the hair lays off the head...nearly the same wave and how if flows.

I had to laugh, after I scanned them and sent them through email to Irene...she said "How could they be the same species of rose bushes when mine [MINE not hers] is purple. I had to then's the quality of film back in those know, colors fade. But they ARE the same...Blaze Climbing rose. And they're both in mom's back in Nebraska and the other in Colorado!

POSTED: Tuesday, March 30th
12:15 A.M.


  1. I love the pictures.

  2. Anonymous3/30/2010

    OMG I love this and it's just a crack up :)

  3. What a fun thing to find and compare. So alike for the 20 years that separate them!

  4. de ja vu? time marches on and then we see something like this and its as if it hasn't moved at all....

  5. That is so much fun. You should look for more - maybe start a whole new meme : ) Is Irene your daughter? Thanks for sharing.

  6. That's really cool.

  7. Omigosh, it's unbelievable how similar both pictures are!! As you say, right down to the pose, hair colour, the way the hair waves, etc. Awesome! There's 20 years between my first born Shawn and I and 20 years between my mom and her first born Denis:-) These life coincidences are so fascinating aren't they!! xoxo

  8. A-HA! I knew chocolate was good for you so I can eat as much as I want, right??? hehe I've always gotten a kick out of those charts for body mass index because I find the weight you're supposed to be for your height and age is almost impossible to achieve...I'd be downright skinny if I was what the chart says I should be! lol And skinny I'll never be again! Ok, pass me more chocolate while I sit at the computer for hours on end:-) xoxo

  9. I always wonder how someone can even think up of some of those questions! lol Loved all of your answers and how funny that we both hated history when in school but now love it so much!! I really didn't mind Geography because I loved seeing where all the countries were in the world and my curiosity about the people is what got me started in pen palling:-) I had pen pals from almost every country at one time!! xoxo

  10. Anni, this is a wonderful post. Yes, many similarities. Lovely remembrances.

    Hope you and Bud are feeling much better. I'm still tired but catching up on my sleep. There has been no change with Josh.

    Have a wonderful day.

  11. Amazing! Photo quality has changed a lot in those years also. I had similar coincidences with my Mother. We are both born in May. We both married at 17, had our first child at age 18 and our second at age 21.
    My Mom had a climbing rose in front of windows at their house. My sister has it now, it is doing well, bloomed the first year after it was moved. I keep meaning to get some of it for myself. Maybe I'll remember it this year.
    Mama Bear

  12. You could have been twins (if not for the age difference, LOL) I hate the way old color photos fade and change color. It's amazing, the black and white ones hold up so much better. I remember when they first started making color film. It was so amazing to see pictures in color. Didn't take too many of them though. The color film was too expensive. How times have changed.
    P.S. I wish you had been in AZ on Saturday. You could have attended the tea. I would have loved to meet you.

  13. how cool!! beautiful post!