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Heads or Tails this week is PACK
Ruby Tuesday PACK

Okay, to work both the prompt for Heads or Tails AND Ruby Tuesday into one blog article....
I carry a PACK...actually a homemade BACKPACK but, instead of carrying it around my shoulders to the backside, I strap it over my shoulders with the pack itself at my FRONTside when I go to the beach and comb the area. The opening is hanging below my neck and convenient to drop a shell or whatever as I walk along. I also added an exterior pocket that I put on the 'inside' next to my body to carry the cellphone and keys to the car, snapped closed. It's lined, has a special zippered, padded, pocket inside for the more 'fragile' pieces I find, and has a 'drawstring' shoulder strap...when I'm done and turn around to return to the car parked a goodly distance---I can then take it off my shoulders, draw the pack closed and carry it as a purse/ shoulder pack. I wanted something light in weight and washable...making it was the perfect solution. And it's covered in plenty of ruby reds...

Sunday morning after our breakfast out, it was a beautiful, mild sunny day; the eternal inclement weather has ended. We ended up at the beach. I carry my pack with me in the trunk all the time....for the 'just in case we go beach walking'. It was later in the morning than I usually like to go since a few people were on the beach already...ahead of me--getting the better 'finds'. LOL Still, I found a few goodies. One in particular I found this time Angel Wing Shells!!!! They are even MORE fragile than sand dollars if at all possible. They're beautiful...white and nearly paper thin!!! I've heard of them being on the Texas beaches, but never before have I seen any. Here is what I found this past Sunday [I also found a great SNAIL shell...whole! but it's still soaking in bleach water to kill the 'germs' 'cause there was a dead shrimp in it when it washed ashore]....

[the last photo on the right, being the Angel Wings!! And the green glass is a common find along the beach also -along with clear, blue, and brown glass-...I, at first, thought that it was sea glass, when it's 90% covered with sand... but it just HAS to be coming from the oil rigs you see on the horizon. My guess is, since it's melted glass [it has to be VERY HOT to melt glass!!!] I think the ones working on the platforms out there, drilling for natural gas and oil...well, they're throwing it all in an incinerator of some sort...and the glass is melting, and cooling in the gulf waters -then being washed ashore. No matter, it makes for some pretty, artful glass pieces!]

- - -<><><>- - -

PS....Sunday, completing the Sunday Stealing Meme, I posted that I use Dial Cranberry soap...yes indeedy. A few asked in comments about it...and it's a terrific cleanser and leaves your skin tightened and more silky soft. Of course Dial™ has been around for eons. It's inexpensive and does the very same the costly brands'll do. The fragrance is not heavy or real sweet; the soap has added antioxidants for skin health...and the color of the bar of soap is a 'cranberry' red!! But yes.....THERE IS Dial Cranberry. Look for it....I find it at Wal Mart, and have seen it in Walgreen's Drug Stores. HERE is info and a photo for reference.

POSTED: Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
12: 01 A.M.


  1. Anonymous1/19/2010

    Cool bag and I love those shells. Wonderful my friend. :) Have a great Tuesday :)

  2. Enjoyed this post, you use the same soap we use.

  3. An interesting post and will try the cranberry soap - I still like to use bars of soap, by the way. To find an array of bottles of this and that on someone's wash stand is very confusing!

  4. Wow - I love your pack, and the treasures that you carried back in it! They are just gorgeous!
    And thanks for leaving that sweet comment on my blog :)

  5. And a very colorful pack it is.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  6. That's a very clever idea Anni! And the I like the fabric!
    Gracie @

  7. That is the coolest beach glass I have ever seen, you're right, it is very artful.

    Your shelling backpack is great, I love the fabric you chose and as a sheller I appreciate all the clever pockets you added. Kudos!

  8. Oh, I am so envious. I have always had a fascination for the beach and it would not take a heart beat to get me to agree to move close to the ocean.

    Hubby treated me to a surprise stay at a hotel right on the sand in Del Mar last fall and I think he may have regretted it. I sure did not want to do anything else and had a hard time packing to leave.

    After thirty years in the navy and half of it at sea he is not very keen on spending time near the ocean, so it was a real sacrifice on his part to take me in the first place. But, I don't think he considered that he would actually have to spend time walking the beach as well.

    I do love all of your blog layouts. Sure wish i had some of that talent. You make changes seem so easy.

  9. What beautiful things you found! What do you do with them? I think they look pretty in flower beds. Thanks for visiting my HOT.

  10. That is a beautiful bag and it sounds very functional as well. How clever of you to design it. I'm more than envious of your walk. Thanks for sharing the pics. I had never seen angel wings before.

  11. aaaah, a shellpack in other words, not a backpack...

  12. Karen For the most part, I have all the really GOOD shells in apothecary jars in our dining room. Some of the broken ones have ended up outdoors in our Rose bed...which is good for the soil!

  13. very chic pack sandy

  14. Beautiful finds! You have a good eye. I'll have to go looking for that red soap - what a fun way to start the day!

    As for your comment - yes, I am sure it will snow again now. In fact, I thought I had put that in my post and have now added it.

    Glad the cold has gone away for you - have a great day!

  15. Hi Anni, you are up early this morning. More shell picking/hunting today? :-)

    I do like your pretty bag and am very impressed with those really nice shells you found. Galveston doesn't have such nice ones or else we come after all the 'pros' have finished.

    I will stop after golf at WalMart this morning and will look for Cranberry Dial while I'm there. A bunch of us guys are playing in Huntsville. They play every Tuesday and have invited me. I know them all except for some visitors they might bring.
    BTW, I am allergic to perfumed items and try to always use Ivory Soap. The motel bars make me itch and scratch all day long. Regular White Dial seems alright, perhaps Cranberry will be also.

  16. Nice! I am a big fan of backpacks like that also. I usually get mine from Vera Bradley or Baby Phat though.

  17. The two shells in the second row are gorgeous.

  18. What an interesting "front" pack, Anni! Very convenient! Did you make it yourself? It's great for a Ruby Tuesday post! :)

  19. I love the bag. I love the beach although there is only a lake close to me and ive never been to the beach.

  20. Good Morning Sweet Annie...
    Oh My Gosh, I love the angel wings. How very beautiful they are, and that sea glass is beautiful, no matter where it came from, or how it got there, it's beautiful. The color is so elegant and cheery. I just love it. Thank you for sharing.

    I love your pack that you have made. That is the way to travel to the beach. Securing your cell phone and keys, but having a special place for your shells and great finds. Oh how I wish we lived close to the ocean where I could drive each day just to comb the beaches.

    We are going to have to plan a trip to Huntington Beach again soon. I love the beaches there, as they are so serene. I can sit on the shore for hours just watching the ocean come and go, they rythmn is so relaxing. Love it.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. You always have such a beautiful post. Have a gorgeous day, and if you are at the beach I pray you find lots of goodies to share. I am still waiting for one of those sand dollars. I would love to take one and have it silver plated so that I could wear it every day. Do you think that is possible to do something like that Annie?

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  21. I love your pack. I wish we lived close enough to a beach that I needed to keep one in the trunk 'just in case we go beach walking'. Maybe one of these days...

  22. I loved the picture of the Angel's wings. I'm going to keep my eyes open for the cranberry soap.
    I'm assuming the bar is white rather than red. At least I hope it is :-).

  23. The green glass is beautiful, I also love the angel wings. We have a lot of those in our place over in the Philippines.

    Thanks for visiting mine Anni!

  24. Your "front" pack looks very nice and is apparently very practical. Those shells are gorgeous, I would only find them in a shop here ! We have these angel wings shells along the Belgian coast but not the others.

  25. Love your colorful "back" pack! Very nice photo of it! And may I add that I love your blog header!

  26. What a clever and beautiful front-pack you have. =)

  27. O, Sweet Anni... I totally LOVE that pack...just perfect for beachcombing, I'm sure. Or any other treasures along our way!! Also perfect for your Ruby Tuesday!
    hugs, bj

  28. A woman who slings beautiful tropical beach bags over her neck and heads out into the salt air to collect sea kind of friend! I think I will follow along beside you for a while to see what you might come up with next. Thank you for inviting me to your Ruby Tuesday and thank you for visiting my blog as well! Much love to you this week! Cherie

  29. The shells you found are pretty, especially the angel wings. I can't wait until our winter is over to go to the beach again.

  30. dear hootin' must never think that i won't take the time to come and comment here. you always visit me on a ruby tuesday and i appreciate it so much!

    these sea shells and the melted glass thingy are so fantastic..
    grampa yade has quite a collection of shells and he is always making the children and the adults, too, little gifts..he puts bible verses on the shells for the sunday school kids.
    he made bernie and me a real cool ornament using a huge shell....i must post it some day on a ruby tuesday.

    i love this picture on your side bar of the face of jesus with the cruel crown of thorns on his precious and he has such a loving, yet sad face as he looks at us...

    i had to look up on google what inclement meant and when they said it was "lacking in mildness". i must say that our weather is usually inclement hoottin anni!
    you and mr. jim think that you are just too smart!.he has gone golfing today and you want to walk the beach!
    is there any justice in this world?...we in southern ontario are almost freezing in our homes! NOT fair..ha!
    take care anni and thank you once again for your visit...
    i must leave now because i have a lot of comments to do on this day, the day i am playing hooky from the teach's ruby tuesday!
    love terry

    ps..when i find a little extra time, i want to visit your art site

  31. Cool backpack! I like the fabric print. The shells are so beautful!

  32. wow...that's a cool beach bag... it is perfect for shells hunting down the beach

    thanks for visiting mine

  33. Beautiful Blog here !! So nice !! Will be back soon !!:)

  34. I wanna be a beachcomber! That's what's on my mind ;>). Thanks for sharing.

  35. Those are nice looking shells.

  36. Hi Anni,love the color of your backpack. And I see beautiful is very blue and that is very unique. I will try the dial cranberry anything that is made in USA I support^_^.


  37. I love your pack and you have all kinds of lovely treasures from your walks. When I was a kid we went to the site of a factory that had burned down and collected the melted glass creations it was lots of fun.

  38. those are great finds! love that bag of yours!

    u may view mine here

  39. Beautiful pack. I just love it. Good info about Dial. I use their white soap so Cranberry will be a nice change. and i love the color

  40. How I wish I could walk along the beach with you, searching for treasures:-) I love all the shells you found this time and yes, the "angel wings" are just gorgeous and what a thrill it must have been for you to find them! That was so interesting about the green glass. That is such a perfect backpack you made for yourself and no doubt you love coming home with it filled up!! lol

    I had never heard of the Dial Cranberry soap either so will have to check WalMart next time I go there:-) xoxo

  41. Anni, I love your post and your backpack is so unique! My hubby and I are beach glass nuts just starting our search last summer around the southern shores of Lake Erie. So far I have found a 2 qt. canning jar full, and I keep my favorite pieces in another smaller antique jar. We don't see many very interesting shells,, most of them are quite small.
    Love your shells though. I would be at the beach daily if we weren't buried in this snow! LOL.
    Do you ever find any sharks teeth?
    Have a super day.

  42. PS.
    I must look for that Cranberry soap. You've got my interest.

  43. Nice collection of shells and I love your PACK. I too keep my shelling bag in the car just in case!! I'm not a sweing person so I use a store bought bag :(

  44. I would so love to go for a walk on the beach with you (o:
    I have a pack I use when walking in the mountains when we are camping
    I like to put 'stuff' like pinecones, rocks and even sticks for the fire
    Now I can't wait to go find that soap.

  45. Your bag is beautiful, and your finds are wonderful!
    Thanks for coming by...

  46. i absolutely LOVE your pack!
    great finds at the beach, huh?

  47. you are so wonderfully talented! I'm so jealous. xoxo Thanks for visiting my page! I'll be sure to keep up with you Anni!

  48. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. That's the fanciest beachbumbag I've ever seen! Thanks for the info on Dial cranberry - this is what happens when you shop from a list and don't look around - nothing. Nothing new. Gotta look for that one.

  49. What beautiful shells! And I love that pack you have. Genius!

  50. Makes me want to go on vacation where it is warm. Thank you for the illusion.

  51. I love that bag! it's fabulous! gosh I haven't been to a beach in years and years...great finds.


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