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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Be Warwie Warwie Qwiet....dove season

The doves'll be back now!!! I've been thinking of posting this for my Monday Morsel segment on my blog for today....Since the day after Christmas, the mourning doves have completely disappeared from our area. And there's a reason. A reason I find not only comical, but nature taking its course for a higher intelligence that is unexplainable! You see from the 26th of December 2009 to yesterday, January 17th 2010, here in South Texas it was Dove Hunting Season! And the doves just mysteriously and miraculously boogalooed outta the area!! Not one to be seen anywhere around town and countryside. And they are plentiful on any OTHER given day, believe me. At least when it's NOT hunting season. Ironic, huh? I just know those birds know when hunting season begins and ends. And I can almost guarantee that they'll now be seen in flocks again...even stopping at the feeder in our yard. Smart boogers!!! What's even more funny in my memory, Bud and my brother "Butch" would set up their blinds on the east side of the Interstate highway in the days we lived in Colorado [that was the legal hunting boundary...the interstate highway]...for goose hunting season. On the weekends the two guys would put on their hunting garb like the great white hunters and take their thermoses of hot coffee, get up before the crack of dawn and sit in the cold goose blind with their goose calls and pretend to be big 'he-men', providing for their spouses left home with all their senses in other words, we wives stayed home and kept the 'home fires burning!'....While the dumb asses hubbies of ours sat and froze some parts of their bodies to the point that blue comes to mind! Were they idiots? Ya, probably. And the geese out-smarted them!!! Seriously!!! The flocks of Canadian Geese would be seen on the lakes and fields on the WEST side of the Interstate!!! What a hoot. I just KNOW that they know we know they know!! And as we drove around during hunting season, they'd look at us in the vehicles and kinda give a smirk as we passed 'em....they laughed at us dumb humans. [Besides, after a fruitful hunt...and roasting wild goose, the meat isn't all that good anyway. So, I don't miss that Bud isn't Elmer, hunting anymore! And come to think of it....Canadian Geese...all birds in fact, are too pretty to hunt and kill].

Which reminds me of a joke from long ago--

Two guys go hunting. Jerry has never gone hunting while Joe has hunted all his life. When they get to the northern Wisconsin woods, Joe tells Jerry to sit by a tree and not make a sound while Joe checks out a deer stand.
When he gets about a quarter of a mile away, Joe hears a blood-curdling scream. He rushes back to Jerry and yells, "I thought I told you to be quiet!"
Jerry says, "Hey, I tried. I really tried!! When those snakes crawled over me, I didn't make a sound. When that bear was breathing down my neck, I didn't make a peep. But when those two chipmunks crawled up my pants leg and said - 'Should we take them with us or eat them here?', I couldn't keep quiet any more!"


Okay, you talked me into more, then I gotta skedaddle----

Two hunters went moose hunting every winter without success.
Finally, they came up with a foolproof plan. They got a very authentic female moose costume and learned the mating call of a female moose. The plan was to hide in the costume, lure the bull, then come out of the costume and shoot the bull.
They set themselves up on the edge of a clearing, donned their costume and began to give the moose love call. Before long, their call was answered as a bull came crashing out of the forest and into the clearing.
When the bull was close enough, the guy in front said, "Okay, let's get out and get him."
After a moment that seemed like an eternity, the guy in the back shouted, "The zipper is stuck! What are we going to do?"
The guy in the front says, "Well, I'm going to start nibbling grass, but you'd better brace yourself."

- - -<><><>- - -

added: Monday: 6:30 A.M.-----Today, in America, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. To me it's not only paying tribute, it also makes blacks more 'equal'....He was a registered Republican. But---
    I read a couple articles, and found was interesting... King was a registered Republican, as most southern blacks were in the 50s and 60s. The Democrats were a very different party then, being labeled the "Dixiecrats," big supporters (and often members) of the KKK, in favor of continued segregation, against legislation that would help blacks, etc. As a Democrat, I am pretty embarrassed at this aspect of our party's history. However in 1960, King was arrested for participating in a massive sit-in. At the same time, JFK was making his run for president. King's father, fearing that someone might act on one of the hundreds of death threats that were being made, requested that Kennedy use his rising influence to have MLK released. Civil rights was not really one of JFK's key issues, but he received a very large boost in popularity for taking up this issue (Especially in the more populated North) It was rumored that MLK senior promised JFK 10 million votes in exchange for his son's freedom and a focus on civil rights in the campaign. Many cite this specific event as the biggest migration ever of blacks to the Democratic party (Today of course, Blacks are the strongest demographic in the Democratic party based on percentage) So to sum-up, King was a Republican, like most blacks before 1960, but his relationships with democratic leaders like JFK and RFK and Lyndon Johnson made him publicly endorse these candidates. For the support King gave them, and the literally millions of people King brought with him, most of these Democrats were very good in following through with action during the civil rights movement. So while King was most certainly a Republican, it could be argued that he invented the "Black Democrat" as we know it. After his assassination, his widow, Coretta Scott King seconded the Democrat...Jimmy Carter's nomination for Presidency. [copied article....not my words]

POSTED: Monday, January 18th, 2010
12:20 A.M.

Both images used are borrowed from a Google Search


  1. Thanks for making me laugh, lol

  2. Crazy lady! Do you also have a lot of those Eurasian collared doves that seem to have taken over in droves within the past 10 years? They look like Mourning Doves, but have squared off tails and a collar marking on the backs of their necks.

  3. Oh Anni - you've given me my laugh for the day! I'm laughing out loud at that second one!

  4. Anni,

    What a hoot your post is today. I enjoyed the hunting jokes. LOL

    Thanks so much for the history on MLK Sr and the migration of Blacks to the Democratic Party. I'm honoured to be able to say I lived through that part of history. Even talked about it to a African American girl in the Smithsonian of American History. She couldn't believe, nor could the boys, that I witnessed the decade of the 60s.

    Enjoy your day.


  5. Yay!
    Doves: 25
    Dumb Asses: zip

    great Monday jokes too!
    Thanks for a nice visit.

  6. Thanks for these stories and jokes, it was a good way to have a good laugh on this foggy Monday.
    I truly love to come here and read your posts.
    I get not only a laugh or two, but some education also.
    Have a great day.

  7. Anni, I'd love to meet you in person. You are most engaging.

  8. Omigosh, Anni, there is such a thing as Dove hunting season???? Why on earth would anyone want to kill doves?? I've just never heard of dove hunting! I think I know where all the ones from Texas are...over here in my backyard! lol I counted 32 of them this morning eating seeds. As for the Canadian Geese, yup, they're pretty smart too! hehe

    ROFL on those two hunting jokes...oh my, I've got tears running down my cheeks from laughing so much!!!

    It was so interesting to read that article about Martin Luther King. That's something I didn't know, of how it came about that he endorsed the Democrats. xoxo

  9. Loved the jokes. I'll have to remember to share those with Honey Bear. He's in the great state of Texas this week.
    Smart birds!
    Mama Bear

  10. Anonymous1/18/2010

    OMG...these are just too funny. I love them. And I made a mistake with a response to you and just realized it after I got off work. Dang LOL I hopefully have corrected it :)

  11. I am so glad the doves are smart enough to know when to skedaddle. I do believe God build that into them!

  12. them doves sure are smarter than we give them credit for. after all, would you hang around during hunting season???? i sure wouldn't either....

    loved your jokes too, especially the chipmunks, heee hee heeeee