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Inquiring minds wanna know...

Last Thursday for my post, I bit the bullet, and suggested that y'all ask me a question, any question. I feared I'd have a lot to answer, but thankfully, very few really took time to put forward any. In other words....I can handle this amount. You're all very gracious. Thanks....So, this will be a short one today. Of course I'll be as busy as a one armed paper hanger today getting things 'wrapped up' with house cleaning...packages under the tree....a bit of baking...and grocery shopping for the 'big day' ---

Beansieleigh asked:

My question for you, now that I've read through today's post is.. (drumroll)... What ever happened to the lizard? (or more specifically, the green anole, after you cleaned out your closet??)
    LOL...well, before I started to tear everything out of the closet, Bud had taken a fly swatter in the closet to stun the booger and get him. But all he did was manage to break his tail off. Then, as you know it scurried back behind the shoe rack which entailed me to get everything taken out of there so we could catch him. I was armed with a shoe, Bud still had the fly swatter. After all the clothes were out, laying on top of the bed, the shoes went out next...then, the bottom of the two shelves above the clothes racks and shoe racks was cleared out. I happened to be going through the closet door to dump more stuff into the bedroom when above the door frame I spotted him as he watched me. And yes....he WAS stunned!! Bud just swiped him off the wall into a paper towel and took him out the back door. He was placed in the rose garden.

Karisma asked:
How about some advice for us mamas who are trying to raise hormonal boys?
    I'm not sure if this was a question directed to me personally or a lead in to her own post on her blog, but I will add it here anyway. LOL Granted, I only had one son. And a daughter of course. Naturally, I dealt with raising each as an individual and had to guide them. I was raised by two great parents, and when both my kids became teens with rushing hormones, I followed my parents' lead---on how I was raised by them. I talked with Erik and Irene [when time called for it] about the do's and don't's, and then...I let nature and their common sense guide them. Each one was different. And each learned by their mistakes. That was the most important for me....allowing them to live the life they chose. In turn, we ALL learned. A parent's job is just to guide and be there if needed. I always figured, for us all, what goes around, comes around. Life isn't easy with teens nor is it a piece of cake with us as parents. Each day...let the chips fall where they may. Try not to stress over little things. Just be there for them. [Sorry I can't say any differently, 'cause as I said, each one is individual and they must be treated and nurtured AS an individual.]

Alice Audrey asked:
What kind of novels do you like to read?
    Most of all, novels that keep me wanting to turn the next page to find out what happens next. I especially like historical novels of the Civil War Era, and classical like Dickens, Dumas, Hemmingway, Steinbeck. A couple of more modern writers that have kept me intrigued is Phillipa Gregory --Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII...also the same genre; author Carolly Erickson. Both Gregory and Erickson turn fact into fiction. There is Gregory Maguire also...he has taken fictional characters such as the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz, and turned them into adult fantasies...bringing them 'to life'. Maguire even has the Wicked Witch bear a son in a sequel...excellent!! But, ANY novel will do...action, adventure, historical. I can say more of the kinds I don't care for and that would be romance. Well, I do like a little romance in the historical novels, but none like what I see from the hack writers like Jackie Collins style. Oh wait...I remember one that I especially liked, but that was more historical than romance....and that was Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear...boy howdy, there was one section that I needed a cold shower after reading a certain part!

Pea asked:
As for a question for you....what is your very favourite Christmas memory?
    That's difficult since I love 'em all. I want to say equally...I've loved 'em all equally. Let me begin by saying when I was single, my parents made Christmas a very special day. We always went to church on Christmas Eve so the actual day was family only. All day long. I loved waking up to the wonderful fragrances coming from the kitchen. Mom and Dad both would get up before daylight and begin cooking while we kids were still asleep. I shared a bedroom with my older sister. As the light of day would start peeking through the windows, the two of us would be heard giggling with anticipation of the day. [SHE was my Santa...what I mean by that is...when I was a kid getting gifts from the big guy...and I'd get out of bed and rush down the hall to the tree, the gifts from Jolly St. Nick would be there for me with huge tags with my name on it!! If I hadn't one time verbally recognized my sister's hand writing on the tags...I would still be getting presents from Santa!! I just KNOW it!] I guess what I'm trying to say is, I remember the year I found out all this. And on my own. No one came right out and told me...I figured it out and blurted that it was my sister who was Santa to me. That year, I got what I wanted too...a huge doll...a doll in a wedding gown I had seen at the store while shopping for other gifts. I wished for that for weeks before Christmas. I can still see the room where the tree stood in all it's holiday glory and beauty. The fireplace lighted and glowing and crackling it's warmth for everyone. I can still smell the turkey roasting...and doorbell ringing continually as other grownup brothers and their families arrived for the big day! Oh and by the way....I still have that doll!!! She's continually packed away with other 'toys' of mine. But, I know just where to find her...I brought her out of hiding just for you Pea!! By the way.........the year? 1958!! I haven't had Santa visit me for over 50 years and I still believe in him. Her...whatever.

POSTED: Monday, December 21st, 2009
5:50 A.M.


  1. Ha! Ha! LOVE that, despite the slightly shorter tail, the little "booger" lives on! I think I hear the tune Born Free playing in the back of my mind somewhere!... LOVE your beautiful doll!! What wonderful memories that come with her too!!! Have a great day, Anni! ~tina

  2. Oh Annie...
    How beautiful is this post. I just love your doll. She is as precious to you, as Shrinking Violet is to me. I love me doll, and they share the best secrets with us, and keep all of our secrets. They never tell a sole. She is so beautiful Annie.

    I love to come here and see what you write. I now know that you also love fiction. Who would have thought? Ha! Ha! Ha! My little history teacher.

    As always I love to come for my cup of Annie. Thank you for sharing. I hope you and Bud have a wonderful day exploring again today. Each day is an exploration when we are together with our DH. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  3. Wonderful post today Anni... Loved your favorite Christmas story and of course your doll is beautiful... I BELIEVE too... Have a super day even if it is going to be busy.

    Merry Christmas

  4. I especially love the Christmas memories. We never had Santa at our house, and never felt deprived. The early morning smells are the same - we opened gifts on Christmas Eve and continued that tradition with our kids.

    Thanks so much for the card in the mail! I haven't been able to get out my normal letter this year, and appreciate all those who have sent to us.

    Have a glorious week!

  5. It's always fun to get questions from friends! You never know WHAT they're going to com up with! These were great! I can see you lookin for that critter! And... I can see him watchin' you look for him! HA!

  6. What a beautiful doll! That dress is exquisate! I enjoyed reading that memory.

  7. She is beautiful and I had one just like her.. My grandmother kept her for me in her ceder chest for years.... Then her house burned and lost everything.. I was 47 and I cried over that doll.. Really cried!

    Merry Christmas girl.. and a New Year filled with the joys that Jesus can bring..

  8. I'm the oposite in reading. Sure, I'll read the classics now and then and I always enjoy a page turner, but mostly I read Romance.

  9. what a friendly lizzard you had as a visitor, it helped you to clean your wardrobe put order in your clothes and shoes, lol ! I am so sorry about its tail !
    I agree with you concerning teens or kids in general. We can give them some advices and be there for them. there is no guide line for parents and no university to study it.

  10. Anonymous12/21/2009

    I get so engrossed in your posts that I forgot to ask my questions...but You have already answered my question involving the ABC's so I'm satisfied :) LOL Your answer about the hormonal teens is right on the money. Every parent should raise their children like that. Just be there. My mom was like that and she's my best friend to this day :) Happy Holidays to you and your family :)

  11. Anni,

    What a beautiful post today. I enjoyed hearing the answers to the questions, especially the one presented by Pea. What a lovely memory.

    Today will be a busy day for you and us as well. A little wrapping to finish, pineapple snowballs to make and one other kind of cookies. Not sure what kind yet. Then three gifts left to wrap and I'm done, except for tidying the house and a couple of other things that will lead up to the week after Christmas.


  12. I'm a big fan of Abby's, too!

  13. Dang it! I missed the Question Day...and I DO have one of those "Inquiring minds which want to know".

    Well, as usual, I have the answer, but do not remember the question --grin!

    Merry Christmas, girl!

  14. I find that all the 'facts' about Christmas don't add up, too. I just appreciate Jesus' birth, no matter when it was!

    I believe it was Charlemagne who moved all the Christian holidays to pagan holidays so that everyone would be celebrating together, thus he could say his world was Christian. Sneaky bugger!

  15. Well Hello Anni !
    I am so glad that I found you at Merle's.
    She is such a sweetheart isn't she.
    Anni,if I had to describe you based on what little I have read in this blog so far in two words (Very Cool).
    I am not a very consistent poster but I do enjoy 'traveling',learning,and sharing life stories,via blogs such as yours. They are mostly all unique,though I find yours to be especially so and I look forward to exploring it some more!
    Well I could probably go on and on but instead I will just move on. I've many places to 'visit' out there on the net.
    Merry Christmas Anni,
    Carl Humphreys Sr.

  16. Thank you! Actually I had asked about a dozen people for their opinions on the same matter before I wrote about in desperation. (We had a particularly bad day that day and I just writing it down made me feel better.) Its been great to get so much feedback from people that both know our son and those that dont. Looks like we are doing everything right so will just have to ride it out. He has had a good couple of days finally :-) Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Have a great Xmas!

  17. Thanks for the greeting, Anni. I hope you and Bud have a wonderful Christmas too. I'll be back for a longer visit. Right now I have to take my computer to the shop. The DVD burner quit working and I just finished making a DVD and want to burn it.

  18. Such a wonderful Christmas memory, Anni, and I'm so thrilled that you took out your doll to show her to us...gorgeous!! I have some very similar memories of Christmases past, mom and dad would always get up first and get everything ready and then call us out of our rooms. Little did they know, though, that my brothers and I were up often during the night, sneaking down the stairs to see if Santa had passed yet! hehe

    I raised my boys the same way...I told them they had a head on their shoulders and they knew right from wrong so it was up to them to make their own decisions. They turned out pretty good:-) xoxo

  19. I wish you and Bud a blessed and joyous Christmas season, dear Anni! :o)

    Love and big Christmas hugs,


  20. sound advise you gave there about kids... we can after all only let them know the do's and don'ts, but we cannot make their choice for them, hard as it may be to accept that.