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These three little holiday items are dollar store finds. I couldn't let them just sit on the shelf and not take them home. What the heck...they were only a dollar a piece. Actually, I just took an hour to pass some time to look for cheap Christmasy things. Altho, the dollar stores really don't have too many choices, I do like my santas!! All three are actually candy dishes. The two identical santa heads are with red wire handles...basket-like. While the round dish of nothing but santa heads is short in height. I'm thinking that would be a good one to sit on the kitchen counter to be a 'catch-all' for keys, loose change, etc. Who knows just what use they all will have come December.

- - -<><><>- - -


The jay scampered, searching for his fill
Acorns and pecans slowly hidden by rime,
He gathered but only one within his bill.
He danced hither'n yonder,
then flew up high.
To the bough; o'er a branch he did climb.
Virgin snow falling;
whispering ...
it's wintertime.
Stashing and crimping - all the while...
chattering his musical chime!!

all my 55 Fiction is copyrighted by me.

POSTED: Friday, November 20th, 2009
5:05 A.M.

[photo of the bird is courtesy of the 'net search]


  1. It is good that chicken licken found out that the acorn was good for eating.

    We have a $2 shop here, I guess our $2 is equal to your $1.

  2. Anonymous11/20/2009

    Like your 55, Anni!

  3. Your santas are adorable - thanks for sharing them. Those red and white mints would look pretty in them, or even the green and white copy-cats. The flash fiction is just amazing - how do you do that? B : )

  4. Love your Santa finds! Can't beat that for a dollar a piece.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Anonymous11/20/2009

    Beautiful 55 today Anni. Spirited and holiday perfect.

    Mine is up:

    Friday Flash 55 ~ The Boy on The Metro

  6. those santa's are so sweet, much too sweet for keys. yummy candy, now that would be great, heee heee heeee.

    you've got me feeling so sorry for the jay. winters, covered all in snow, must be a hard time for our feathered friends. time to put out seedtrays and such...

  7. Hey Annie

    I love the santa dishes. I collect Santa mugs and will show them one day soon.

    Enjoy the season!

  8. Good Morning Annie...
    I love this post. The santa's are just precious. Those darn dollar stores are just the best for little nic nac items. I agree the one I would use for keys. We have to have a designated place for keys as we always losing them. Lovin it. The other two would be beautiful with some greenery and a candly tucked inside to make candle holders for the table. Really cute.

    Now I am lovin this blue jay story. Moma and Daddy have wonderful blue jays, and they do dance and boy do the holler. They have got to be the noisest birds in the feeders some mornings, and they can be quite selfish and not want to share with the others. They are so fun to watch. You captured them so well in your little story. Thank you for sharing this morning.

    Please stop by and say hi. You know I love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

  9. Your words took me have such a beautiful way with these 55'ves. The picture is awesome too. Have a great weekend!

  10. Love, Love, LOVE those little Santas. I think the dollar store is an amazing place to score frugal decor that looks high end. I am headed to my dollar store this weekend to scout it out!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, it means the world to me!

  11. Love the Santas, they are both so cute and will be a lot of fun to decorate with. YOur Flash Fiction is always great. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty

  12. Your santas are the cutest things!! great find!
    and I love your 55. "Virgin snow falling", ahhh. Remember, I am a skier!

  13. Oh how I wish to live such scenery...

    Lovely 55 and poem

  14. I love you and your blog so much.

  15. A great winter scene in the 55.

  16. Bless you for the birthday wishes my friend, love you.

  17. love it. wonderful 55. cant wait for the first snow...and watching the birds, splash of color, against the curtain of white. happy friday!

    mine is up!

  18. Cute! Gotta love the dollar store! :)

  19. I love bird 55s. Pop over and see my silliness at my blogspot. Don't know how to do the link thing but you'll find it.

  20. Your Santas are adorable. Sometimes dollar stores have cute things.

    Your 55 is great. I want snow!

    Flash 55 - Favors

  21. What cute santas!

  22. ah! it was wise of the bird to save for the winter days! :)

    Great flash!

  23. Oh this is beautiful and just makes me think of winter. We have a cabin in the mountains and used to go up when it snowed (we have to shovel in). We would sit drikning our hot drinks and watching the birds gather. Thanks for bringing those memories fresh to my mind today.

  24. Anni,

    Very nice finds at the dollar store. They're adorable. I'm sure you will find a good use for the cute dish. I looked at the dollar stores here but haven't found much that I liked. I may drop by the thrift store this afternoon after I take Brandon home from school.

    You did a terrific job with the flash fiction and I really like the graphic of the blue jay. They are one of my favorite birds.

    Wishing you a great day. I will probably post tonight.


  25. Hi Anni,
    Cute Santas! They remind me of a couple of Santa cups I bought last year...also at a Dollar store. I love all the little treasures one can sometimes find at these Dollar stores. Thank you for "showing and telling." Have a wonderful weekend.


  26.'s me again. Forgot to tell you that I love your Turkey inspired blog and header. Too cute. Have a wonderful Gobble, Gobble Day. :-D


  27. Beautiful 55 Anni...
    That is if the Blue Jays incessant blaring weren't so annoying!
    But in theory, you Rock everything East of The Rio Grande.
    Thank you as always for your wonderful support and and contributions, have a Kick Ass Week-End...galen

  28. Thanks for the birthday wishes Anni. I had a really special birthday. I like your dollar store finds. What fun.

  29. Anonymous11/20/2009

    What a wonderful 55. So descriptive. :) Have a great. Cute little Christmas knick knacks. Have a great Friday and weekend ahead :)

  30. Jays are such funny, noisy, active birds. You captured them nicely in this 55. No brian worm involved. As you know - My 55 is HERE.

  31. Happy Friday, Anni! Great finds and love the bluejay!


  32. I have the same santa baskets and I got them at the dollar store. I too, thought they were to cute to leave on the shelf.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Hi Anni!

    Love those finds! i am so pleased with how the Dollar Stores have been kicking it up a notch or two and bringing out some awesome stuff lately!

  34. Wonderful 55 and I love those Santa dishes!
    You are welcome to use pictures or anything else from my blog any time!

  35. The large one would make a good candle holder, too.
    Mama Bear

  36. Hi Anni!
    I love Santas too. I think everyone does! Great little collection here. Why not treat yourself now and then, I'm pleased you did.
    Stop by
    Hugs and Love Suex

  37. Nice Friday 55!
    That paints such a lovely mental image. :)

  38. That was great! I thought that I was reading a holiday card!! :)

  39. I'll have to do my bargain shopping with you at my side. What a find!

  40. Love the snow scene and the blue jay...I do hope I get to see some good snow this Winter...thanks for the teasing 55! :)

  41. Hi Anni,

    When I first saw the Santa mugs I thought they were vintage. I had a similar looking one when I was little. Cute that you found they at the dollar store.

  42. I love those little birds. Your piece reminded me of watching them from the back window of my parent's home. There are lots of trees and an array of wildlife there.

  43. Cute Santas. I love dollar stores! I am trying to figure out what to do about decorating this year - I have a feeling those 20 little curious fingers are going to have a hayday with decorations!

  44. I like the poem a the picture I've seen some where before but that don't matter you did a great job annie.I look forward to reading your 55's always.

    This Blog OF Mine

  45. My favorite is the shorter round one with all the Santa heads...very cute!

  46. Very cute! I love the dollar store!

  47. Awwww your new Santa finds are just adorable, Anni! Isn't it amazing what one can find in the dollar store. I was in there the other day and found some really cute Christmas candle rings, will take pictures soon.

    Loved your 55, well done! That picture of the Jay is perfect with it as well. xoxo

  48. Anonymous12/01/2009

    Oh I'm so late in making my rounds but that was a beautiful 55! I like the picture too, reminds me of home (Alaska). :)



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