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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I have several projects here that are not getting my attention and I need to not get on the computer so much so I can get all that needs to be done...done. I'll be keeping myself busy, and will have many many bloggin' friends on my mind as I work on all the projects that have been terribly neglected if not completely ignored. .....As once was said...."I'll Shall Return".

Have a blessed time now that Hootin' Anni isn't breathing 'down your neck' and always gabbing away in your comment boxes.


  1. Have fun on your bread and I really look forward to all the projects. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hope you get lots accomplished! We'll miss you!

  3. Anonymous7/12/2009

    Have a productive break. See you when you return.

  4. know me--I'll certainly be here when you return...hopefully S.O.O.N.

  5. Hope you get lots accomplished Annie, but I will truly miss my daily bread from you. I so enjoy coming here, so drop me a line when you come back to feed my mind again. Love Ya, Country Hugs, Sherry

  6. Anonymous7/12/2009

    Have a great break. Hope you get your projects done :) Aloha

  7. I'll be back when you are! What'll we do without our daily Hootin' fix?!

  8. Oh you are good, Anni. If I have to do stuff, especially stuff I don't want to do, then the computer is a wonderful distraction.

    I hope you get lots done and will look forward to seeing you back soon.

  9. Oh Annie, wish I had your strength of resolve... this computer addiction means all the little things I used to know, sewing, crocheting, tidy house ! well everything else, is going by the board. I shall have to work up to taking a break like you are.
    See you on your return.
    Love Granny

  10. hey! no hassle. enjoy your projects!!! i'll be around...

  11. Hi sweet Anni
    Have a good 'hootin' around with all your neglected necessaries of life "s"
    I shall miss you very much while you are 'gone' but as you said, "you'll be back" and so will I- have a nice time.
    Big smiles and a giant hug to you

  12. Wishing you a sucessful and productive break!! I am leaving on hols in two days and will be away from blogging too.
    Loved your graphic for the break :)

  13. Anni,

    You're certainly going to be missed. I am looking forward to your return and seeing photos of all the projects you've accomplished.


  14. have a great break like your sign

  15. Well Anni you know I'll be somewhere around here when you return but remember... You will be missed... Have fun!!!


  16. Nice to take a well deserved blogging break. I have had a time keeping up this summer.
    Hope you have a great time with those projects

  17. Praying for you to finish all your projects sweetie, love you.

  18. Gday Anni. just popped into say Hi . hope you get all your projects completed and hurry back to us.. miss you already love u .. Jen

  19. everyone needs a little break now and then. Have fun!

  20. Oh sureeeeeee, I come back to blogging and you're taking a break! lol I think a lot of us are struggling with our blogs/visits with summer being here and there being so much more to do. I had so much weeding and such to do in my flowerbeds on my return from my trip, this is the first day I have time to come visit!! Will now go read the rest of your posts that I missed while away:-) Have fun with your projects! xoxo

  21. Ah, Annie! I missus ya!