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Friday, July 3rd, 2009
6:31 A.M.

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As I posted on Tuesday, about some of the rock that I've found in our landscaping stone that surrounds our foundation and patio....I'm thinking it is petrified wood. And I think it's palmwood after reading so much about it lately, online. And I also stated that I had sent some photos of the very same you see here to a geologist here in town. I have yet to hear back from him. His last email contained a lot of info on the differences of stones, but the crucial part for me was this....
    " could bring your samples to a Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society Meeting at the CC Musuem of Science--we have a gathering from 6:30 to 7pm where people bring items to be identified--look it up on the internet-- our first meeting will be the in the first week of July. Send the pictures and I will look closer..."
    owen hopkins

I thought I'd share a few of the photos with y'all. I'd really like your opinions too....does this stuff look like petrified wood of some kind to you also? Or, if you have ANY idea what it is...please help me out. The first two photos show just one piece...front and back sides ---the 'rock' is about 6 inches by 4 inches and weighs about 3 pounds. Very heavy for its size.

This one, and the next photo
shows the large piece I
found on the beach here in
town...the "bark side"...

...and same piece as above,
only the inside...
the plant resin [sap]
petrified into a quartz-like

These last three photos
are some small sized pieces
found in our
backyard landscaping...

Click on this's a shared photo on Flickr & it makes me think mine is also palmwood; comparing his with my finds I share here with you today. [link should open in a new window]

~...End Show n Tell
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There once was an ol' gal named Anni
Who decided to blog the hours away.
With certainty, her blog popularity would grow.
Alas, the only thing growing was her fanny
her mirrored reflection did show.

So, she returned to her desk that day
Thinking to herself "It's beyond uncanny... bloggin' name'll hafta be Hootin'Anni-Fanny"


  1. your pictures are great. different. i can't begin to guess on it.

    we called it "secretary spread" from sitting at our desks all day long. now we call it menopause! LOL.

    have a spectacular day.


  2. I wish we could send you some of our rain! We have had lots here in Utah! Your rocks look like petrified wood to me - I think the weight & texture would also be a determination...let us know what you find out. Very interesting...

  3. What a great way to start my morning with a laugh.

    Flash FUNNY Fiction Friday 55......


  4. Once again you have me hootin', Anni!

    They sure look like petrified wood to me. I'll be anxious to hear the story as it unfolds.

    We were going to go out to the plains today where the wildflowers are outstanding this year, but wouldn't you know, it's dreary and rainy and we wanted to take pictures in the bright sunshine. It seems to happen every time there's something outdoorsy planned. Wish we could share!

  5. Can't help with the rocks althought the last ones do look like wood. The "bottom" part of this post is funny. Thanks, for the laugh, Anni.
    Mama Bear

  6. I will not accept you can get that many words on there ;-)

  7. Ha,ha..all things in moderation. Especially our behinds!

  8. lol, that was good stuff. An excellent 55.

  9. Love your rocks!
    and your 55 is too funny!!

  10. Better Hootin Anni...
    Than Tootin Anni...:P

    Excellent 55 My Dear..

    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Great Holiday...G

  11. don't despair ... more reducing tips from Sylvia are on the way! lol

  12. Hmmm, not sure what it is but ist is very interesting!

  13. Very, very funny! What a great way to start the long weekend! You other countries...Fanny is something entirely different. Put's a whole new spin on this...
    Have a safe 4th!

  14. I really couldn't tell if it is petrified wood or not. I have seen the petrified woods and it looks very much alike. I could easierly recognize real fossiles if you find some in your yard, lol !
    We are back home in a heat !! so unusual for Belgium in the 90 F (32°C)nobody "normal" is equipped for that we bought an airco years ago on wheels. Yesterday it served for the second time !

  15. My folks used to collect rocks, they ere 'rock hounds' as it were.
    we had lots of petrified wood in our yard decor.
    Your piece does look like it could be, but i am certainly not a rock expert, and it is also hard to tell from photos.
    Thanks for coming by.
    Barbara Jen

    PS Is that bee/little girl story true? Was she ok?

  16. your 55 rocks!!!!!!!

  17. i am not sure whether that is stone or bark wood but still.. amazing! hope you keep us update on the findings from the geologist!

  18. Your story on the bees, sure made me squirm, poor girl. I hope she isn't having nightmares now!
    Love the secretary's rear poem, Oh Anni you hit the nail on the head. I have been moaning about my spreading rear, now I can blame it on my pastime.
    Such a good post.
    Love Granny

  19. Your little poem made me laugh just like the little owls at the top of your blog!! Love thoes owls!! Have a nice 4TH!! Hugs Grams

  20. My day has been kick-started with a laugh. Did the poor soul wearing the jacket get stung?

  21. Anonymous7/03/2009

    What a great 55. I love it. You are so creative. :) YOur pictures are great and they look like rocks to me LOL

  22. I sure am glad the girl wasn't wearing the jacket when the bees arrived. That would have been scary. I wonder what caused the swarm. Queen Bees don't usually leave the hive unless it is a new queen starting a new colony.
    Mama Bear

  23. Anonymous7/03/2009

    For some reason Blogger wont let me comment on your bee story. I get this: We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request when I click on the comment link. Sigh...I loved that post. And I just heard the story on CNN as well...too funny :)

  24. We dragons never get fat on the end only in the middle. Try blogging standing up. It is good exercise and keeps the claws sharp.
    Great 55

    Our is posted.

  25. The bee story was all over the news here, probably because San Diego is only 60 miles away and the killer bees are gradually making their way north to us.

    Looks to me like you've got some petrified wood there. I used to be a rock hound, too, but petrified wood wasn't something that I collected so can't say for sure.

    Love, love, love the poem!

    Wishing you a great weekend.

  26. Thom Yes, there isn't a comment section on the BEE game. :o)

  27. Anni,

    I hadn't heard the story about the bees, so it was news to me. Dwight had heard it on the news. Imagine a ball game being delayed because a Queen Bee wanted news coverage. LOL

    That does look like petrified wood to me, but I'm no geologist. Very interesting. Be sure to let us know if you hear from the geologist.

    It's a cool and sunny day here today. Wouldn't ya know that it would rain there on the holiday weekend, but rain is rain when it's so badly needed.

    Happy 4th of July, my friend.

  28. I guess for a 55 it is fine but I doubt it's true. I'm sure you get plenty of exercise.

  29. Well this is just awesome! LOL and I guess I will have to call myself Lani-fanny!

  30. Anonymous7/03/2009

    You so funny!!!!

  31. awesome 55 anni- i have a big fanny from blogging too.

  32. What a great post, love your pictures, I had a great laugh thanks again..Mary

  33. Yikes at the bees...I hadn't heard about that but then I haven't listened to the news in the last few days! lol I know, the world could be coming to an end and I wouldn't know!!!

    Oh wow, how fascinating are those rocks you found! I couldn't give you an opinion even if I wanted to, though, because I have no clue how to tell if it's palmwood or a rock! lol I guess you need to bring it for a specialist to look at it and tell you for sure:-) Very interesting indeed!!

    Love your 55....LOL xoxo

  34. You always make me smile, love you.

  35. lol...very cute 55, Anni. :))

    my 55