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As I've done the previous weeks I've memed for Thursday 13 [Thursday Thunks is below] about states in which I live/lived; this week it'll be all about 13 odd named towns in Arizona.

ARIZONA facts: Capital city - Phoenix
Population: 2009, approx:6,500,180
State Bird: Cactus Wrens [one of my favorites to watch...they waddle]
State Tree: Palo Verde [Spanish for "Green Stick"]
State Flower: Saguaro Cactus Flower [Beautiful...blooms at night!]
State Nickname: Grand Canyon State
Admitted: 48th state - 1912
Area: 113,635 sq mi.

More facts

...and here are the 13 towns/cities with odd names:

1] Monkey’s Eyebrow
    There are several legends regarding the origin of this town’s name, but most people think it originated from a local crescent-shaped hill. Apparently when the grass grows tall, it looks very similar to a monkey’s eyebrow.
2] Why
    Why which used to be called "the Y" because of the fork in the road where State Highways 85 and 86 meet about 130 miles west of Tucson. People ended up settling here and we finally got enough for a post office, so, when they had to name the town, they changed it from the Y to Why. And that's why Why is Why.
3] Tombstone
    Tombstone is the southern Arizona frontier town made famous by Wyatt Earp and the notorious gunfight at the OK Corral. But the name actually came from Ed Schieffelin, a prospector warned by soldiers that all he would find in the mountains would be his tombstone. The stubborn Schieffelin went anyway, and when he found silver, he named the area Tombstone.
4] Snowflake
    The town name has a quaint origin. Erastus Snow was the Mormon Apostle who directed the Mormon colonists from his home in St. George, Utah. He was known as Field Marshall of Arizona colonization. Snow met with William Flake on the old Stinson Ranch and the two men cleverly decided to combine their names for the new town. [Yes....for those curious, inquiring DOES snow in the desert.]
5] Arsenic Tubs
    A mineral hot springs located on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Graham County. The name comes from the mineral content of the water, and from the fact that there are natural "tubs" in the rocks.
6] Two Guns
    Two Guns was, in the past, the site of a major confrontation between the Navajos and the Apaches in the 19th century. Its modern history begins when the site is recognized as an easy place to cross Canyon Diablo--first, by wagon, and then later by motor cars. It was originally called "Canyon Lodge" when the National Trail Highway moved westward; when the Trail was re-named Route 66, the site's name was changed to Two Guns, because the proprietor of the facilities located there was one Henry E. Miller, who called himself "Two Gun Miller" (for reasons unknown).
7] Tortilla Flat
    One settler must have been awfully hungry when he spied some buttes 40 miles east of Phoenix and thought they looked like a stack of tortillas. The area has been called Tortilla Flat ever since.
8] Burnt Water
    The Navajo name is "Tó Díílidí" meaning Burnt Water. The name derives from a burned ramada [pole shade] that collapsed into the well near the trading post...the Natives gave it the name because of the ash in the water.
9] Grasshopper Junction
    No historical fact of the name origin, but it's within 4 miles of Chloride[below] AND just north of Santa Claus, Arizona!!
10] Chloride
    The name Chloride came from the silver chloride found in the hills among other minerals in the area. Today, silver chloride is used in photographic emulsions and antiseptic silver solutions. It has the distinction of being the oldest continually inhabited town in Arizona.

    Chloride, Arizona circa: late 1800's-early 1900
11] Skull Valley
    There are various stories about how Skull Valley got it's strange name. They all have to do with bleached bones being found in the area from wars between tribes or between the army and the Apaches.
12] Nothing
    History tells us that the locals told travelers it "got named by a bunch of drunks." The settlement was established in 1977, located 50 miles north of Phoenix Arizona. The best part I've ever read about it is: "Nothing appears to be in a state of revival." What a hoot. Nothing? In revival? Okay, if you say so. But, how can nothing....? Oh never mind.
    [reminds me of a Johnny Depp movie where the guy is named Nobody...and at the end, Nobody got hurt. LOL]
13] Dos Cabezas [pronounced DOSE CawBAYsaz]
    Named for geological formations, which means "two heads" in Spanish, because of two prominent domes atop adjacent mountains in southeastern Arizona.


These are the questions in the meme...Thursday Thunks:

1. You walk into a store and the cashier is being held up by a robber. The robber's accomplice is dead on the floor at your feet with a shotgun laying next to him. The robber does not see you, but the cashier does - what do you do? Kinda like...ummmm, panic, and LEAVE, but calling 199 [....wait...redial the correct 911 on the cellphone. I told you I was in panic form!!!.] A line from a movie comes to mind "I see dead people"...I'm not good with the dead. I have to protect myself also in this, yep. That's what I'd do.

2. We go to an ice cream shop for an ice cream cone. You say you are buying and I am going to stay in the car. You ask me what I want and I say "surprise me", what kind of ice cream cone am I going to get? Probably a special treat...a hot fudge banana split...since I'm craving one right now. It's not a cone...that's the surprise!!

3. You have a dream that your co-worker, friend or whoever is hit by a garbage truck after they back into a ladder with a black cat on it. The next day you see that person standing by a ladder with a black cat on it and there is a garbage truck driving down the road.... what do you do? I'd go back to the voodoo lady and demand my money back! She used the WRONG doll in her hex! It was supposed to be my boss, not the co-worker; friend or was my BOSS.

4. What is the most money you've won on a lottery or scratch off ticket? Don't play!

5. A neighbor kid down the street comes to your door and offers to wash all of your windows outside for $10 - do you have him do it? There'd be no way he'd offer $10 for the job in the first place! He can't get to my windows...any of them, without tearing off all the permanent hurricane shutters. I'd send him home. That's at least a 24 hour job just getting the shutters taken off! Trust me.

6. Go to Google Images. Type in the name of the last movie you saw. Post the first picture that comes up.

[Public Enemies - it was just a 'fair' movie. Graphic ending closeup of "Dillinger"...but thing is, Hollywood once again, glorified the 'enemy'.]

7. Your local animal shelter calls you and says there are 3 dogs that need an immediate foster home for 3 days. If you do not accept, the dogs are put down that day. Do you take them in? Yes, yes, yes!!! A definite yes...times 3.

8. What is the messiest room in your home? I suppose you would disagree that I'd say a garage is a 'room'?!!! Then, if you insist, I'll 'fess's THIS room I'm in...the computer office/library! The desk is clutttered with water bottles, photographs, pens, papers, cat hairs....just about everything under the sun....and speaking of sun, when it shines in the window, you can even see the dust particles floatin' 'round.

9. Have you ever been to a wedding that participated in a strange tradition that you had never heard of? No...not unless you'd say the Catholic style of kneeling and praying and kneeling and kneeling some more is strange; being Catholic myself...I know what it'd be like to someone that hasn't attended one of these services..

10. Name one sport that you just don't get. NASCAR....oh, he's gonna make a left turn, he is gonna make another left turn...and another left turn....over and over and over again. I just don't get it. The interest that is.

11. What was the last email that came into your inbox about? Bidding on Ebay that I THIS much.

12. Have you ever purchased anything from a sex shop? Extra points if you tell us what it was....I should refuse to answer this on the grounds it might incriminate me...but, since I am innocent, I can loudly proclaim a big fat NO!!!

13. Go back to that Google Images link... type in the last food item that you ate. Post the 2nd picture it comes up with.

[apple cinnamon oatmeal]

14. Got any bumper stickers on your vehicle? What are they? I'd rather be bloggin'!?!!! No, just a "Proud Parent of a United States Marine" on my car.

15. What meme question do you wish was never asked again? Anything about "EX" as in ex spouse!!!! There are a LOT of us who have had a long lasting, monogamous relationship/marriage with no desire to even think about divorcing/exes. Ever hear of a question about a HAPPY LONG Marriage? Like perhaps, what is the secret to a happy marriage?

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Posted: Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
5:00 A.M.


  1. Awesome post sweetie.

  2. Anonymous7/23/2009

    Love the names of the Arizona towns. I went to school at UofA in Tucson. Loved it there. Great answers to the Thunks. #8 is the bomb. I love NASCAR LOL. Have a great Thursday my friend :)

  3. Hooray! Yipee! Oh Annie, you picked my state. Thank you for sharing. I like "Why". Why ofcourse? Because people would always respond the same. Where is that? What kind of place is that? Why on earth would you want to live there? You'd always have an answer ready because you would get the same response. Imagine that. Great history lesson as usual. I love to come home for my history lesson, first thing in the morning, it gets my brain going for the day. Outstanding Post!! Country Love and Hugs Annie, Sherry

  4. Anonymous7/23/2009

    Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal sounds HEAVENLY!! And I totally lol'd at "199" in question #1. ;)

    Happy Thursday!

  5. what do you come from?nothing

  6. you so made this a brilliant prompt!

    and if you werent to impart the info abt the place names, i would have never known!

    really :)

    Click Here For My Thursday-13

  7. Nothing and Skull Valley were my favorites!! And thanks for answering my question about Snowflake!! Happy T13!!!

  8. Hootin' Annie-
    You keep rearranging the furniture around here :)
    There are voodoo lady's in the south? hhmm

  9. wow! is arizona intersting. that was really cool.

    and your answers were funny. i liked the dial 199 - bbwwwahhhaaaa. but totally understand!


  10. Awesome list. You forgot Hell, Michigan and Black River, Ohio.

  11. Awesome post, Anni. Glad I stopped by. Happy T13!

  12. Nobody? but Why? :-) I love your new header.

  13. Arsenic Tubs makes perfect sense AFTER you explain it.

  14. Good Morning Anni... I always love your history lessons... especially since we travel so much. And your answers to the meme were great...Always fun visiting you.

    Have a fantastic day!

  15. ps, love your new lay out. Very peaceful.

  16. Good T13 & Thursday Thunks... :)

    You did give me an idea for Next T 13!

  17. LOL well I can relate to the messy desk...except mine is a card table until my desk gets done....
    Imagine all your stuff on a card table!!!!

    Hey I know the secret to a happy marriage....just give the woman her way all the time...I am pretty sure that works! :-)

  18. Hey..I think there is a Surprise, Nebraska!
    I had a friend who lived in Paradise that'd be great to be livin in paradise!

  19. Anni,

    Enjoyed the Arizona town names. There is so much history there. I would love to visit. You know history is a love of mine.

    The meme is fun. I agree that not everyone has exs.

    I just won a couple of things on ebay for Jordan's birthday. He will be delighted when he gets them in a month or so.

    Take care and have a great day. Raining here and I'm off to get the boys. Not sure what we will do.


  20. Oooh, I hate those emails from eBay saying that you lost...

  21. Interesting information about my state. We do have some unique places here. I see Sherry from Country Wings in Phoenix commented earlier. I'm looking forward to meeting her and other AZ bloggers at noon (high noon) no, actually at 11 am at Gooseberries in Phoenix.

  22. How many of those AZ towns have you been through? Great list.

    Thursday Thunk is interesting.

  23. Enjoyed both posts, Anni - definitely laughed over Why, Arizona; Arsenic Tubs, Arizona; and Nothing, Arizona.

    And I love your answer to #3 - dream scenario!

  24. Great info about crazy names! I have a friend who moved here from Snowflake - glad to know the reason for that name.

    I loved your last answer in the meme. Also the one about Nascar - I don't get it either!! That and golf.

  25. Gee, lots of comments. I always did enjoy the real or the fantasy
    old west. Arizona is BIG in that regard. And I love, and stare endlessly at old photos from towns like Creede Colorado, etc.


  26. Arsenic Tubs? That's not somewhere I'd want to live! Interesting trivia! Did you like Public Enemies? And yes, Nawlins is almost back to pre-Katrina standards.

  27. MMMMMMMMMMMMM, Johnny Depp is soooooo purty! I can't wait to see that movie.

  28. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I agree... more questions about long happy marriages.

    Have a nice weekend.

  29. So many great answers! Love #3!!

    I was also considering Nascar--I don't get it either, but I feared being next on Kimber's hit list! LOL!

    Applause for #14 & 15!!

  30. Anonymous7/23/2009

    My one bumper sticker is a Marine sticker too! My son was a Marine and my brother is a Master Gunnery Sergeant. OOH RAH!!!

  31. Anonymous7/23/2009

    Catholic weddings and services are exhausting! Up, down, up down. Ugh!

  32. I love the names of the towns. Very inspirational since I'm about to make up my own town to write about.

  33. Love the names of the town. I think it'd be most fun to live in Why. "Where do you live?" "Why." "Because we need to know." "Why." Oh, the endless fun!

    Oh, and apple cinnamon oatmeal -- yum!

  34. Arizona clearly has better town names than here. I mean, really. Mars? Moon? Intercourse?

    Sheesh. Lame. Lame. Lame.

  35. You didn't list Carefree? Well, the town name itself isn't all that unusual but the street names there are a riot! First time I went there to do the Carefree Art & Wine I saw streets like Ho and Ho Hum, lol.

    My TT this week is 13 Bits of Cocktail Napkin Wit & Wisdom art from my new store!

    Happy TT!

  36. I hope you have as much fun preparing your meme as I have reading it. I'm always delightfully surprised.

  37. I LOVE NASCAR - Go Tony!!

    And I've been married over 18 years so far, and going strong.

  38. Silly voodoo lady...great answers, hope you're having a lovely day =)

  39. Nothing is my favorite. There is a town called Colleen (my name).

  40. I really enjoyed your T-13 Anni - Why cracked me up but Nothing reminded me of a former landlady I had. She had this old Scottie dog and told us "his name is Zero - but I call him Nothing!"

  41. We seen Public Eneimes too. A pretty good movie. I enjoyed reading the different places. I want to move to AZ as soon as my DH can retire.

  42. These town names are so strange and funny, very interesting to read the stories which explain the names.

  43. Great T13. I shared this list with my son. He loved it. I'm sure he will be googling some time today.

  44. Such unusual town names with fascinating explanations to them! Can you just imagine someone asking where you live and you say "Why"...and they say "cuz I wanna know"....and you say "Why"....etc....Abbott and Costello would have had a ball with that one! LOL

    So enjoyed reading your answers to Thursday's Thunk as well. You do realize now you have me craving a hot fudge banana split!!!!! xoxo