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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
5:30 A.M.

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Growing up with three older brothers, I could work with tools/car engines with the best of 'em. Sometimes I wish we'd go back to the 'old cars'. Where you can actually change oil without having to take computer classes to understand just how the car runs....under the hood!!! Y'know? Back in the golden olden days, you could lift up the hood and do a little bit of your own auto maintenance. Now, about all you can do yourself is open the hood! That is, IF you're lucky enough to find the latch hidden beneath the grill work!! [I say, it's a government conspiracy!] Well, we can find the dipstick for the oil. My dad, long ago, used to tell me that changing the oil frequently is like keeping your body's blood flowing perfectly. Clean oil is essential to a good operating vehicle. He should know...he was a mechanic, working for the government for nearly 40 years.

Now, the dashboard lights are just about the only thing that can actually warn you about something imminent in repair work that keeps you informed. You just can't look under the hood of your car while the engine is running and go about fixing it yourself. I used to be able to change the oil and oil filter by jacking the car up enough so I could crawl under it...find the oil pan, drain it, change the filter with a special wrench...put in the new oil and !voilá!...done for another 3-6 months. Now a days? I can't even FIND the oil filter what with all the gadgets and such surrounding everything!

Thing is, yesterday was the day I needed to go and get the oil changed. I knew this----'cause the "change oil light" came on. And if you have a newer car, you know it doesn't shut up! The light remains on, and the 'beep beep beep' will drive you whacko!! Getting your car's oil changed is not cheap anymore either. But, that's a whole 'nother blog post. So.......there I am. Driving up to the Oil Lube Specialy Shop. I was first in line!!! Yippee!!!

It only took about 15 minutes to get the job done. They change the oil, the oil filter, fill the tires, check all the fluids, wash my windows...etc. etc. etc. They're done. I pay. Get back in to drive off the open floor with the oil pit underground....and guess what? The oil light comes back on!!!!

The window happened to be open on the driver's side, and the dude in the greasy monkey suit is near by. I say to him...."The oil light is still on." He says..."What, it can't be." I point to the dash board to show him as he walks up to the car window.... He has me stop; then checks the fuse box just inside the driver's reset button. Well, duh!!!'s the computer chip, I think silently. is the cool thing I learned. I learned how to bypass that step. The lousy computer chip. The performance computer chip that is such a pain for the auto consumer. The nasty piece of crap modern technology that keeps us laymen from maintaining our cars on our own knowledge.....
    Okay, step one.
    Shut the engine down. [turn the key to the off position]
    2] Turn the ignition just to power ---"On", but no firing of the engine.
    3] With the power on put your foot on the accelerator and push to the floor...three times.

      Turn the engine on...the chip has now been notified!! You're smarter than the average bear....
      The light goes off.

Oops...for me, the light remained on when I cranked 'er up!

So repeat the process.

YaY!!!!! It worked.

Yabba, dabba, doooo!!!! Go grannie, go grannie, go grannie go!!! You know the saying..."Uh, Houston? We have lift-off." Poetry in MOTION!!!!

- - -

Oh and if you come by to visit with me today....fair warning. Step lightly. Watch where you put your feet!!! I have photos strewn all over the carpeting, the book shelves, the entertainment center and even atop the desk. I was too tired to pick anything up last night while working on Irene's photo video/dvd [see post below for Monday] I'm making. "Look out below."


  1. I'm not sure I don't understand very much about the mechanics of cars myself. Glad to know that it finally worked out for you in the end. Have a great week :)

  2. Anni, did the lube dude show you how to do that or were you peeking?

  3. MaryMe? Peeking? With a Lube Dude? ME?!!!!!!

  4. Somehow DC manages to still change our oil - don't know why or how. But you're right, it's a pain in the neck to not be able to do much to our cars any more, and to have annoying beeps!

    It's a rainy day in northern Colorado - what to do with all those kiddoes all day??!!

    Have a good one!

  5. LOL! Gov't conspiracy...You sound like my hubby..he is always listening to John D'vorak and other various podcasts while he works, and then he comes home and tells me all of his various gov't conspiracy theries...LOL!
    I used to know how to change the oil too...not anymore though...

  6. Car problems make me crazy. I'm impressed that you changed your own oil! I love the bypass the chip tip!

  7. That beeping drives me crazy! Thanks for the info on stopping it. I am gonna try it.

  8. I love it! One in the eye for Big Biz!!! :-)

  9. My grandson has just passed his test and acquired his first car. Nearly as old as him, it has a choke - and most of those lovely old things cars used to have.

  10. Everybody's doing the Lo-co-mo-tion.. come on baby.. do the locomotion. (I so mean. :P)

    My ex used to be able to fix almost anything wrong with a car, then they went computerized. Me new hubby can still fix things cuz he has junk, I mean things, to do it.

    My Ford Escape doesn't have the power on thingy. Just the turn it on thing.

    Hey. Those quick change oil places have highly trained professionals. She says with a bit of sarcasm.

  11. Pay no attention to those typos. ;)

  12. anni? you're way cool. THAT i need to remember....

    btw, do you know how well photo's carpet surf, heeee heeee heeeee

  13. H. Anni, I followed your directions. And my oil pressure light came on.

    Thing never was on BEFORE!!!

  14. Just kidding, of course, of course!

  15. I'm glad I inspired you to get into DVD making. I warn you though, it is addictive, much like blogging. Your comment inspired me to do a post on the subject as others might have questions and might get inspired too.
    I have used three different programs to make DVDs. One of them was the Vista one. Yes, it can be played on any DVD player. I watch ours on our large screen TV. You burn them to DVD discs, not CDs, which can be bought at OfficeMax, Staples, or other office supply places. They also sell DVD cases and inserts that you can print on and insert in the cases. Yes, the music plays if you've inserted music in the DVD. It would be kind of boring I think without the music. And be sure the use the Ken Burns effects. Makes them much more interesting.
    Have fun.

  16. I intended to comment on your post but got carried away with the DVD stuff and forgot to. You're pretty clever to beat the computer, lol.
    My Dad used to be a mechanic and he could fix anything on the old cars, but when the new technology came along, he couldn't fix very much. He was a trucker and always had older trucks. I've seen him tear one of those truck engines apart into a million pieces and put them all back together again. It always amazed me. I'm not mechanically minded at all.
    Have a good day.

  17. What's that saying? If it has tires or testicles, it's gonna give me trouble...


  18. LOL - cj.

    Gr8 post. Love the quote by Erma Bombeck.

  19. Hi, it's me again. I just did a post on the DVD making. Here's the link if you would like to see it.
    Thanks or inspiring me.

  20. Anonymous6/02/2009

    Boy you know more about car mechanics than I do. LOL. Something that has never interested me. Great post :)

  21. Anonymous6/02/2009

    I wasn't lucky enough to have anyone teach me how to change the oil in my own vehicle. At 18 I joined the Navy and as an aircraft mechanic I learned how to change the oil in a plane. Funny I know more about planes then the vehicles I actually use LOL

  22. Anni,

    When we were getting to the age where we would be getting our driver's licence, we had to learn to change the oil, a tire and do a tune-up on our car. All the things you spoke of. Now today, you have to pay for everything being done at a garage and it costs an arm and a leg. lol

    Read yesterday's post and Irene and the boys are going to love the dvd. It's going to be quite time consuming, but oh, so special. What a terrific idea.

    I saw your message and sent you an email. I haven't received an email from you in the last couple of days.


  23. I'm ignoramous about cars and what's inside. You, on the other hand are fantastic! Have a great day and thanks for the visit as well :)

  24. I wonder if it works for the check engine light. My son just puts a piece of black tape over it. I guess that is why he is on his 3rd engine in as many years. LOL

    My WW is up:

  25. I must remember that bit about reprogramming the computer chip. That's handy to know, because you can at least rule that out first before taking the car to a mechanic and paying a fortune for them to look for the fault.

    We have a mobile mechanic that comes to our home. He's been looking after our cares for years, so we know what his work is like and he knows our cars. It's cheaper, too.

  26. You're smart...just reading that confused me! I am totally lost on how the cars go. I just get in and drive!

  27. While you were having the oil changed in your was I!!! What a coincidence!!! I was raised with 4 brothers but none of them ever had a car of their own and dad wouldn't let any of us touch his car so I never learned how to be able to maintain a car like you did! lol I know, though, how it's nearly impossible to do anything yourself these days since they've got the cars made now that you can't find anything. Yeah you on figuring out how to get that oil light to go off! hehe xoxo