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Monday, February 24th, 2009 2:35 A.M.

Our hostess, challenges us to show n tell a part of our kitchen. To be more specific, the kitchen counter[s]. I have three counters actually. I'm showing two. The other is really small, a guesstimation is about 1 foot wide by 3 feet deep, and just off the right side of the electric range. [The only thing on that counter is my pitcher which holds all the cooking implements]

These two photos below show [one] 'the most unusual piece' in the kitchen [I guess]. It's a liquid soap dispenser. The theme throughout the kitchen and diningroom [which you can see partly from the kitchen] is nautical. Hence the lighthouse soap dispenser. It was actually found in the bathroom aisle of a store for lotion, but in my mind it was perfect for liquid soap. The other photo [two] is the partition of counter in the corner....with Bud's coffee maker, the blue glass bowl for fruit and the microwave and smoothie maker.

And the last two photos are the countertop to the left of the kitchen sink above the cupboards and dishwasher. The 'open' space you see above the sink and below the hanging cupboards is the raised, angled countertop that looks into the diningroom. The other photo is the cake topper. Yes, it's the bride and groom that was on top of our wedding cake. Don't ask me why it's in the kitchen [on top of the microwave actually] was placed there when we moved in 4 years ago and has been there ever since.


[comment HERE if you'd like to skip my recipe and Day Blog Link below]


With Erik here for the weekend, he always wants me to bake him my vegetarian lasagna. He tells everyone that he knows that "My mom's is the easiest, best lasagna this side of the Mississippi." Well, that's what he says to me anyway. I think it's a ploy to get me to make it for him. And, it's easy. And no pre cooking! That's the part I like!!! I think I've told y'all how I make it, but someone in my comments that I read last night from my Saturday comments asked how I make vegetarian lasagna. Once again...

A box of Lasagna Noodles. [not the pre cooked kind!!]
Two cans of Italian Tomatoes
1 can of Italian Tomato Paste
1 pound of mozzarella cheese
1 pound sharp cheddar cheese [mild can be used if you'd prefer]
1 cup of Parmesan cheese
Schillings Italian Spice Mix
1 TBSP fresh ground garlic [or garlic powder]
Freshly ground Black Peppercorns to taste

Mix grated 2 pounds of cheese [mozzarella and cheddar]. Set aside. Mix in a blender the tomatoes, garlic, spices, Parmesan cheese, and tomato paste to a finely crushed sauce. Set aside. In a large oblong 13x9 pan, ungreased, pour a small amount of the tomato mixture onto the bottom and spread with fork, thinly. Add first layer of noodles [uncooked!!]. Add layer of cheese. Continue to layer, coating the noodles with tomato mixture until the pan is filled and the last layer is your cheese mixture for the top. Add a small amount of water to the edges...going around the entire pan [may not be necessary if tomato mixture is juicy!] Cover with aluminum foil and refrigerate for at least 8-10 hours. [I make mine around 8 in the morning and put in oven around 6PM] Bake, covered, at 350º Fahrenheit until bubbly and hot. Remove the aluminum foil and replace the lasagna back into the oven to brown. About 10-15 minutes. When cheese topping is lightly browned, remove from oven and let set for about 5-10 minutes. While this is cooling/setting up, pop into the oven a loaf of half-sliced [lengthwise] French Bread topped with garlic-butter and parsley to let brown and become crispy.....

[note] Photo shows that the cheese is not grated cheddar; this time I used Velveeta Processed Cheese instead of Cheddar. It was a request.


Also, last week, I just plumb forgot to do the Monday's Day Log...but today, I did get it written. Here's the link [I made a blog tag this morning]--


  1. the lasagne sounds delicious, i'm definately gonna try it, thank you for the recipe. as for that lighthouse dispenser, it's lovely. very unusual! and the oscars... i missed them, i was in dreamland, but am sure to catch up all tonight on tv here.

  2. Anni,

    No wonder Erick wants to come and visit. Your lasagna sounds delicious and it also sounds like it's easy to make.

    Enjoyed your Woman's Day Book post. The tag looks like fun. If I can remember [lol] I will take part.

    Loved the photos of your kitchen. How do you keep your counter from getting cluttered. Mine is so small and always seems to be cluttered. Of course we have very little storage space, so that might account for my struggles to have a decluttered counter.

    Take care and enjoy your day. My post today is about Brandon's trip.


  3. It looks like you have lots of space on your counter tops! That is nice! I too love the dark wood cabinets. They look nice against the white counters. Happy FM!

  4. Your kitchen counters are lovely and spacious. I like your cake topper... that's a good place for it on top of your microwave. I love seeing other people's kitchens!
    Thanks for visiting mine.

  5. Gday Anni.. You kitchen looks so Cheery and love your cake topper...
    OHH and the lasagne sounds so delicious im going to try it when my grandaughter comes to stay..

    Take care my friend Jen

  6. LOL! I was thinking your vegetarian lasagna was VEGETABLE lasagna! I make regular -- but then I also make a vegetable one that is very good too.

    I completely forgot about Fun Monday until I started visiting blogs this morning! Mine is up now... but you've SEEN my counters before - no need to come back! I don't have any interesting tid-bits about it!

  7. The lasagna sounds awesome.

  8. Is that really the way your kitchen counter is most of the time? It is so blasted neat.

  9. I love the lighthouse soap dispenser, how great for a nautical room. Your bride and groom cake topper is just gorgeous, how neat that you still have it. I have no idea what happened to ours. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  10. Your kitchen looks great, very clean and spacious!! I love that soap dispenser, if it was a blue one, it would fit in my bathroom, I have a nautical theme in there too! By the way, that lasagna looks delicious!!

  11. Humm, could never post picture of my counters, they are full of stuff. Your nice clean counters put mine to shame. Check with me next year, if all goes well I will have my new kitchen by then with lots of storage space.
    Don't believe I have ever had lasagna with cheddar in it, may have to give that a try. I have lots of tomato sauce and spices, thanks to my garden last year. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love having a lot of counter space and mine are pretty much the same size as yours:-) Love the lighthouse soap dispenser and as you say, good idea to put it in the kitchen where the nautical theme is! How fun to still have your Bride & Groom cake topper from your wedding!!

    Yummmm, your lasagna looks delish and it's no wonder Erik always requests it:-) When my boys come home they always have requests as well! lol Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us. xoxo

  13. I know why your counters are so clean!!!! Same reason as mine - they're WHITE! If they get the slightest bit dirty, they look filthy.

    I'm kind of surprised at how many kitchens have white countertops. Must have been men who designed those kitchens!

  14. So much space you have - mine have the bottles all around the back because I don't need the space - I rarely COOK !!

  15. your kitchen is so neat and I love your cake topper!! I also love the recipe, I will have to try it this week!!

  16. I like the lighthouse.

  17. That's a very good Lasagne recepe ! Mr. Gattino would leak his whiskers !
    And you still have the top of your wedding cake ?? I don't even remember my wedding cake, lol !

  18. Anonymous2/24/2009

    Fabulous soap dispenser :-) Your kitchen looks lovely and homey. And the recipe looks good too! I will read it but might feel guilty because I am not much of a cook *sigh* Happy belated FM to you!

  19. Hi Anni--just back to peek at your kitchen. Like you, on Sunday night I was distracted by the Academy Awards. I thought I wanted Frank Langella to win because he was so "Nixon", so dark and brooding. But when they announced our buddy Sean I just hollered. Loved his line in thanks to the Academy about realizing that he made it hard for the voters to love him!

    Your kitchen fits you, it seems--lots of interests and enthusiasims. Love that.

  20. I knew I would be envious of all the neat and tidy kitchens. Your soap dispenser is very unusual- I love it.

  21. Anonymous2/24/2009

    wow Anni, it's beautiful, everything in it is beautiful. thanks for sharing. Will have to try your Lasagna

  22. I love that you have your wedding cake topper on display.


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