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Okay, yesterday I posted about the things we ate, finding some longhorn steers on the way walking to the breakfast area, and a cute little pony I met, Freckles. Well part of the ranch hand breakfast menu is cream gravy, with sausage! In the back of the chow line is where we found all the grub cooking over open pits, smokers, and grills. This loverly group of cowhands were busy stirring up the cream gravy..from a wood heated barrle and huge pot!! It was bubbling and fine eatin'!!! They made the gravy just like I like it too...thick, and loaded with black pepper! Buttery with a bit of a zing to it with the spiciness.

After gobblin' down the chow, it was time to check out the 'entertainment part' of the morning. Here, on the grounds outside the area was a wonderful exibition of rug weaving. It was an amazing sight to watch. I stood right up by him as he worked while I talked with him. This particular piece that he was weaving was the "Running 'W'"; the King's Ranch brand registered back in the 1800's and still registered to the ranch today. It is copyrighted and trademarked to protect against theft of any kind. FORD sells a King Ranch edition of a pickup. Each one sold to a consumer, the ranch gets kickback.

In this photo the weaver was using the natural wool for the long stripe. He told me it takes him about 8 days working time...full complete a medium horse blanket. But he also mentioned that the could get it done at a faster rate if needed. It's more or less a hobby with him and still a vocation since he sells his finished products on the market. It was most fascinating to watch....

As he changed from the 'natural' shade of wool to a darker dyed wool, he worked through the weave for part of the brand....

This is one of many finished pieces he had for show, this one in particular I am showing you because of the King Ranch's a finished saddle blanket.

All the while from the National Anthem at sunrise throughout the morning, we were entertained with live music. The area was filled with straw bales for those who wished to sit and listen to the likes of some songs such as El Paso, I'm Back in the Saddle Again, Happy Trails, all oldies but goodies. My favorite was the fiddler! He looked like he just stepped off of a western movie. And he could really play well!! Reminded me a bit of the likes of Charlie Daniels of the Charlie Daniels' band from back a while ago....his style that is.

This dude reminded me of the old time tv shows where someone would start playing spoons or something out on the trail and then you'd end up having the whole gang playing something...this was just a water trough and a string...made a cool sound for accompaniment. The music from this trio [the other was a female guitarist] could be heard all over the area. It was a welcome sound. Soothing, relaxing and well done.

Moving on down...just off to the south from the eating area and the grub line was a covered outdoor arena. The ranch hands and volunteers put on a calf roping exhibition. Which was fun to watch, but I must say that the gentlemen who were doing the volunteering for the entertainment value of the day...well, let me put it nicely ---they don't want to quit their day jobs!!!

...and through the shute...a calf running for his life. Again, it was fun to be entertained as such, but none-the-less, I'd much prefer to see the calves out in the open range with no fright in their big brown eyes wondering just what is going on and what they did to deserve being chased by a couple of guys on horseback with ropes. Don't get me wrong, I love rodeos, but this was very amateur.

At one booth you could purchase a ranch hand apron with the "Ranch Hand Breakfast" and date [same as the logo on the tickets] and have the official Running W brand burned onto the pocket. I stopped and watched the cowboy set the heat in the branding iron and then 'stamp' the brand for one particular woman who bought an apron.

These last two photos show some of the garb of the old west of this era along with guns...rifles, pistols, shells, bullets. The other tables for this exhibition also has some pamphlets and books on sale. Here, the two volunteers dressed as a Mexican cowhand [which the ranch had many, and still today the offspring live on the ranch], and an older gentleman dressed in a U S Marshall or a county sheriff.
Some of Richard King's armory. Also, in the town of Kingsville, there is a whole building that has a lot of memorabilia of the King family...their cars, their flatware, their buggies, their ranch implements, clothes, photos of the life on the ranch...things like this. If you ever get a chance to see this place, don't miss the museum in the town. It's well worth the stop.

Tomorrow...the last of the photo share: the ranch buildings and such! Part III


High our lives!
    If you could share to us 3-5 high moments in your lives...this could be funny moments...the you can't believe you did it moments...the "I told you so" moments...or the times we asked the ground to go open and eat us moments! You need not write a book to explain them, the highlights will do.

I'm laughing as I read Mariposa's assignment. She tells us not to 'write a book'. Guess she's been to my blog a few times. Okay, I'll keep it short. Of course the top on the list is marrying my great husband, then having two children, two grandchildren and retiring! That goes without saying-----------

1] FUNNY MOMENT. This is one that is forever pressed in my memory!! One time after my mother had passed on and my father was a widower, he liked to drive across the state of Wyoming and Nebraska, alone. I didn't like that. He wasn't young, tho his reflexes and his driving abilities were very acute, still, at the age of late 70s. It was the idea of him being alone on the highway. I always worried myself frantic while I knew he was on the interstate, until I'd get a call that he arrived safely. Well, one time I had the summer off [I worked at the school district then. Bud took two weeks off and wanted to just stay home, no trips anywhere.] Dad wanted to go see his sister in Lincoln, Nebraska. Well being that she was my favorite aunt, I asked to go along and help drive. Now, to cut this's the funny part. [In fact I sent this story into Reader's Digest and it was published, I received a $100 check for submitting it]. There I go again, 'talking' too long ----we were on the west side of Grand Island on I-80 coming home. It was getting dark. My dad was driving. At that time, the dashboard on the car lit up...with a warning light to "Check Engine". Dad pulled over at my request, and he got out, popped the hood open. He then looked in, closed the hood on the car, wiped his hands and got back in. With my expectant look, he said to me with such a straight, serious face, but the typical orneriness that he had, "I checked it and, yep, the engine's still there." And we continued driving home. THE END.

2] WHEN I WANTED THE GROUND TO OPEN AND EAT US UP MOMENT. Y'all know, at least some, that Bud is a history buff. We had a membership of the Custer's Battlefield in Montana. For a long time during our marriage, we went there yearly. There was a small village called Crow Agency, just outside the gates to the battlefield. Just a gas station and a restaurant and a gift shop. The kids [very young] were with us that one time. After walking around and driving the park roads, the day was getting on, and instead of driving a long distance with the kids in tow, getting hungry and more cranky, we decided to eat at the Crow Agency restaurant. While sitting waiting for our burger and fries...Irene says VERY audibly..."We have only a bunch of Indians here, besides us!"....I wanted to die. ---the looks we got coulda given us stab wounds, trust me. THE END

3] 'I TOLD YOU SO' MOMENT. I really don't do this kinda thing. It's not that I'm 'not an egotist' when it comes down to pointing out "I told you so!"'s that I feel there is no need. 99% of the time when I AM right on something, they tell me anyway. So no point in 'rubbing it in'.

4] I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT MOMENT. In Tucson, listening routinely to our morning show of Mike and Tyler on the talk radio. They were always having contests where you call in to give an answer, for a prize. The two had a question: "Surveying all the pro football players, the majority said they'd like to have this celebrity mother as their own. Who is it?" Well, the callers got through, and no one's answer was correct...the likes of Lucy [I Love Lucy], or June Cleaver [Leave it to Beaver], or Mrs. Cunningham [Happy Days]....mothers of that stature. All continued to be incorrect. I told Bud, "With the mentality of football players, I bet I have the correct answer." He said, "Well, then call in." I had a busy signal many times before I made the connection and got through. My answer was Marge Simpson. I was right, bells went off through the receiver and on our radio. After put on hold until a commercial break, so I could give my personal information, I then hung up.....along with the next day picking up two plane tickets to Disneyland, with hotel reservations under my name. THE END


  1. I will say it once again, I love your blog sweet friend.

  2. I love the check engine...thank good ness it didn't disappear!

  3. Hi Annie I knew I was going to read some good stories today. The engine one had me laughing and winning that trip was fantastic. We share something else besides our grandsons names-I'm usually right 99.9% of the time LOL

  4. Gosh those stories had me giggling in my office :) The check engine one is a classic! Well done for winning the $100 for it... and you seem to be quite the winner with Disneyland to boot!

  5. Wow - you are great at winning things! Terrific stories, thank you! I also try not to do the "I told you so" thing. As soon as I get self-righteous about something, I will do something twice as stupid and feel like an idiot :-) So I do try to steer clear!

  6. Okay Anni, your comment thingy is acting as cantankerous as one of those old cows on the King Ranch--wouldn't post for me. Anyway, i was saying that I enjoyed your account of the King Ranch cowboy breakfast. And, this is an annual event?

    You're lucky in contests for sure--cash and a trip to Disney. Were your children young enough for the trip or was it just you and Bud on the road?

    You all have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

  7. I think I remember reading that Reader's Digest story! Great shares.

  8. just read your came in while I was reading some blogs this morning!! Trying to read some..I am so behind.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Great moments! I love the check engine story. Parents, what can you do with 'em?

  10. GREAT stories! Marge Simpson...I never would've guessed that one. You're good!

  11. Hi Anni,

    I enjoyed your stories very much! :)

    And that cowboy stuff sure sounds like fun! I'd like doing all that!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


  12. I had a friend with a weird dad -- and when they traveled, he put canned beans on the engine block and they'd stop beside the road and eat them for lunch. don't know why your dad checking the engine reminded me of that.

    Marge Simpson? ha ha ha. I'm sure I would have never guessed that.

  13. How fun to visit the King ranch. I am a horse lover. Hop over to my blog. I came over from Hulagirl.

  14. I love the story about your dad! Too funny ;0)

  15. Ahhhhhh you have some great memories! And now your breakfast at the King Ranch will be added to the collection! Krysti and I did visit the museum in town - and the shop! She got a ring there that she still wears every day!

  16. tickets to Disney ... some folks have all the luck ;-)

  17. i love your i cant believe i did that moment. awesome. got to love football players. predictable, aren't they?

  18. I think I love your dad... Ornery old people are just wonderful!

  19. Funny!

    Being that my younger sister was 7 years younger, I was just hitting those "everyone embarrasses me" stage when my sister started saying all those type of wild comments. I have tons from when she was little and I wanted to disappear!

  20. Great post, as usual. I love the first and last tales. Thanks for posting all of this and thanks for visiting me.

  21. Yup … that event was certainly special wasn’t it! Most impressive!!! I didn’t participate in Fun Monday today … I’m just too busy catching up to visit everyone who plays.
    Hugs and blessings,

  22. Oh my! Love ALL of it! And you earned $100! Wow!

    And you got tickets to Disney too...Holy.WOW!

    Happy Fun Monday!

  23. Great Moments !! My Dad, while going across the US to Colorado from VA, at one point in Kansas was driving on the wrong side of the road - I freaked and asked him why he was doing so - His answer - Because I can !

  24. Your the first person I know of you actually won one of those radio contest, well won something more than a leg lamp. And congrates on being published brovo.

  25. The day at the ranch sounds like so much fun - something right out of the old West!

  26. I had never had biscuits with sausage gravy until Steve & I crossed the border and found a Bob Evans restaurant a few years we make it a must to go there at least once when we're in Niagara Falls:-) It must have been so fascinating to watch that rug weaver...I admire anyone who knows how to do that. I love country music, especially the older songs so I would have really enjoyed the entertainment:-) Looking forward to seeing Part 3:-) xoxo

  27. I love classic country music so that's right up my alley. And I love breakfast for any meal so that sounds good right now since my cereal I had for supper has about left me. ;-)

    I love King Ranch casserole, or Mexican Chicken casserole as we call it around here.

    I enjoyed your visit to the ranch and thanks for sharing with us, Anni.

    Hope you have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love and hugs,


  28. It really sounds like an excursion in the far far west, lol ! I missed fun Monday, too much to do, lol !

  29. Anni,

    I loved your tour of the King Ranch. There is so much history there. The museum also sounds like it would be a great place to visit.

    I would love to come to this annual event. Maybe we can one of these years. Wouldn't we have fun. The entertainment looks good.

    Enjoyed your Fun Monday post. The best was the one about your father getting out and checking the engine. It made me chuckle.

    Take care, my friend.