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Well this one has a little bit of special effect added. I took a photo of a mirrored plate where a lighted mermaid globe and amethyst is setting on my computer desk...then, I flipped the image and added it to make it reflect, the REFLECTION

The one above is a reflected bathroom vanity from the walled mirror. Notice the lavender towel to the left...that is a reflection of it.

And it seems when I bring the camera out around the house any more, Tahoe wants in the picture...this is her REFLECTION...she's actually taking up squatter's rights on the edge of the marbletop counter.

The sun's reflection on the shoreline.


  1. Beautiful pictures.

  2. excellent reflections.

  3. Lovely collection of reflections! And don't cats always assume squatter's rights? Especially loved that shot!

  4. Nice choice of this week's theme. Mine is up as well. Have a great weekend!


  5. Very sneaky! But I think I like the second best.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Lovely set of shots Anni.vAh cats always enhance a photo! Happy weekend

  7. hello anni kinda busy lately, love your photos very much especially the mermaid...have a great weekend! :)

  8. You've a great collection here this week - beautiful reflections.

  9. Good ones all...have a great weekend!

  10. Anni, I feel like if I hang around long enough, I'll get a complete tour of your lovely home! :-) Reflections of a beautiful person... and cat.

  11. Wonderful pictures showing "reflections", especially the one of the sun reflecting on the water, just gorgeous!! That's too cute about Tahoe wanting to be in the pictures:-) xoxo

  12. What fun photos! And the last one is beautiful! Hope you had fun at your cowboy breakfast. sounds like fun.

    My reflection is here

  13. Good evening Anni, I bet your breakfast was great this morning at the ranch!!!Any home made biscuits and gravy?? Your reflection shots are super!! You always can do it up right..I love the shot of Tahoe.. cats amaze me with their graceful ways..thanks for your kind words about my post to Mary on aunt May...

    I have been under the weather all week with a sinus infection..I hate to take Prednisone for five days; plus an antibiotic..My cough sounds like it is trying to turn into bronchitis..I hope not, for we are going to my daughter's house in Atlanta for Thanksgiving..

    Have a wonderful Sunday... Hugs, Baba

  14. Lovely reflections ...
    Mine are at Sacred Ruminations today.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Anonymous11/23/2008

    I found Photo Hunt via your blog and just started this week. I love sunset shots on the water and I love your reversed photo.

  16. Which side is up? Love the reverse-side photo!! Have a great weekend, Anni!

  17. Your bath is so lovely! Love the picture flipped, you are so smart!

  18. hey, getting pretty fancy-smancy with the photos! I like them.
    Hope you don't think I've given up on weekly Photohunt but this weekend have been ripping up carpets so new hardwood floors can be installed. I am not a person bred to manual labour. I ache everywhere and in some places I never knew could ache.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving so am sending you lots of advance joy and happiness as you give thanks for all your blessings.

  19. I like the effect you've done on the first photo. Nice idea on the double reflection.

    I love that cute panda on the counter top.

    Sunsets are always mesmerizing.