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I really should be locked up somewhere where there are no stores during the Fall and Winter season!! Shopping this time of year has become a fixation for me. Especially around these holidays. From Halloween up until Christmas, the stores have so many wonderful things!! Y'all know I collect Santas. "Tree top" Santas are my favorite. Well, you'd think anyway. I have this kind the most. But, I have hundreds. And walking around the stores this week, I was checking out all of the Christmas displays and looking at the Santas. Thing is, most of what they have anymore are near duplicate of what I have already. While walking out of one store, I walked past the wall display of tree ornaments. That was a mistake. A BIG mistake. I saw a glass Santa. Hmmmmm, had to have it. Ya, like I need it! Geez. So then, as I had that in my hot little hand, I spied a beautiful red fox ornament. [I didn't get it tho, but I will go back there soon, and if they do have it, it's gonna be mine.] I then spied a cute little frog with a Santa cap. Grabbed it...Well, they're kinda costly when you want 'em all, y'know? This is not good for a retiree's fixed income! Yet, I kept looking. Here are the ones I found, and brought home with me.

And I think I will make sure I find them that fit our life...something that we all like or that it has a special meaning to our character. Like favorites, or something from our past that it would represent. Not just buy to buy...they have to have meaning to our family....

A Frosty Snow Man. He's about 3 or 4 inches tall. One of my favorite holiday specials that is broadcast -- I love the television version of Frosty, with Jimmy Durante singing the carol. I sit every year and wait for him to sing to me.

A Penguin. Decked out with a red top hat with a gold hat band. It's carrying a candy cane, cane! He's miniature, but adorable. About 2 inches tall. Our son, as a toddler kept calling them's stuck, we all call them that now. LOL

Now, our backyard is filled with a lot of frogs. I think the ceramic creations in stores these days are terrific. I love frogs too. And I couldn't resist this little booger! He too is miniature. About 2 inches also. I love him adorned with the Christmas stocking cap and the rhinestone collar. He is holding a heart. Cute, cute, cute!!

This next one that caught my eye is a Canadian Goose. With feathers at the tail. Thing is, where I'm from originally...from Colorado, the whole state [on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains] was literally filled with Canadian Geese. Some actually stayed there year 'round! I remember one golf course we played, the goose poop was all over, and sometimes the geese would attack the golf balls! Anyway, I loved this one. It's a bit larger than the ones above, it's about 4-5 inches in length.

When a youngster, spending the nights or summers or weekends with my aunt in Nebraska, her yard was filled with Cardinals. They became a favorite bird of mine. Tho, Colorado was too cold for them. At least I never saw them. Not until we moved to Arizona. I was so thrilled to see Cardinals at my bird feeder again! Here in Texas, I've seen a couple --actually A COUPLE -mates---in our yard at the feeder. So, when I saw this one, it just seemed to jump off the rack, right into my hands![insert a wink]

This is the culprit one that first made me stop and do a double take at all the 'pretties'! He's so fragile. As I said, they're all glass ornaments, and reminds me the 'olden days' when the ornaments were always breaking from one year to the next. I always helped my mom pack things away...ever so gently, to keep them safe from harm year after year. And it never failed...always some broken, in the box, the following year. Too, they were always some of my favorites. I was disheartened with them. I never bought any glass ornaments when our kids were small and we had three dogs and a cat in the house. It just didn't seem like a smart move. But this one? Yep, he started it all!!!! He's about 6 inches long. No doubt the first one up on the tree each year.

The last one this week, is a poinsettia. I do love these also. And only the RED ones. The pink and white, tho beautiful, the red ones are the 'original' color. The non-hybrid ones...the REAL ones are from Old Mexico. The road from San Diego down south and beyond the border towns, there is an area that has poinsettias growing on the sides [both sides] of the highway...big as trees!!! That's when I fell in love with the plant! In San Antonio, at the Alamo, there is one of the 'original' Mexican species too. Stunning bushes! Not even close to the likes of the hybrids you buy potted for the holidays. The true poinsettias are more woody and huge, true red, brackets! The ornament is about 4-5 inches wide.

PS...part of a 'tell' aspect. We had a cellphone phisher yesterday. I learned something from calling in a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission...and I thought I'd pass it on this morning. When using your cellphone - to keep your identity from going through the airwaves, dial STAR 6 7 [that's *67 --don't key in the word star] before dialing the number you're calling! It hides your identity!!! Awesome. And I tested it three times on different numbers yesterday afternoon. I works!!!


  1. Gday Dear Anni, Ohh I just love all your Glass Christmas ornaments, and Santa's beard looks so fragile I think I would wrap him up in cottonwool and keep him away from small fingers...
    Have a good weekend Cheers, Jen

  2. I just love those glass pieces, I have a few on my Christmas Tree too!

  3. Thanks for sharing, love all your ornaments sweetie.

  4. that's it! my mind is made up. when (not if, btw) i come to america, it WILL be over some or other holiday, so that i can come and see you and your house, because your decorations and ideas and all the pictures have me completely entranced!!!!!

  5. What gorgeous glass ornaments!! They're absolutely incredibly beautiful!!

  6. Hi Annie,
    Nothing says Christmas any better than these glaass ornaments! They are so traditional! Thanks for sharing,

  7. They are very pretty glass ornaments. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I do like your glass ornaments...very pretty....

    Last year I bought several glass bird ornaments but yet to see any out so far this year....

    Wishing you a early Happy Thanksgiving...Betty

  9. I try to close my eyes when passing ornaments. Love this season and all the sparkle. My favorite is the cardinal! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. Hey Anni, I'm just out visiting, trying to catch up on what everyone has been up to. Looks like you have been busy shopping. Just wanted to stop long enough to say howdy and hope you have a wonderful weekend. Now I must go get ready for work.

  11. Your new ornaments are all beautiful, and it's great that each one has a personal tie to a personal memory.

  12. Anni,

    I caught up on yesterday's post. What wonderful news that your check up went so well. Congrats on getting your cholesterol down and I'm happy to hear that you are in good health. Once a year is enough to visit a specialist.

    I absolutely LOVE your Christmas decorations. Like you, I enjoy looking at this time of year. We usually buy at least one new Christmas item each year. Last year Dwight bought me my Christmas angel. We haven't had time to get out shopping together this year, but will soon.

    Enjoyed my visit. Now I'm off to get ready to go and visit Aunt May.

    Love and blessings,

  13. I love them! Especially the cardinal, reminds me of my Auntie who loves them. Every Christmas, her trees is covered with Cardinals! They are all beautiful, thanks for sharing:)

  14. LOVE the ornaments, too cute. I have so many glass ones from when my mom was little and I use them every year too.

    Great collection!!

    Hugs from the Netherlands

  15. You have such pretty ornaments. I love to see the ornaments on people's tree. It really is a personal thing! Enjoy decorating!!

  16. I understand you so well. I find everything Christmas related so nice.

  17. A year goes by so fast ! it seems to me as if you talked about your father Christmas collection just a few days ago ! Come here and you won't find any it's a little to early. They start the Christmas decoration beginning December and only for hotels and in shops of course.

  18. I love those glass ornaments. Last year, our new cat Panda decided the tree was a wonderful place to take a nap. Over the course of the time the tree was up, he managed to break many of my nice ornaments!

  19. Thanks for the cellphone tip! Your new ornaments are beautiful! I have a real weakness for them too, and only buy meaningful ones. Finally I had to buy more trees to display them on in categories! Last year I had seven pencil trees for all of them, better start looking for some extra trees! LOL!

    Be sure to keep us updated on your new purchases.


  20. Cute ornaments! I love that green frog. :)

  21. Anonymous11/21/2008

    We have a Cardinal couple that has resided year round near our feeder. They arrive late afternoon and the lady is shy and the male stands guard in a nearby tree while she eats. They are so beautiful. We live in NW suburban Chicago and it gets really cold. We use oiled sunflower seeds and they love them. If you really want to attract them use safflower seeds.Expensive but they are a hit!

    I love all of your ornaments, too.

  22. My sister would go crazy over the frog one, they are all completely adorable! What a neat find!

    Did you also know that *69 will tell you the last callers number? It DOES cost for that, something like 50 cents tho. If you have call display, this bit of advice is redundant.

    Enjoyed my visit today!

  23. Anonymous11/21/2008

    They're all very pretty. I think the Canadian goose is my favorite. I love the glass ornaments. I remember when they were almost all that kind and they were always getting broken.
    I'm glad you got a good report from your doctor.

  24. My favorites are the cardinal and the "culprit" Santa, and of course the little frog :). What great additions to your holiday decorations! I loved them all. I guess I need to go shopping myself now :).

    Please feel free to visit my blog anytime. You are always welcome in The Shadow of the Cross.

  25. Oooo, they are so pretty! I totally "get" why you needed the Santa, he's wonderful, but that Penquin...well, that is my fave. I love his little red tophat :0)

  26. Annie I love all the ornaments you found.I too have a problem with buying new ones every year and I love the glass ones.My new vice are the ones made out of beads,but I am trying to learn to make them.I have two posted that I made this week.

  27. Great Show & Tell...I love them all, but the culprit (LOL) is my favorite!


  28. Wonderful ornaments. Hope you post a picture of the tree when it is as finished as it will be this year.

    Have a good weekend.

  29. Oh you have it bad! I do love ornaments too. I think I have 4 boxes of them-not small boxes, the ones they make for Christmas. I have both the Rubbermaid and cardboard.
    I like to do theme trees. I think I'm going to do teddy bears and toys, since my teddies are so neglected, many in plastic bags in the basement.
    You bought some neat ones that remind you of things. I too love Cardinals and have a small collection of them.
    I do mainly buy ornaments at the after Christmas sales though, unless they are very unusual and I haven't seen them before.
    Do you have your tree up already too?

  30. Glass ornaments are so charming. Great choices.

  31. I love all of your ornaments, I have been really
    behaving this year when I am going shopping for
    holiday things. It's not fun behaving!!!!

  32. Hi Anni
    Love all your ornaments! I also collect Santas. I like the Northwoods look of the Santas. I display them in my cabin in the mountains all year long. Looking forward to seeing yours!
    Love, Ann

  33. I love your beautiful ornaments! Isn't it wonderful to collect them. It seems that each one has a story or family memory attached to it.

    And I love to watch "Frosty", too. I love "Rudolph". I love those shows every year. The child in me has never grown up.

    Take care,

  34. It's very dangerous for me to go shopping this time of year too! lol I go shopping for Christmas gifts for others but usually end up buying some ornament for myself! hehe I just love all the glass ornaments you bought, it's no wonder you couldn't resist them. How I would love to drive on that road you mentioned where the poinsettias are growing on either side, it really must be beautiful!! xoxo

  35. You and I need to be locked up together, Anni! ;0) I agree, so many wonderful things this time of year. I love your new pretty ornaments!