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Today for the prompt for heads or tails the term black or white could very well be taken as offensive. Actually, to an artist, the term black OR white is NOT a color. There is no color. Both are hues. For accenting and shading. Yet, to go with the week's theme, I chose to take a politically incorrect saying and use it lightly.

- - -
You've heard the expression: "That's mighty white of him". Tho with today's society being politically correct and all, it probably can be construed in terms of racist, and unethical. But way back...I really can't say that I know just what the origin of the expression is. Yet, it was said many a times without it being politically incorrect. At least not with our family. I took the term as being noble, good or worthy. Tho, to be sure I only use it now, here today! Bud was the topic of a meme a few days ago. Now, to be fair, I had him answer the same twenty questions; this is just a phrase out of my past, and it's not meant to be in any way racist or offensive. But,.....

Participating in the meme? - it was mighty white of him.

Now it's time for Bud to answer the same questions. It's his turn to turn. I turned the tables to see just how well he knows me. But I think I know him better...he's not into the little things. But we'll give it a go. I'll recite the questions, and he'll answer and I'll type. Bud, type? Ummmmmmmm, no. He never could type worth diddly squat, we'd be here all day...well, I should say he'd be here all day pecking away at the keyboard. And I type his own words, as he answers...

Here goes:

1. She’s sitting in front of the TV; what is on the screen?
Friends and oh wait ---:::snapping fingers and the light bulb goes on::: House, I forgot House!
2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
3. What’s one food she doesn’t like?
Rhubarb with sugar. She doesn't like Rhubarb pie. But she'll eat the stuff raw. Sour b*stards.
4. You go out to the bar. What does she order?
Margarita - straight up!
5. Where did she go to high school?
Same as mine.
6. What size shoe does she wear?
7. If she was to collect anything, what would it be?
Witches, Santa Clauses, seashells, rocks. And I've heard her say how much she likes collecting fat cells.
8. What is her favorite type of sandwich?
Bologna and cheese, fried.
9. What would this person eat every day if she could?
Pepperoni Pizza
10. What is her favorite cereal?
Oatmeal with dried apples and cinnamon
11. What would she never wear?
Cowboy boots with a skirt
12. What is her favorite sports team?
Broncos and the Colorado Rockies
13. Who will she vote for?
Barack, we're talkin' Obama Mama here.
14. Who is her best friend?
15. What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t do?
"Just about everything."
16. How many states has she lived in?
Three. Wait. Four. I forgot Nebraska...then, as I was typing, he said: "Everybody wants to forget Nebraska."
17. What is her heritage?
18. You bake her a cake for her birthday; what kind of cake?
German Chocolate
19. Did she play sports in high school?
No....not that I know of...what'd you play? What did you play? Oh ya, baseball.
20. What could she spend hours doing?
That's easy, emails and blogging! If the computer is down, she'd be crocheting or something like that.

Actually he did amazingly well. I was surprised. Totally surprised. He first off said "Friends" and then....the light bulb went on and knows that I watch House...reruns of House even...when USA has a House Marathon, I'm in there! Love that cantankerous ol' man [Hugh Laurie that is]. Ummmm, I will eat RAW rhubarb, when it's tart...but he's right, I do not like sweetened rhubarb. He even added the 'straight up' on the margarita...I don't order's a waste of money when they charge you $4 to $5 for a margarita and all you get is ice. LOL Favorite sandwich? WRONG!!! It's been French dip at Jason's for years! I never laughed so hard when he answered cowboy boots with a skirt....but damn, he's right on. Oh, and if you were here on the "Hubby" meme, for #15...see? I told you!!! The cake? Nope, wrong -at least partially wrong. It'd be white cake, with NO frosting. But as you know, and as I've said many times, neither of us is big on cakes anyway. Altho, he's right on one part...I do like the coconut, caramel, pecan frosting on a german chocolate cake.] So, to my estimation he did a pretty bang up job. "Bang up job"? That's probably politically incorrect too.


Today, I'm handing out the Halloween Treats. They are only for those I list below, and those I choose are bloggin' friends that leave me a treat in my comments during the month of October. If you don't see your name, don't fret, you just may find yourself on my list soon, I'm handing them out daily thru October...

For today, the handout treats for October goes to:

And the treat this week will be:

When your name/link appears here, it's yours! If you'd like to save this, click on it to'll then be able to grab the treat and run! Happy October, Happy Halloween.

- - -

Then, in honor of Bud, here are three of our "Grim Reapers" for Halloween. The first one I made for him several years ago, when living in Arizona. It stands about two feet tall, it's a wire tomato plant know, the kind that you use in your garden to keep the tomato plant protected and more sturdy? I wrapped black poster board around it...added the nasty looking head...made the hat and hat's crown from cardboard and decorated it all with black feathers, skeletal hands and such, including a celtic chain and amethyst. The materials are purple, black and gray gauze. The hat band has gauze tied and then stripped to hang loosely and make it more 'creepy' looking.

These two figurines are resin grim reapers that Bud has added to our collection.


  1. Your blog is looking good as usual.

    Don't even get me started on being "political correct" I always manage to put my foot into it - hehehehe

    thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. heee heeee heeee, guess he knows you pretty well. i feel like doing the same with my 'ole hubby....

  3. Hi Anni,
    Thanks so much for the Halloween spirit gift! I love it and will put it on my blog!

  4. Love your Halloween graphics lady. Nice HoT post, and I should quiz Allen. FYI my boys would covet thy decor for the holiday....sadly we lost all of our outdoor stuff in the flood earlier this year.
    My HoT Post

  5. Oh Anni.. you know how much I enjoy your candid posts! I was tempted to go with Obama/McCain but refrained myself. LOL

    Your Bud did a lot better than my Mike would do, I think. Maybe I'll try him on it when he gets home. (I giggled at the cowboy boots, too.)

  6. Congrats to your hubby for knowing you so well. I don't think my hubby could have done as well. How do you think of these things (the grim reaper), using tomato wire, I would have never thought of something like that. But after you telling how you did it, why of course that would work. I hope you have a wonderful day - looks like we may get rain here.

  7. OOHH how Sweet. I love it!! thank You!!!
    And thank you for stoppin in and feeling our loss. We are so devestaed. I miss her so much!

  8. I don't think I've heard that expression before. I hate always having to worry about what is politically correct. Seriously.

    I enjoyed reading Bud's answers.

  9. Thanks for the Halloween treat! I've grabbed it and will use it a bit later in the month. I'm glad you agree about my grandson's hat.

  10. Don't start me on political correctness ;-)
    As I see it, a comment is or is not bigoted depending on the motive behind the person saying it. Light humour, making a point, there are many acceptable reasons, but the PC people don't get it. And have you noticed that all the major changes for freedom came before PC was invented?
    They try to wipe out that part of history.

    Oh dear, I've been ranting. Sorry.
    Great post!

  11. The grim reapers are IN HONOR of Bud??? I'm not sure how I'd take that if I were Bud! LOL! He DID do a great job on the meme! I think our men know us better than we give them credit for! But Anni... I gotta tell ya ... the phrase for your B&W today - I've never known it to be ANYTHING but racial. Very racial.

  12. Melli: Once again, for our family it has NOTHING to do with race or color!!! It is 'being noble' as in the wikipedia explanation stated here "A similar expression in the United States is "That's mighty white of you", meaning, "Thank you for being fair".


  13. Good Morning!

    Thank you so much for the "Treat!" It is just darling!!! I will proudly display it on my sidebar, thanking you for it!

    We have had a bad weekend....had to come to terms with having Scooter put to sleep yesterday. It was time. She was my son's cat that had the heart problems, but I cared for both his cats for almost a month in my own home. I am going to do a short post on her today. It has given me such a heavy heart, as this thing always does to me......

    I am still buried with work....busy time of year with people wanting rental homes near Disney for the holidays and also "snowbirds" wanting places for the winter months. Keeps me busy! When your phone number is on a website, it rings all too often! LOL

    I'll be back to visit first chance I get. Again, I thank you so much for the "Treat!" I really do love your blog, and that witch's shoe cookie jar and the matching set you found to go with it is adorable!!! I LOVE it!!! I may check at the ceramic center I used to go to (when I had the time!) and see what they have to offer in that line. I just LOVED that shoe!!!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  14. I never heard that expression before. Maybe I am too young or it was not said in Canada. Happy HOT day! :)

  15. Mighty White....I guess it's easy to suggest it has racist origins. However, words have different meaning to different people. I guess the connotation, context and company that the expression is used in would all matter regarding what it means. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it, but I don't often find myself using the expression.

  16. You see, he knows you better then you thought ! that's dangerous ! never underestimate somebody, lol ! I love to see new things of your Halloween decoration, my friend came over yesterday and was horrified about my decoration, she isn't used to it and I think she found it very ugly, hehehe !

  17. Hey Anni...
    Just stoppin' over to participate in the Tuesday meme thingy...

    This was fun.

  18. Okay, I am Maribeth and I am totally "Politically Incorrect". This is America and I think you have the freedom to say anything you like.
    Like the His and hers meme. You know I'm not sure I know what Hubby's favorite cake is. He is more of a pie person, so now I have to ask.

  19. Anonymous10/07/2008

    You are so sweet, thank you so much, hope I successfully grab it!!
    Grace (mama rehema)

  20. Very interesting. ;-) I always assumed that phrase was meant to be racist, and now maybe it's just used that way. Terms and phrases have a way of altering their meaning over time, like gay wasn't always what it means today.

    I love learning stuff like that. Thanks for sharing! :)

  21. Back again! I asked the questions of hubby and he didn't do very well. His answer to #9 though was 'me' :P

    In all fairness I tried to answer the same questions about him and only did slightly better. :)

  22. Hey sweet Anni
    Actually I think Bud did very well-That goes to show how well you two know each other !!
    You say that Bud can't type?? When having seen what he has made with his own little hands I can't believe it"g"
    Lovely frames for your pictures,and much more- he surely must learn to type.What about he began whit what I call the biblical way= Search ! And Thou shallt find !! -(forgive me for that one) "g"-
    About Black and white-I admit that I am blank??? But seeing your Halloween things every day is such a hoot for me, since I can't make just a simple thing myself- I have carved one Pumkin though, last year -placed it with our front door, but it seemed to be so scary that the children in the neighbourhood ran screeming away,(wetting their pans) so I took it away again "he he he
    You - on the other hand are so skilled that it has no end to it, -yes I mean it !!
    Du er den bedste

  23. Oh … I used to love raw rhubarb … mom grew it in our backyard! I chuckled all the way through Bud’s answers and guffawed at 15!!! Have I mentioned I love your 2nd treat … it’s VERY ‘kewl’ too and the 3 Grim Reapers are marvelous!!! You’re such a creative gal ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  24. How fun that you turned the table and let us hear how well your hubby knows you. I think he did pretty good. Have a good evening.

    Since I've gone back to work tutoring full time it doesn't seem like I have time for my blog buddies. Or to post a new blog. Just know you aren't forgotten and I'll get in a rythem before long where I have time for it all again. :)

  25. Hi!
    Love your HOT post. That was wonderful of Bud to participate! I'm with him on wearing cowboy boots with a skirt. No way! Take Care!!


  26. Fascinating graphics! Love your black and white post!

  27. Hee hee! I love the witch graphic just above the comments box. ;o)

    Good for Bud on the meme answers. My hubby wouldn't do nearly as well, I fear.

    Have a great rest of your week, Anni!

    Love and hugs,


  28. Yep, black and white are actually colorless!

  29. Good post - I was intrigued so I googled "mighty white". Well, well, well - interesting results, lots of things I ought not to repeat. But I did find a site called,, the best and cleanest definition resided there. I gave up looking at search results after the first page. Thanks for the learning opportunity! Have a good one, and thank Bud for at least trying to participate!