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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Cassie is hosting this week. And it's "messy closets".........
    I want to see the inside of your closet!! I want to see if your closet is as messy as mine!!! You can't organize it before you take the picture!!
Well, as you can see by the four photos below, I really don't care just HOW messy a closet gets. I'm retired, and I only clean them out and straighten things up in there when I no longer can walk in it. That's why closet doors were invented! To close, and not see the mess! You know, out of sight, out of mind! Years ago, I cleaned and straightened things out weekly. Nope, not any a life is much more important. Besides, if I spent my days cleaning and organizing, I would find no time to blog and visit blogs.

~...end Fun Monday
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Mommy Wizdom hosts next week.


Okay! Ummmmmmm, it's now time to get down, and get dirty nasty get my revenge play this fun meme that I found at Melli's Sunday morning! It's all about hubby!----

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV; what is on the screen?
This season? More than likely CNN's Situation Room, or baseball, football, or his favorite series on Monday night Sarah Connor's Chronicles and Wednesdays he's a Bones fan! Other than those above, he doesn't watch TV ---the TV is on, but he's asleep in his chair.
2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Ranch or if they don't have salad. Period.
3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
That's easy...watermelon.
4. You go out to the bar. What does he order?
Coors light. Hey...he's Coloradoan by birth! But, if I'm paying the tab, it'd be Michelob. [kidding!]
5. Where did he go to high school?
The same as where I attended, but years ahead of me.
6. What size shoe does he wear?
9.5 EEE
7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
Books! [....and he does!]
8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Hands down, a BLT
9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
That's a tough one actually...but, he's always a sucker for Pecan Shortbread Cookies. If he could get by with that, that's what he'd live off of.
10. What is his favorite cereal?
Cereal? He don't do 'no steenkin' cereal!'
11. What would he never wear?
A tux probably. He's most comfortable in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. In the winter, his wardrobe mode around the house is sweat pants.
12. What is his favorite sports team?
Baseball - Diamondbacks Football - [used to be Green Bay], I don't think he has a favorite any more. I can tell you which team he DOESN'T like and that's the New England Patriots. LOL
13. Who will he vote for?
Guess! Look around...he's voting as I am.
14. Who is his best friend?
It'd be me...but his 'closest friend' is Tommy. And I admit, Tommy is the sweetest! Thing is, I continually tease both of these grown men calling each other with the 'y' at the end...Tom-Tommy. And, Bud-Buddy!! Lord, they're like two grade schoolers when they get together.
15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Nag him. [kidding]....well, maybe not so much kidding, but that is what he'd say if HE answered the questions.
16. How many states has he lived in?
Colorado, Arizona, Texas.
17. What is his heritage?
I-R-I-S-H [and then somewhere along the line, the heritage got 'tainted' with English from England. ---that would be his maternal side way back.]
18. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind of cake?
Is there such a thing as blueberry cake? No? Well, neither of us is 'into' cakes. He likes and prefers fruit pies. I'd more than likely have to say NO CAKE and go with blueberry or apple pie. But if it'd HAVE to be cake, then he will eat Pineapple Upside Down Cake once in a while.
19. Did he play sports in high school?
20. What could he spend hours doing?
Ummmmmmmm, see what he collects above. He could and DOES spend hours...reading books.


This past Thursday I read Yen's blog and loved the whole thing for the day. I wanted to try mine because her answers were so lovely. Here I go:

1. If I were a liquid I’d be - SPARKLING SPRING WATER.
2. If I were a metal I’d be - GOLD, shiny, warm and the color of sunshine.
3. If I were a tree I’d be - PECAN, 'cause sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't!
4. If I were a fruit I’d be - and pretty and delicious and tart all at the same time.
5. If I were a flower I’d be - ROSE, nothing else. Beautiful yet hidden thorns.
6. If I were weather I’d be - A MILD COLD front with partly cloudy, crisp and refreshing.
7. If I were a musical instrument I’d be - GRAND PIANO Or a BASS SAXOPHONE. Classical, yet jazzy.
8. If I were an element I’d be - WIND...gentle, yet forceful.
9. If I were a color I’d be - ROYAL PURPLE or FOREST GREEN - both with much hidden depth.
10. If I were a sound I’d be - a fragile ORIENTAL GLASS WINDCHIME.
11. If I were a feeling I’d be - Well, punk...I feel "LUCKY".
12. If I were food I’d be - Clint's [no not my grandson] HOT SALSA; a lot of fiery snap, yet pleasant to the taste buds.
13. If I were a sentence I’d be - As flowers and fruits of summer fade, so do I.


I won! I won! Sherry's husband drew my name out of the hat for her 100th post giveaway. I'm so darned excited. I love Mondays...don't you? [insert giggles] Thank you, thank you. I'll email you the info. Whoa....I'm so excited, I just can't hide it....


  1. I agree 100 % to your closet politics, lol ! Once in a while when it comes over me, I throw out everything I don't wear anymore and then close the doors again !
    Mr. Gattino is also a bookworm, doesn't like cakes in general, and loves Italian food of course !

  2. Hello Anni for me it's not that mess it's okay anyway when we were young we do chase a lot to organized things, for me it's part of our retirement benefits.Happy Monday..

  3. Anni! My bedroom closet is far messier than yours! He he! And you are most welcome to delve into my craft cupboard! What do you prefer to do? Let me know! Its all about the sharing around here! I will send you some goodies if you like!

    Big hugs and smoochies xxxx

  4. that is true, closets were invented to hide stuff and yours looks okay to me. I love your header

  5. Your closet isn't THAT bad! You made it sound like a war zone! :0)

  6. Hey, you stopped by on Monday! What a nice surprise. The Canadian geese (which is what's in the picture, really, not ducks!) are flying overhead and honking their fool heads off. I love the sound and sight.

    Your closer isn't that bad - mine isn't right now either, but you should see my kitchen cabinets! I actually took pix, but am embarrassed to show and tell!

    Have a wonderful week.

  7. TWO good memes for today!! What fun!! You always put a lot of time and effort into these. I am just not as creative!! But yours were great!! Need to get myself going this morning..having troubles with waking up..Better take myself to Curves. That will do it..have a great day..

  8. Good morning Anni, My closet is worse with tons of stuff in front of it.We are having a garage sale in October and I am going to sell some of my junk..You did a great post about Bud; I need to do this about my husband..

    Wow.... you have won a tea set with yellow roses from Sherry at Edie Marie's Attic.. I won a set of paper dolls from Marietta at Sweet Old Vintage..We were both lucky winners..
    Have fun today, Baba

  9. You even PAINT the inside of your CLOSETS??? Wow! I am impressed!

    Loved the Bud Meme... can't believe he doesn't like WATERMELON! (YUM!) Of course, if he wants blueberry cake/pie he and I would still get along just FINE!!! Does he like Blueberry muffins?

    Tomorrow Dennis is answering the questions about ME!

  10. Anonymous9/29/2008

    Hi Anni!
    YOU WON! Please email me with your mailing info at momsidner
    I'm so excited for you! Thanks for participating!!
    Hugs, Sherry
    I can't hardly believe it, my hubby Wes pulled your name for the YELLOW ROSES!!! Oh my gosh I was so excited!!

  11. Your closet wall color is so vibrant. Ånd it doesn't look too messy to me. No worse than mine!

  12. To Sherry: you posted --"Hi Anni!
    YOU WON! Please email me with your mailing info at momsidner
    I'm so excited for you! Thanks for participating!!
    Hugs, Sherry
    I can't hardly believe it, my hubby Wes pulled your name for the YELLOW ROSES!!! Oh my gosh I was so excited!!"

    Gosh, am I excited? You betcha!! Thanks so much. And the Yellow Rose of Texas at that!!! I emailed you just now...

    Who can't love Mondays when the day begins like this?

  13. Hi Dear Anni, Your wardrobe looks tidy to me, Hehehe Shut the doors and and you cant see the mess. Its nearly time to tidy mine up. when I put the winter gear to one side and bring my summer clothes foward, the same goes for my shoes winter to the back of the wardrobe.. Take care Dear Anni.. ill be back to read what ive missed..

  14. Anni,

    Oh Anni! You won the yellow rose cup, which is wonderful. Congratulations! And you a Texan... wonderful.

    I'm glad you don't organize your closets weekly anymore. Life is short and the closet doesn't look bad at all. I love that black pair of shoes with the white flower in the first photo. They look so stylish and comfy.

    I enjoyed learning more about Bud. I know he's a Keeper and don't all wives nag their husbands... at least from the husband's point of view? LOL I do share his love of BLTs. My favorite sandwich.

    Enjoyed your meme. Your answers are very indepth. I too love forest green and pretty much all shades of green.

    Enjoyed my visit, my friend. Take time to relax and enjoy life at its finest.

    Happy day to you and Bud.


  15. I love those bright walls. It makes your closet look like a happy place, and it really doesn't look to messy.

  16. Hi Anni--I'm with you. What a waste of retirement to obsess over keeping closets neat. Please say there's more to living. . .
    BTW, my LATE FM post is finally up.

  17. Did you paint your closet? That color is too cool!

    I liked your memes... I think I will come back and steal them later!

  18. Okay - now I know why I don't have time for blogging. I need to go trash a closet! LOL!

    Nice turquoise color!

  19. What a fun day you've had. The closet thing made me laugh. I've never been one to worry about the closet --- Hubby's side all nice and neat -- mine more clothes piled than hung and shoes in his way sometimes. He does insist I keep them corralled.
    The *He* meme is halirious. I'll probably swipe it from you. And I've copied Yen's blog from Thursday also. Just haven't posted it yet.
    Drop by.


  21. Your closet doesn't look too messy at should have seen mine before I did a complete overhaul in there last week. I was afraid to open the door, never knew what was going to come crashing down on me! lol I got rid of so many clothes, shoes, purses, etc. now it looks bare!!

    Loved the "HIM" least when he's reading he's staying out of trouble! hehe He sounds like a great guy, Anni, and I'm with him on the watermelon...YUCK!

    Well I always knew you were a pecan (nut)...LOL Yikes, I guess I'd better run now!!!! hehe

    Congratulations on winning Sherry's giveaway...I was at her blog earlier and had noticed you were one of the winners and I felt so happy for you:-) xoxo

  22. Nice color in your closets. Mine is still messiest, unfortunately.

  23. Well first of all that is one clean closet!!!!!!!!!!!
    And interesting things on you!! My hubby don't do cereal either!! men are so funny!!

  24. Alas … I couldn’t face my closets this morning, so I skipped Fun Monday altogether … mused and memed instead at Small Reflections and left Mary’s animated award there for friends too. I loved the way you shared all about Bud with Melli’s meme … and I may give the one from Yen’s blog a go one of these days myself. Loved YOUR responses! Congrats on the ‘win’ … and (I confess that) I’m MOST curious about what you’re planning to leave me on Wednesday.
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. Hi there!
    Hey, give yourself a break - your closet is definitely under control and not threatening to overtake you and your household.
    It takes a certain level of bravery and courage to expose a closed away spot of our homes, something that no one typically inspects.
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. It was fun reading your answers. Congrats on your win.

  27. So glad you got over trying to keep up with that closet thing every week. That would make me nervous.

  28. You go girl! I wish I had a closet door!! I had one but my mom took it off, then she got me the beads. I think that was just so she could see into my closet to see if it was actually messy!!

    Thanks for playing this week!!