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This is just a small wooden sign with witch shoes as the pedestals. I found this for a couple of dollars at Kirklands in the mall this month. For as much as I love witches, I thought it would be an appropriate addition to my collection. LOL Hey? You know the saying, if the shoe fits!!! If you enlarge the photo you can see the witch's shoes -the dowels are the legs.

I just found this this past week on sale at Walgreen's Drug Store! Naturally, it's a witch clock! With a haunting graphic in the background of a witch flying across the moon. And the clock's hands are orange of course. But the nifty thing of it is, it chimes on the hour. After adding the 3 AAA batteries in the back battery encasing, I could set the chimes by pushing and holding it down --in five different intervals. There are four different chimes. But, not all at once...each hour the chime is different. One is a witch cackling, another is wolves howling, and another is distant bongs, while the fourth chime is cats fighting! Awesome!!! And fun.

This is a small resin Victorian style shoe that I found at the Dollar Store [one of many around the city]. I immediately saw "Witch" with it. So, I bought two. Proceeded to take them home and start a little painting project to make them colorful with Halloween colors.

Since the trim was already black, I took orange acrylic and started painting. When they were completed, I thought the orange was just a bit drab and I thought it needed a finishing touch to make them a bit more 'glossy'. So I grabbed my trusty paint brushes just for craft projects, and took out the gloss finish for acrylic paints. The bottle I have has diamond dust added to it. So, as I brush on the gloss finish, there are also sparce areas that glisten with sparkles....

...and this is one of the finished pieces.

- - -

It's all Halloween.
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Two slide shows that will open in separate windows...

The first is HERE.

The second is HERE.

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a GHOSTLY, ghoulish, fun Night!!!!

~...end Show and Tell
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Below are the Halloween Treats I've handed out the whole month of October, AND another gift I received in snail mail this week. PLUS there is a Halloween Bash going on at Pea's Corner.

I received this sweet, sweet gift from Pea at Pea's Corner this week! Isn't she the most precious cutie pie? I love it!!! Thanks so much. I'm ecstatic with her...she now flies over our dining room table! I can't tell you how pleased your generosity was felt over the miles!----you were so kind! I LOVE it!!

---But, if you didn't get one of my treats through the Month of October, and you want one, they're all here today for you to grab!! If you did, and you'd prefer a different one OR ALL...they're yours ---

- - -

I dropped by today and had a few drinks and some Halloween Treats at Pea's Halloween Bash 2008!!

Mary at Mary's Writing Nook handed out treats today. Sweet!!! Thank you.

...and, storyteller has BOOED! me. I just can't get enough Halloween, ya know! This is a fun idea.


  1. it's truly lovely the time and effort you've put into halloween!!! hope you have a good time today!!! btw, that clock is something special i think.

  2. Anonymous10/31/2008

    It's been fun watching your Halloween productions, they are so great and creative!!
    Your finds are also awesome, love that clock!
    Best witches to you too, have a spooky Halloween, bwaaahahahah!

  3. I adore your creativity! Thanks for sharing. I've picked up two of them and am going to post them momentarily.

  4. Happy Halloween, Anni! Thanks again for my treat - I've displayed it proudly all month long!

    I put my motion-activated spooky door plaque on the front door last night - it says something different each time it's set off - scared the crap out of the pizza delivery guy last night - LOL! I'm really in the mood, now!

    Have a great day!

  5. You really have tons of stuff in your home! I whish I could make some in my own........

  6. Happy Halloween!!

    What a cute post...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments about my re-do on the fan!


  7. I love the Halloween clock !! That's really nice !
    Today I go with my friend to the Atomium in Brussels, there should be a Haloween parade ! I hope so then I will take pictures !

  8. Cute clock! I have never seen (or heard) one like that! It's obvious you have an artistic eye! I have seen you recreate several items now into something totally different and unique!

    I have my S&T up, it's an homage to the Ghosts of Jack-o-Lanterns past!

  9. You really are the Queen of Halloween, Anni! I love the clock and the way you describe the various sounds when it chimes.

  10. Love the shoe,you are so creative.
    Have a great Halloween...:)

  11. Love what you did with that shoe to make it more Halloweeney! What a great find that clock is! Great decorations!


  12. I looooove that Halloween clock! How CUTE that it has those chimes! If I were a Halloween person, I would HAVE to have that! And I love YOUR version of those Victorian shoes much better than the original! GOOD thinking!

    HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN, M'dear! The witching hour is almost upon you! ENJOY it to the max!!!

  13. Oh are so ready for tonight, aren't you? fun, fun!!

  14. I am not much for Halloween, but I think that clock is adorable. What a deal! Enjoy your Halloween!!

  15. I LOVE all your Halloween decor, especially the shoe with the "make-over!"

  16. I Love your new sign. I hope you have a bewitching Halloween. You've decorated your place your place just right.

  17. Anni,

    What a delightful Halloween Bash. I'm glad that I decided to drop over. Thank you for being such a great host. I certainly enjoyed the videos. Happy Halloween, my friend.


  18. PS. I love the gift that Pea sent to you and those boots you painted are perfect.

  19. How fun! I checked out the slide shows :) I love Halloween too! You've got so many great things. I love the shoes you painted. That's a really good idea!

  20. WOW! I'm just amazed how you repaint stuff!!! That orange is perfect, cute clock, and LOVE THE SIGN!!! Happy Halloween to you!!!

  21. Anonymous10/31/2008

    Happy Halloweenie you ghoulish gal!
    All your decor is awesome!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too. If you'd like some copies of the pages in the program from Phantom, I'd be happy to send you some. I've only seen two shows, both in Philly. The other was CATS.
    The Secret Gardener

  22. Thank you for stopping by. Also, I LOVE your new witch's boot. It is AWESOME.

    Also, I wanted to remember and tell you that I once saw the Sundance Kid in Provo, Utah, years ago when I was going to school there. I was leaving an Albertsons grocery store down the canyon from Sundance ski resort. Redford was walking into the store. He had on a poncho and was driving a sports car. He looked over at me like he thought I might recognize him and would say hi, but I was too shy, so I looked away. He was shorter than I had expected.

    I also saw him on the roof of his mother-in-law's house on 4th of July in 1980. He was sitting there watching the parade go down Center street. I took a picture of him, but he is really tiny in it, because I was all the way across the street from him.

    Anyway, those are my Sundance Kid sightings.

    Have a fun and funny Halloween!

  23. Happy Halloween Dear Anni! I hope you have a fun Day! I have a fun time passing out all the candy to the little ones who come by!! Hugs Grams

  24. Ooooo, it was "scaare-wee" (as my grandson used to say!

    The shoes you made are really cute!


  25. Hey Anni!

    Love your decor. This also just proves you don't have to go somewhere fancy to find fun holiday decor! I love the Dollar Store. :)

    Happy Halloween!


  26. WOW!!!!! What great Halloween decorations! And my husband thinks I decorate a lot!



  27. OOHH I love your Halloween boots...sign all so cute!!! good Idea to turn them witchy!! so love them!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Halloween!!!!

  28. Fun stuff all. I see you are transitioning to Thanksgiving. You are so with the graphics. Can't wait to see what you do for the rest of November and in December.

  29. Hello, I love the finished product with the shoes. They're so cute and just right for your favorite Holliday.

  30. My, you are so talented!

  31. Hi Anni,

    I just love your finds, especially the clock. That would be one I would probably leave up all year, lol.

    We had a nice trip, but I'm glad to be home.

    Happy Halloween to you. Have a good weekend.

  32. storyteller10/31/2008

    You are one AMAZINGLY creative and ‘ghoulish gal’ …(witchy woman?)… anyway I love your new finds and enjoyed your Halloween parties all over again. I’m curious about how you did the nifty Photobuck slide show thing and wonder where you STORE all this stuph during the rest of the year? Thanks also for the link to A Fanciful Twist … the review of your Halloween parties and for offering us ALL of your wonderful Halloween treats! Those are holiday decorations I’ll store for NEXT October for sure. And now I’m off to Pea’s Halloween Bash … just because ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  33. Happy Halloween and very Boo to you.

  34. Happy Halloween to you too dear Anni:-) I so enjoyed the slideshows...I can't get over all the Halloween decorations you have, they're all fabulous!! Wish I could pick up Mary and make our way to your place to see it all in person! hehe Leave it to you to have a witch clock as well! lol

    I'm so glad you like the little witch I got for you...and of course the card just HAD to have a witch on it:-)

    Love what you did with the shoe, you're so creative!!!

    I'm now on my way to visit Mary...the trick or treaters have finally stopped coming (it's past 9:30!!!) so I'm now free to blog again! hehe xoxo

  35. On person's trash is another person's treasure! That's the secret to life ... or one of them.

  36. I had fun, fun, fun like I always do here my friend.

  37. Love the shoes! Great Halloween decorating!

  38. You have an amazing collection of Halloween decorations! Love your clever show painting project, Anni!

  39. I love what you did with those boots...too cute! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. We did with lots of candy. :0)