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Photo Hunt category this week: "LAZY"

[for more clarity, enlarge photos!]

These photos just remind me of lazy --lazily stretched out and eating my stuff!!

Today, the theme for the Photo Hunt is "Lazy"....golly, just as last week when I said I 'don't do sad' if I can help it...well, this week, I try not to be lazy either. Tho I don't work outside the home any longer, I don't consider myself lazy, and to find something that depicts lazy was truly a challenge to say the least. I got my brain cells in high gear for this one!! So, what to do for this prompt? :::shrug::: Can I say, your guess is as good as mine? Yes? Okay then, I didn't have a clue as to what to find. We have a pecan tree in the front yard, the other day I spied this creature...he was perched, stealing my stuff!!!

When I first spied him, he was taking my pecans! He was miraculously 'lounging lazy-like' on one of the thinnest branches of my crepe myrtle...chomping away! How dare he take my prized nuts [laugh at that expression all you want, it was intended to 'sound just like I typed it!]. Then, I clicked the shutter button on the camera, and before I could blink an eye, he was back up in the pecan tree....

He ended up going back out on another branch and grabbing some more, then came back down into the lowest crotch of the branches, and chipped off the outer skin of the pecan, with pieces flying all over the place! He finally got his fill and.....

....he then acted lazy for some time before leaving finally. He napped a while before making his exit. And as you can see by his positioning, just what he thought of ME..."Your nuts? Ha... my furry arse!!!"

~...end Photo Hunt
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And finally, the Halloween Treats:

All righty then, for today's trick or treaters, I've started using this new 'treat' for the week. I'm handing them out for commentors to my blog who leave ME treats this month with their kind words. Don't be dismayed, I plan on handing them out daily. Only take them if your name appears for the day---

So, check back often, you're name may show up here!
To begin my traditional fun, as I love Halloween, today the trick 'r' treaters are:


And the treat this week will be:

When your name appears above, if you'd like to save this, click on it to'll then be able to grab the treat and run! Happy October, Happy Halloween.


  1. Cute pictures. I think squirrels are very funny. They sure do laze around though, don't they?

  2. Creative post once again. I'd wanna steal your pecans as well! Happy Weekend to you! :)

  3. Cute post sweetie.

  4. Wow, I've never seen a pecan tree for real (nor a squirrel for that matter--not too many of them here I imagine), and you actually have your own! Cool entry btw, I always look forward to your take on the theme. Take care now!

    Oh and thanks for the treat, I think it's really clever... I really appreciate it. :)

  5. Gday Dear Anni. My banksia rose is the same as yours named after "LADY BANKS".. OHH If I lived nearby would like s few of your fresh Pecans...The Squirrel do's look so lazy and resting ater his big feed of nuts..
    Have a good weekend.{{{HUGS}}}

  6. That squirrel sure told you!! LOL Too funny! You would have laughed at me today...I had gone to feed the stray kitty this morning and was sitting on the ground watching her when I looked up and the squirrel was above my head on a branch, protesting quite loudly at the cat. He then proceeded to throw pinecones at me! lol Little bugger!

    Congratulations to your treat winners:-) xoxo

  7. I've got a pair of those! Squirrels, I mean. :-)
    Except mine are so lazy, they'd rather raid my bird feeders than look for their own food. Hmmph!

    Come over and meet JJ, won't you?

  8. Anonymous10/11/2008

    Oh, that squirrel didn't plan on meeting you, lol! defending your prized nuts :)
    Funny take on the theme, Anni, have a great weekend !

  9. That's lazy squirrel he dares to steal your nuts, why he can't plant his own tree..Lazy..Happy Saturday.

  10. Lazy indeed! LOL

    I enjoyed the short story that went the photos very much! Thanks for the chuckle esp on that last pic... :-)

    Happy weekend!

  11. what a cute squirrel. don't be too angry, he's just popping in for a take-away...

  12. I love looking at squirrels, we don't have them over here! :)

  13. Anonymous10/11/2008

    I can't imagine you are ever lazy, Anni.

  14. seems like you have a new "friend" :D

  15. Haha, that's funny!Squirrels are so cute, but very naughty too!

  16. Those are great photos! Not easy to catch someone who moves that fast. The first pictures certainly make him look lazy!

  17. What do you mean lazy squirrel? I bet he had to check all around to find someone who was offering free pecans for the taking. At least he was friendly enough to give you that little 'thank you' wave with his tail upon leaving.

    (Thanks for the visit and comments earlier - glad you liked the post)

  18. at least he has the zest to jump from a tree to another... and rest after that activity.. what a cute animal a squirrel is..

  19. His(?) balance looks precarious.

    Thanks for dropping by my site, and happy weekend to you, too!

  20. That squirrel doesn't look lazy at all ! I am never lazy, I just don't have the courage to do something, that's very different ! lol !

  21. What a life! Just go steal someone's nuts off their tree!

    Too Cute!

    Here's mine

  22. Annie, you tickle me! That is a great take on the theme although I doubt if the squirrle thought he was being lazy -- My dad had a big problem with squirrles and when he was trying to rid his home of them in a humane manner the neighbors kept sabataging his traps. He was just catching them to take to the park on the other side of town. Anyway, you once again made me smile. Have a great weekend.

  23. Squirrels are funny. I was going to call them lazy, but then I realized that I get my food delivered to me every single day. I don't even have to open the can myself!

  24. Well, he has some nerve! Amazing that you caught him in the act! Great photos for The Hunt, Anni!

  25. My squirrels are definitely not lazy right now, but I expect they soon will be...

    I did Photo Hunters today, too! If you have time, pay me a visit and leave your link. :)

  26. Anni,

    Love the photos of the squirrel and your commentary. LOL How nice to have a pecan tree in your yard.

    The squirrels in this area are gathering nuts for the winter. We saw quite a few while we were away, but they were too fast for my camera and certainly weren't lazy.

    Have a great weekend and do something you enjoy.


  27. Haha what a cheeky fellow! Happy weekend

  28. Wonder if he would shell some for us?
    ~ Bob and Patrick

  29. Anni,

    I just sent you an email.

  30. You do always manage to come up with ‘creative ideas’ for these weekly activities. I struggled with this topic and almost skipped this week … until creating my Camera Critters post this morning … so mine’s at Small Reflections for a change and it looks like the correct link might actually show up here.
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. Squirrles can be so comical (when they aren't eating my wood patio furniture).

  32. I guess if we stop moving we're consider lazy and it probably the same for the animal kingdom

  33. hi anni, i'm back with my entry , thanks for the treat it's so nice of you too.
    cute little creature but sometimes got irritating huh?lol Happy weekend.
    mine is up here hope you got time again to visit.

  34. hahaha! that's very funny! it's great thing to capture those moments...they're just so good & quick about stealing, lol!

  35. Naughty squirrel...leave Anni's nuts alone. They're the only ones she's got! (Smirk)

  36. Hi Anni. That squirrel knows to take advantage of good resources. :)

  37. That's a very cute take on lazy Anni!

  38. Hmm. Lazy? Myabe. Or maybe just a very industrious thief!!

  39. Thank you very much for the wonderful Halloween treat. You are such a sweetie and a very clever blogger to boot. Keep up the fun! Take care of yourself. Love, Faith

  40. Tsk tsk, that squirrel has SOME nerve!

  41. Thanks for the treat, I took the ghost image for my blog!