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List three things from any category

I guess my 'category' is Co-inky-dink.

Hmmmm, this gives me an opportunity to talk about 1a] Yogi Bera's "Yogisms". My favorite is Déjà vu all over again. And then, a terminology I learned listening to 1b] Alan Thicke's comedy routine. His phraseology is "What a co-inky-dink".

Now being that I have number 1a and 1b; it's all to get to the subject matter of my 'list' of three things entirely; including as one 'co inky dink'.

Number 2 would be: "Do you ever have a sense of looking at someone and swear you've seen the face before? And can't place a name with the face?" Well, I did - this past week. When the Republican Presidential 'nominee' John McCain announced to the nation and to the world this past week who he selected for his running mate in November, I saw the face. And I kept saying "She looks like somebody". [and I added 'somebody evil' --but in a mocking, satirically, witty way.] And it has been gnawing at my mind for days! Last night, in bed [I seem to think better when I'm wide awake waiting for sleep to come to me, and it doesn't for a while. In the dark, and all's quiet with the outside world.] I kept visualizing her face and trying to connect it to the 'other' face. Who IS this other woman with no name? I've seen her before. Is it out on the street that I saw her? Is she a tennis player? Is she a movie star? Was she on TV? TV.....hmmmm, YES! The 'other face' came to me!!

I think they could very well be twins...or at least sisters. What do you think?

Number 3 [mouseover captions] I think this ties into the two ONES I listed...Déjà vu AND co-inky-dink [coincidence], and my TWO - trying to place a name with the face---


  1. I agree with the Karen Walker look-a-like thing! I saw Palin for the first time yesterday and was like she looks really familiar. Glad to see I'm not the only one to see the similarities. :) Thanks for sharing this Tuesday.

  2. Gahhhhhh!!!! They could be twins :) I see this as sorta kinda funny lol! But I'm Canadian so I'll stay out of it. Fun HOT day entry Anni :)

  3. you know that is freaky when i was reading your story i thought deja vu, then i read you said it at the bottom! very spooky! i think that must be it

    I have 2 hots this week at my site sites if you have time to pop by, or just pop by the one lol :)

  4. Thanks for the information which we of course really need here. We live inland but not a long way. i don't know just how many miles for sure. I do know that we live with 75 ft. tall pine trees all around us. They sway in just small amounts of wind and their roots do not go deep. We get a lot of rain and with the wind I really would not want to be here for that. We are keeping a close eye on Hanna...believe me. I think an inland camping trip would be a great idea...Thanks again..I appreciate it a lot. Sandy

  5. I bet the VP nominee really has a black eye over her teenage daughter.

  6. Bless you sweetie.

  7. I've never watched the TV show so wasn't familiar with the actress, but the women really do favor a lot.

    We ended up eating at a restaurant in our local mall. It's called Shorty Small's and I know it's a chain, but I have no idea how widespread the restaurants are. You may have them there in TX for all I know.

    Expensive for the type of food and the amount of food you get (about $35 for me and Lamar) and not my first choice, but majority rules and I was out voted. It was a'ight, nothing special.

    Hope most of the weather from the hurricane misses y'all. We may get some rain off it later in the week after it weakens and gets farther inland. Too early to call yet.

    Have a great rest of your week! :-)

    Love and hugs,


  8. Hi Dear Anni, can't place a name with the face
    Oh my this happens to me We call it a senior moment here... Lol
    I used to be very good putting a name to a face, but at bowls we meet so many from other clubs all know each other in uniform but alas out of uniform another story..take care my friend

  9. Interesting thoughts.

    Mine is up.

  10. Very interesting! I think the actress pictures and Sara Palin do look a lot alike!

  11. "Yogi Bera's "Yogisms" - Déjà vu all over again." I love this saying, we use it all the time around our house. Co-inky-dink is another I use to use all the time, totally forgot about that one until I came to visit you. Another thing we have in common is Achmed - Love that guy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and also for adding me to Bloggers over 50.

    I have enjoyed my visit to your site, already have you bookmarked for return visits. I also borrowed your bookworm graphic, of course I will credit you when I use it.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. Anni,

    Enjoyed your post and yes, the two do look quite a bit alike.

    Palin is in the news here. The scandal hit our news channels shortly after McCain announced her as his choice for VP. There's nothing sacred in politics. The media seems to try to find some dirt on everybody. First it was Obama, now Palin. Why don't they just concentrate on the political side of things and leave these poor people be?

    Blessings for a great week.

  13. I'm also like that. Just when I am about to rest, the one thing that kept bugging me would suddenly become clear. And so sometimes, I'd end up shouting: "Aha!". LOL!

    Thanks for visiting! Happy HOTs!

  14. Wow! I thought she looked familiar as well and now that you mention it.. I agree!!!

  15. She reminds me of our past congress women Helen Chenworth (I know there a good chance that spelling is wrong)
    But she was killed in car wreak anyhow maybe she return and is now running for VP.
    Anyhow for an Idaho congress person for republican she didn't do that bad. We have had a lot worst.

    If you get a moment stop on it and coffee is on.

  16. Hi Anni, Did you make it safe through the hurricane?? We are watching Hannah coming this way on Friday...For a # 1 , I will not leave town; for a # 2, I would go to my daughter's house in Atlanta..You never know where the hurricane will hit until the last moment..

    I think the two women look like twins... they say that we all have a person who looks like us somewhere....Enjoy your day. Hugs,, Baba

  17. Yes they do look a lot alike! I am glad that you all are ok! The next one is headed (maybe) for Sandy's and Baba's. Maybe it won't be as bad as they say. I sure hope not. Blessings, Grams

  18. Amazing. I don't watch that particular show but the images sure resemble one another!

  19. You are right they look a lot alike.

  20. Hehehe, yep, they do look similar, definitely.

  21. haha,yes, they do look similar! i often get that 'hey, i know her, she looks like *somebody*' feeling... and i'm usually wrong! oops!

  22. Hi Annie -- that is a great post. I also think she looks a little like Tina Fey with glasses on.