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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Gattina is our gracious hostess this week for Fun Monday. And I love her challenge this week. For two reasons. It's simple. AND I get a chance to see where others usually do their blogging!!!

So, here goes:

Left photo: Just inside the doorway of the computer room slash library is a narrow bookshelf with two miniature flags [United States Navy -blue one, and the United States Marine Corps -red one.] Also, on the wall is a Navy Seal blanket.
Right photo: The TV cabinet - and hidden in the cupboards of the cabinet are all my genealogy books/folders/albums etc. On the shelves you see knick knacks and photos of my son in his USMC uniform [and a gold music box of the USMC eagle globe and anchor -which naturally plays the USMC's "From the Halls of Montezuma" - the Marine's Hymn] and a photo of Irene, Clint and me from years ago. Smaller photos of my kids at Christmas too.

My flat screen monitor set on my blog page. [clever, huh?]

To the right of my computer/keyboard, on the desk, sitting on a mirror is my birthstone geode I found while rock hunting...amethyst - and a snowglobe mermaid.

Behind my desk chair...shelves and shelves of books. From ceiling to floor!

A collection of mermaids are perched on shelves just above my desk.

To the left of my computer, on the desk with me, is a photo of my mother at the age of 16....and me and Bud on our wedding day. On the wall to my left is none other than Captain Jack Sparrow!!! And a framed art print of a clipper ship.

Woodland Mama hosting next week.


  1. Anonymous9/01/2008

    Oh, what fun to blog under Jack Sparrow's charming smile and look !!

  2. What fun! I enjoyed seeing where all your creativity comes alive!

  3. brilliant - it's interesting seeing where everyone blogs!!

  4. WOW! You like to read. Fantastic blogging space, thanks for sharing

  5. Tell your son, Thank You !
    Love your space and especially that wall of books. Have you read them all and which one was your favorite? Are they in any kind of order? If so, what?
    O-o-o-o! Jack Sparrow. **swampy drools**

  6. Dang, chica! You have a few books!!! And I thought I had alot...WOW! Love the shelving from floor to ceiling. That's great.

    Oh, and Jack Sparrow...ok, I think I just want to trade houses with you!

  7. What a cosy place ! Mr. Gattino has this kind of shelves in his room, also from top to bottom. Isn't it interesting to see our blogfriend's blogspots ?

  8. LOVE all of the books! Great "thoughtful" spot to blog!

  9. What a collection and you are a Hoot.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog - and for recognizing my senior state of mind!

    It has always been my dream to have floor-to ceiling bookshelves, but my library has been converted into my art studio. Now my bedroom bookshelves are overflowing!

    umm, if you can dust mermaids, you can dust Santa's! lol! Besides, that's what feather dusters are for, right? A swish here, a swish there...

    Love your blog. and, oh, I'm an AF brat - lived in NB, TX, just about every state! Thanks to your family!


  11. Anni,
    I love the floor to ceiling books behind you. Fabulous!! Hope you are safe and sound down there in Texas!!

  12. and last but not least JACK SPARROW.
    I had a host of house sparrows yesterday attacking my expensive finch feed -- and that is exactly what I thought... Jack Sparrow. How funny.
    Your space is so very den-ish. Like the ones in the 50's shows. I even think I smell leather polish.

  13. Anonymous9/01/2008

    Very nice! I have shelves like that in our living room and would put more in the den if I had room! I love all the mermaids too, very cute!

  14. Anni,

    Wow! Your computer room/library is beautiful. I have a lot of books and really need to get more book shelves. I have them stacked in places they shouldn't be because I've filled all of the bookcases. Of course I'll have more room when the guys get that big entertainment unit down from upstairs. It will be nice to have more space.

    Love all of your goodies. You have a lovely home.


  15. I knew you would be neat and well organised, you put me to shame LOL

  16. Wow. You have so many photos for your post. Your room is so neat and organised.... luckily I didn't show my study room. :P I would be embarrassed.

  17. How fun to see your nifty blogging space ... I love the photos of Jack Sparrow on the wall ;--)
    Mine's up at Small Reflections ... finally. I hope you're not in the path of this latest storm. Watching the weather this morning makes me grateful I live where I do, but I'm praying for all those affected.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. I love your computer!! I love the other stuff too, looks good! Now when I read your blog, I will imagine where you are sitting! I am having a hard time with leaving a comment where the comments have been set up this way, it keeps on telling me I have illegal characters

  19. Your page is lovely. Have a wonderful day!

  20. Wow, you blog surrounded by so much lovely stuff. Wonderful.

  21. Looks very wonderful as well as peaceful. :o)

  22. Okay so now we know where you blog and where you spend a lot of your time right?? smile!! Nice to hear from you today!! I am wanting to leave here but others are saying that a #1 is nothing to worry about..guess they are not me...Hope you had a great weekend.

  23. Ok, I'm totally envious of all your books and shelves to put them on! Cool!

    I love Karen! Hadn't really thought of comparing her to Palin though. :)

  24. So, I'm guessing Bud knows about this other guy, Jack????

  25. I love your space Anni....I would love to peruse your library some day!!

  26. Wow what a boss computer! No wonder you can create such an ever changing blogspot Anni. How revealing our blog spaces are. You, obviously, are a woman of many talents and interests.

    I hope you weather Gustav without great harm to you or your home. Will check back in in the next day or so to see how you fared--give us an update, if you can.

  27. Ok you got me at the birthstone/anode! Beautiful! Everything else just went blurry! LOL! I love my crystals, what can I say?

  28. Thanks for sharing, I love it all sweetie.

  29. Anonymous9/02/2008

    Anni, I love your bloggin' space. It's very inspiring.

    You've been tagged.

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    1. Link the person who tagged you.
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