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This photo was taken on one of our trips, when we were either on our way up to the Grand Canyon or on our way to see the aspen trees change or somewhere [LOL]...we went too many times to recall just when and on what trip...I can't remember. But I do recall pulling off the 'road' to get a picture of this because Erik is a former Marine Corporal of USMC. And their mascot is a bull dog. The logo you see a lot is "Chesty" the bull dog...and along with this you see the term Devil Dog. The Marines are sometimes called the Devil Dogs. At the time I thought it was cool......

Devil Dog Road
circa about 1998 or so

- - -

Chesty the Marine Bull Dog


And an update on Erik and Houston.

Erik just got back to Houston yesterday afternoon, and his auto and house are okay... YAY!! I was worried to a frazzle that his house was broken into and stuff stolen. He said it stinks like nothing he's ever smelled before...a week of no power and his frozen foods rotted....His car [another thing I was worried about] ---it's an expensive model! ---was okay. He said some water seepage can be seen inside on the carpets of the car's floor and the back leather seats are water damaged...[I imagine he left a window open a crack for heat combustion, not knowing a storm like Ike was heading to Houston] but everything is okay. Still no power in his complex/zip code. But has running water. ---I couldn't get anyone that could get in there to check the area while he was out of the country...they needed IDs to get in the gated community. [it was patrolled heavily I guess] I'm relieved.


  1. I rather drive away and find another road when I see this signboard...hehehe...

    p/s: thanks for stopping by my PH earlier :)

  2. Anonymous9/20/2008

    What an unusual name for a road! Hope your weekend is going well. :)

  3. Haha what a great name for a road! Err it's not Chesty down that road? I jett of course. He does look fearsome! Have a great weekend

  4. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Nice to see a road name rather than tarmac.

  5. I'm wondering if there's an evil cat's road nearby? :P
    Happy weekend!

  6. Anonymous9/20/2008

    wonderful road story - glad to hear things have settled a bit in your area of the world. Have a great weekend.

  7. An interesting name for a road. (And FWIW, had toyed with the idea of doing a Photo Hunt entry for this week of roads with interesting names! :b)

  8. what a groovy road! :) makes you wonder what these roads were named was there a devil of a dog who got run over? or...a tribute to the best hot dog?? haha! have a great weekend!

  9. You've a rather different take on "road" - fun!

    I'm glad you weathered the - er - weather!

  10. thanks for the visit hootin' anni. first nice to hear that eric's properties are generally fine.

    next, you got some quick eye there for spotting some funky named street and even quicker reflexes for having snapped a shot.

  11. Anonymous9/20/2008

    What a great find on the road sign!

  12. Anonymous9/20/2008

    That's a fun take on the theme!! I didn't know about the Marines being called like that. Nor did I know about Chesty ...!
    Great find and sign :)

    Feeling sorry for Erik but at least these are "only" material damages....

  13. Good morning Anni, a cool shot of this road sign..thanks for sharing and I am glad the news was not so bad for Erik... things can be replaced..have a super day, hugs.. Baba

  14. Does the dog have horns?

  15. Anni,

    I like your photo hunt and have always loved the logo of the Marines.

    I'm glad that there wasn't much damage to Erik's house and car. I can't imagine the smell with all of that rotted food. However, that will pass. At least he has running water and I'm hoping the power is back on soon.

    Take care and have a great weekend.

  16. Anonymous9/20/2008

    so glad everything turned out ok other than the rotted meat

  17. the great thing about traveling is that you don't have to get to your destination to experience something interesting and out of the ordinary =] great pick for the week. all the best to you and yours =]

  18. Hello miss hoot, I love you blog. I was in Flagstaff in 1964 and had wanted to go back. We made the trip in 2005 by car, Pheonix, Sadonia, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Las Vages. It was a big trip since we started from south florida.

  19. Anonymous9/20/2008

    That is a good choice Annie thanks for commenting mine too.

  20. Go Marines! :) Good morning. Glad to hear things in Houston weren't too bad for the boy. Drop by I think you'll appreciate my take on *road*. Enjoy the weekend.

  21. I love it when we are traveling and find a sign that has a double meaning for us personally.

    Poor Erik. I am just imagining the smell of one week without power. The most we have gone without power here from a hurricane is 4 days, and we had a generator to keep the fridge and freezer cool.

    Thanks for traveling down the roads on Pollywog Creek, Anni. May the roads you travel this week be delightful!

  22. Fun shot for the theme. Definitely has a unique name for a road. Happy weekend.

  23. Anonymous9/20/2008

    thanks for commenting on the Irish road, and it's two miniature companions, I like your story about Chesty.

    Glad to hear that Eriks house and car are a-ok.

  24. Very ‘kewl’ take on this week’s theme. As I read I found myself thinking of a very bumpy ride (in the mid-1950s) with my family of origin to see the Devil’s Postpile (long before it was a developed National Site). Thanks for the update on Erik … I’m relieved that all’s essentially well at his place (except for the smell and spoiled food).
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. Anonymous9/20/2008

    It's still cool.

  26. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Hi Anni!
    Love your Devil Dog road sign! I'm really glad that Erik's found things as well as he did. Yuck I can only imagine the smell....

  27. Anonymous9/20/2008

    scary name for a road he he

  28. It's cool when photo's have a personal story/ connection behind them :)

  29. Well that is certainly good news for your son...It could have been a whole lot worse...Thanks for updating us..Sandy

  30. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Quite a weird road name!

  31. Anonymous9/20/2008

    It's been a while since I've been over here. I love your lay out, though. The colors are beautiful. :)

    I've never heard of this place. It'd be interesting to visit. We have lots of odd named places here...Bald Knob, & Weiner to name a few.

  32. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Thanks for stopping by! That's a neat take on the theme. Glad to hear Erik fared "decently" with the storm - my heart breaks for those with nothing left.

  33. Great "ROAD" sign - fun interpretation!

  34. Anonymous9/20/2008

    that's cool. Hubs is an ex-Marine too :)

  35. Glad to hear that your sons home and car was not too much damaged ! Being without electricity is a terrible thing and then for so long !
    Your road sign is funny, each time when I hear "Flagstaff" I remember when we spent a night there after 200 miles through the desert with thunderstorms above us ! Geez ! that was terrible !

  36. I think it would be cool to live on a road named Devil Dog Road rather than the boring street name we have.

    Glad to hear Erik faired fairly well with the storm. The bad thing is that smell is so hard to get rid of. Let's hope for the best and mostly for power.

    (Thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments)

  37. Devil Dog road...very cool, and cool story behind it! My grandfather is an ex-Marine!

    I'm glad Erik didn't have too much damage! Ike has been horrible and so widespread!

  38. Seems like we have all sort of road name in this world. But does that road lead to jungle? If so I would not take it :P happy weekend. :D

  39. I used to live IN Phoenix (years ago) and have seen that road!

  40. Great take on the theme "road" today. And what wonderful news about your son's place!

  41. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Cool road and thank you for the update on Erik.

  42. Interesting choice for photohunt.

    Drop by to see my bridge over the road

  43. Anonymous9/20/2008

    belle façon d'illustrer ce challenge

  44. I am glad things were not any worse at your son's home. But it sounds bad enough! The smell alone would get me down. Yuck! Blessings, Grams

  45. Anonymous9/20/2008

    How great to find a road that has a special meaning for you! I don't recall that ever happening to me.

    Thanks for visiting mine earlier :)

  46. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Isn't it funny the associations we notice? The Flagstaff area is lovely, so I'm sure you had all kinds of reasons to go there.

    Glad to hear everything's okay for your loved ones in Houston.

  47. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Great photo and a great story! And blessings to your family.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Hi Anni,

    I hope you are having a good day. Nice photo for today's Photo Hunt and nice story behind the picture.

    I am thankful that the damage to Erik and Houston's belongings are not any worse than they are. The smelly house is bad but things could have been so much worse.

    They took up money at our church to help those folks in Texas who were in the path of the storms.

  50. Great Shot! Happy Weekend!

  51. Great shot for our theme! Thanks for dropping by. Always enjoy your visits. (makes Saturdays much more fun.) Happy Hunting H.A.!

  52. Anonymous9/20/2008

    That road looks exciting :) Devil Dog Road

    Thank God your son is ok.

  53. I can imagine how relieved you are! Good news !!

  54. Anonymous9/21/2008

    Love the sign!!

    Have a good day.

  55. great entry for this week. And loving the halloween look!!!

  56. Devil Dog Rd interesting name, seems like a Beware Of Dog sign for the entire rd.

  57. Sorry to hear Erik effected by Hurricane, no matter what the damage not a pleasant thing to return home to.

  58. Very different name for a road! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

  59. Anonymous9/22/2008

    Is there any devil dog there? ;p Very interesting name.

  60. My son wants to be a Marine. I can relate to all the bull dog stuff. Nice shot. :)

  61. that's a cool road sign! am glad everything was ok when erik got home :-)

  62. Hi Anni. That's an interesting name for a road.


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