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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

As I told our hostess at Dungaree's Ablaze when I signed up for the Fun Monday, around here, now that our kids are gone and out on their own, birthdays are just another day. I do remember one time quite a while ago, when Bud turned 50 I had a pizza party. I secretly invited all his co-workers and we had reserved three huge tables ---the LONG kind of tables that seat 30 ---Anyway, pizza and beer was the hot item, and there was entertainment. LOL [The big gorilla, on stage with his cronies --I remember what the name of the pizza parlor is, it's not Chucky Cheese, but real similar; SHOWBIZ PIZZA. Anyway, Bud was enjoying himself with all his buddies and having a great time until the Gorilla sang happy birthday to him upon my request; along with jeers and cheers from everyone in the restaurant that night including his co-workers. That was a mistake, BIG mistake. So, from that point birthday celebrations!!! He'll never let me forget what I did to embarrass him. Awwwww, poor man.

But, I wanted to share the two photos I just scanned for this meme - of gifts that were given to our kids when they had the actual BIRTH day. What makes them so special is that the 'sock' monkeys were hand sewn and given to our kids by Bud's Grandmother...Irene's and Erik's GREAT Grandmother. Now, written on the back of these photos has ages...5 for Irene and 2 for Erik. That would be 1974; Great Grandmother was born in 1890 so that would have made her nearing 85! She lived to be 106. And to this day, dear ol' Hootin' Anni, still has in her possession the TWO sock monkeys!!

Erik named his Monkey "Bananas"
[his version of speech at the time was "Mabammas, meaning bananas of course"]

...and Irene named hers Peanut!

Our Fun Monday hostess for next week ¿Here?

* * *

And on another note about monkeys. Our son, Erik, loved to build things with tinker toys and legos. He'd sit in front of the TV at night while it was on, and really be concentrating on what he was building. And all the time we thought he wasn't paying any attention to the program itself. Until one night we stood corrected....National Geographic was always something we watched while the kids were still up; awake. And we happened to be watching a special on wild animals. The narrator spoke of their inbred instincts. All of a sudden, just out of the blue, this little boy of ours said:
"I know what stinks. Monkey stink...right Bamammas?"

I so wanted to laugh outloud, but withheld my laughter....he was so serious!!


A good online friend shared this with me the other day, and after I read it, I wanted to pass this wisdom on to those who stop by and read my blog ---

ALWAYS REMEMBER : Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


  1. That's funny ! I almost did the same on Mr. Gattino's 50th birthday. I pretended that I had forgotten his birthday the whole day and suggested to go out eating chinese in the evening and when we arrived in the restaurant all our friends where there ! That was quite a surprise for him and he was very happy !

  2. Surprise!! no , I don't like suprise birthday parties. But I would have loved some pizza, he he.
    Love the sock monkeys and that piece of wisdom, just lovely.

  3. Wow those sock monkeys look great. I have seen a few made this year and they are nowhere near as fancy as these ones! How lucky the kids were to receive them.

  4. Such cute sock monkeys, thanks for sharing.

  5. Pizza and beer, but no wild dogs??? If you had the wild dogs, I bet he wouldn't have gotten so upset ;)

  6. Annie, I am sure those sock monkeys are treasures of you kids....We still have the quilt that TF's grandmother quilted for us. It was woren out from wear, but I can't get rid of it. Loved the quote.

  7. He,he. I bet Bud's party was HYSTERICAL! How very fun and thoughtful of you!

    The sock monkey's are too cool as is the story behind Great Grandma and the thrill of her longevity!

  8. Those thoughtful, handmade presents are the best!!! Do your kids still have their monkeys?

  9. Those sock monkeys are precious. And, of course, the actual BIRTH days are the best. I guess that is why we celebrate all the rest of the days because of our birth.

    Too bad, Bud did not enjoy his special birthday although I can understand his reaction. May Bud and the rest of us have many more happy birthday.

  10. Ha! i love those sock monkeys! A friend of mine has a son who just adores them and has many of the "store-made" kind. Happy Monday!

  11. I love that you still have those special sock monkeys. What a wonderful toy. I think it is gifts like that that are so absolutely special. Nothing can replace a handmade, heartfelt gift. And those photos - obviously Bananas and Peanuts were well loved!

  12. Anni,

    The photos of Eric and Irene are treasures for sure, as are those beautiful sock monkeys. It's wonderful that you still have them and they had perfect names.

    I loved your closing. The words express what life is really all about. Have wonderful day.


  13. Awwwww... sweet pics of the kids with their monkeys! Bud is THAT shy, huh? And married to you! Poor man! LOL!

  14. I wouldn't mind a gorilla singing happy birthday to me, especially after Pizza and beer.

  15. We used to have those stuffed monkeys too..Pierre and FIFI were ours. I would keep those as long as i could. I am sure that you will. How neat to still have them. That quote i have up here on my bulletin board above my computer..Great one. i love good quotes like that. hope your day goes great...

  16. Just trying to post a comment. This is a test. DUH!

  17. Hey those were pretty neat sock monkeys, with there own attire. Good thing Bud is in your family and not mine. Mine have claim it was my birthday when it wasn't and if they thought it would embarssed you they would do it all the more.

  18. I enjoyed your ‘birthday memories’ & photos but love the thought at the end! It’s one methinks I’ll jot down and post somewhere prominent in my environment (and perhaps pass along as a thought for the day).
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. I'm so glad you still have the sock monkeys. What a neat memory!

  20. Awwww poor Bud, didn't he realize having the gorilla sing Happy Birthday to him was the ultimate FUN??? lol Love the thought of a pizza and beer party for his 50th birthday! Wish I would have thought of that for mine! lol

    Those sock monkeys are so precious and have such wonderful memories connected with the fact that their great grandma made them for them when she was 85! Wow!

    Hope your week has started well, my friend. I've had a busy afternoon trying to catch up with everyone! lol What else is new. Sheesh! xoxo

  21. I will remember that for his 50th, I enjoyed reading the post

  22. What a wonderful story. How lovely that you still have those treasured sock monkeys.

  23. I love that quote! I've used it before in places.
    Bamamas is very cute and I love the sock monkeys.

  24. Love the sock monkeys and LOVE that grandma lived to be 106!

  25. Oh, Anni, I love those sock monkeys..they are just precious. I hope you still have them!! I also loved Bud's surprise party...what a party pooper he was!!