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NEWS: A small farming/agriculture area about 40+ miles north and east of where I grew up in the foothills of Colorado was ripped by a devastating tornado yesterday afternoon! I have a nephew and niece living there!! It's Windsor Colorado. I have yet to be able to get any connection with them. I got ahold of another nephew who lives about 15-20 miles from there, in Greeley Colorado. He, his wife and kids are okay. They got some damaging hail last night. But all's okay. I will continue trying to get in touch with the one who lives IN Windsor all day today. Hopefully, they're okay too.

[photos courtesy of KUSA and KMGH tv in Denver]


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Now, for the Show N Tell for the week - - -

I have a few of the bone china cardinals...which are my favorite 'song birds'. Here is what is sitting atop my dresser in the master bedroom:

[pardon the dust, I didn't realize it was time for company coming by!]

- - -

The one in the background to the center right back side of the above photo is one I particularly love. First off, it was given to me as a Christmas present years ago - from Bud! Secondly, it's a music box. When wound and set back down, the song playing is "I'd like to teach the world to perfect harmony!" As I love to sing myself, and the song is appropriate for the birds AND the season of winter and the theme for COKE during Christmas...I just love it. Here are some 'close-up photos' of this special one.

Music Box 'stand - alone'

A 'bird's eye view'!

Bottom. The key to wind...

"pull out the stopper on the wooden base..."

Mama Cardinal with food for the baby!!

~...end Show n Tell
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We went to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull --

It was pretty good! Not as good as the first or the 3rd of the series [in my opinion]......but much better than the 2nd. I liked it. The skull itself is quite recognizable as to where it's origins are...the shape, and the area where the movie begins, and the time frame. But, of course, you have to view the whole movie to make sure. And yes, it's from where you think!! [The part where they were sinking in sand...and his son [yes, we now know he has a son from the girl in the 1st one, Marion]...when his son goes off in the jungles to find something to help pull them out of the was a huge snake, and Indy doesn't like snakes if you've seen the other was funny....] I can sooooooo associate with his hatred/fear of snakes!! Enjoyable movie. It was really good to hear the theme song throughout the movie too. In a way, I guess I'm an "Indy follower" so it was like being with family? Dunno how to express that tho. OHHHHHHH, and beware, HUGE giant red ants!! How can I forget that? Creepy!!


  1. Anni,

    I just LOVE all of your cardinals but my favorite is the music box. It is so pretty and I can see why you love it so. A special gift from Bud. Enjoy!

    I'm not an action movie lover. In fact I watch very little tv and seldom watch movies anymore. I gave up because everytime I want to watch a show, something happens I only get to see part of it. However, hubby and I did watch Evan Almighty the other day and for once there were no interruptions.

    Hubby loves Indiana Jones and is dying to see this show. We will probably wait to see it when it comes out on DVD.

    Take care, my friend. Enjoy visiting. When you have a minute, drop by my blog and take a walk with Meeko and I. ;-)

    Have a great weekend and if you are gardening, please take photos.


  2. I love music boxes and this one is really pretty !
    I haven't seen this movie yet but I saw the others before on DVD I am not soo keen of these adventure things, but my men are !
    I am proud owner of a new Microwave, lol !

  3. Love your cardinals and I love music boxes!! that song is so beautiful, I will be singing that all morning :)

  4. I am so glad that your nephew and niece are safe, praise God. I love your cardinal collection, thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful Cardinals. These Tornado's are hitting everywhere it seems. Since we live in Tornado alley we are use to dealing with them but to have one hit in Colorado is very rare. I pray all your loved ones are safe.

  6. I love to listen to the cardinals! I have more this year hanging out at the feeder than before! I love the music box. I have one that is doves that plays "Sunrise, Sunset" from "Fiddler on the Roof"!

    We lived in Southern Colorado for 3 years before moving to Texas but I know where Windsor is. I will say a prayer for your nephew that all is well with them.

    We are supposed to go see Indy tonight with some friends of ours, Randy & Lynette. (I mentioned her in today's S&T.) I am going in with lower expectations, the previews alone didn't look so great! If I had never seen the first 3, I wouldn't go based on just the previews I have seen so far!

  7. Love your Cardinal Collection, beautiful. I have a few real cardinals visit my bird feeder each day, what a treat. Prayers to you and your nephew's family.

  8. I certainly hope you hear from your nephew and family soon. I'm sure your are very anxious about them

    My stepmother collects cardinals as well. She likes the ones from Lefton china. Your are very pretty!

    Thanks for sharing

  9. My prayers are with your family and the others who were hit by the tornadoes. Hope that you are soon able to get in touch with them!

    Love your cardinals! I like any bird figurines and they are very unique and pretty!

    Thanks for the preview of the Indiana Jones movies. My children want to go see it, and I am terrified of I think I will send my husband with them! ;)


  10. Wow! I've never seen such lovely colors. The china cardinals are gorgeous.

    Thank you for visiting my Field Lilies blog.

    I hope your family in Colorada is safe.

  11. Anni,

    I just popped back to comment on the tornado. Please let me know if you get in contact with your relatives who live in that area. Everyone who was touched by that tornado are in my prayers.


  12. Hi Annie,

    What beautiful cardinals! They look so real! Thanks for sharing them...

    Well, come on over - table is set, we will have lunch together! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. What a lovely collection you have. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope your relatives are all safe.

  14. Hi Annie, thanks for visiting again this morning. Boy, those tornados sure can do some damage. I have never been in one, although, have been in several close warnings.
    Your cardinals are beautiful. And don't you just love music boxes?
    Talk to you soon!

  15. I hope you get through to them soon and that they’re okay. The photos are amazing and it’s hard to imagine what’s happening all over the nation with our weird weather. I wrote about weather shifts in So Cal in my Haiku Friday post at Small Reflections this morning … it’s all so STRANGE! Enjoyed seeing your ‘Cardinal collection’ and hearing about the new ‘Indiana Jones’ film. My friends want to see ‘Sex in the City’ today but I’m not sure I care one way or the other.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Someday I'd love to see a real life cardinal as they aren't around here at all. Your collection is beautiful.
    I'm so very sorry to read of the devastation of your nephew's town..
    Thanks for your concern on the fires in CA. The biggest one is about 1 hour south of us and there was a smaller one yesterday about 15 miles away. The air is full of smoke today..

  17. We are going to try and see it this weekend. I haven't been to a movie in a long time, but this one I want to see for sure! Have a great holiday..:)

  18. We love cardinals at our house too. We have a large bird feeder that is shaped like a cardinal! We are always getting this gorgeous bird and his family too.
    I want to go see Indiana Jones too. i love them. A friend of mine got to go to the premiere in New York and was going to see Harrison Ford and the whole cast. That was a blast I bet.
    Love your new look. Sandy

  19. Love your cardinals. They are beautiful.

  20. The cardinals are just lovely - I would love to see a real one someday in our yard.

    My friend from Windsor and I were having lunch in Fort Collins, never dreaming that her town was being devastated. Our youth pastor's house was in the front page of the newspaper - - you can see the picture if you want to.

    I hope you've reached your nephew. I still haven't reached my friend. Amazing, horrible destruction. Scary close to home!

  21. Those "clod hopper" shoes of yours look so comfy!

    I hope your family is OK.

    Thanks for the visit.

  22. Anonymous5/24/2008

    What a beautiful cardinals! I love the color.


  23. love those cardinals, they are the state bird of my home state , Ohio! HOpe your nephew and family are ok. My mom's house got 'bumped' by a tornado several years ago. Scary, but she was fine and the house repairable.

  24. so pretty cardinals are my daughters favorite bird. Thanks for stopping by... it's been a while since I have been around.. good to see ya again... until next time, Mica

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your cardinals are lovely! :-)

  26. Cardinals may be my favorite kind of bird...I love them! Your figurines are beautiful!