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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

edition #58

This week, for Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to do a theme of my own making. I just read on the Thursday Hub that my gross theme made 3rd place winner! Wow...I'm flabbergasted! Way cool! Thank you to all who voted for me! You certainly made my day.

Thanks bunches! Truly.

This week, I'm listing thirteen 'misnomers' that 'bloggle' my mind:

1] TIN's now all aluminum and I know people who still call it TIN foil

2] actually a wind TURBINE. the turbine itself is often used to mechanically mill the grain or dredge water.

3] LEAD PENCIL ...graphite is used, not lead.

4] GUINEA PIG...not pig nor from Guinea!

5] 100 YEARS WAR...lasted 116 years, not 100.

6] CATGUT...made from sheep intestines, not cat intestines.

7] GRAPE NUTS™...neither from grapes OR nuts.

8] HORNY TOADS...not toads, they're lizards.

9] EAST RIVER...actually it's a tidal strait, not a river.

10] STARFISH...A starfish is not a type of fish. It's an echinoderm [closely related to coral]

11] CANARY ISLANDS...not for the bird, but for the latin dogs: canis

12] ANTI-SEMITISM...not prejudice agains Semites

13] CHRISTIAN SCIENCE...not a 'science' at all.

---and another that I always thought was a 'misnomer' but stand corrected is:

13a] INTERSTATE H-1....Technically the interstate system doesn't MEAN inter-state/connections, it refers to a joint funding....but I still hafta laugh in the way of how most people think, including me --'connecting states'...and I laughed when I drove around Oahu on interstate H-1[Hawai'i]!!!! But it doesn't mean interSTATE, it means interstate funded! Well, I'll be.

....can you think of any misnomers?

some facts: courtesy of Wikipedia


  1. Very interesting. I cannot think of any more right now because my brain is kind of blah! :)

  2. I'll add one to your list. Cashew Nut - The seed of the cashew tree, often viewed as a nut in the culinary sense, though in the botanical sense classified as a seed. I learned a lot here.

  3. My own tired brain is drawing a blank, but I bet you I'll come up with one about 10 mins after I send this comment lol!

    Great list as always Anni! Happy TT

  4. Some great ones there. But like the above, my mind's drawn a blank at the moment, though.

  5. Great list. You are so right about the tin foil. I still call it tin. Congrats on winning 3rd place!! Happy TT.

  6. The misnomers are part of what makes language so much fun. Happy TT.

  7. Really interesting post sweetie.

  8. Does this count? "Near miss." Planes and cars don't nearly miss one another. If they don't crash, then they completely missed but "nearly hit."

  9. Great list, Anni!
    We have a GP. I call him guinea sometimes and pig others. Neither feels right. What were they thinking when they named these guys that?

  10. Gosh, I feel like a stick in the mud - I can't think of any either. I know I've had some.... (I do love lead pencils - the yellow kind! ;)

    Happy TT! And congratulations on your well deserved win!

  11. Hey Annie! congrats on winning the gross competition! I didn't even know it Was a competition did you?
    How you came up with this list is amazing!
    GREAT 13 misnomers! They all make perfect sense that they don't make any sense! haha :))

  12. Good points....Happy TT!

  13. I still hear people use the term "mixtape" even though they are referring to a CD.

    By the way, congrats on placing 3rd in last week's gross theme contest.

  14. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm. Happy TT. Great list:)

  15. Those were soooo fun! I don't have any to add though because it's been a long day and my brain is already asleep ;)

  16. Anni,

    Congratulations on the win. You are certainly deserving. You always have something interesting and informative on your blog.

    I know that aluminum foil is aluminum, but still call it tin foil.

    My brain isn't working tonight. It's been a long day and I had words with the vice principal at the school. She is not happy with me, nor am I happy with her or the principal.

    Take care and have a wonderful Thursday.


  17. I'm a New Yorker here, one great one is Egg Cream. Contains neither eggs nor cream and, done right, is one of the most perfect drinks known to humans.

  18. These are great. Clever list. happy T13!

  19. Great list, had me laughing....Hard!

  20. Another great post for TT! Loved it. And congrats on winning 3rd in the "gross" challenge. I didn't even know there was a challenge. You go girl!

  21. Congrats on your bronze medal (even if it is gross, lol!)
    I loved your list and (not only) 13a was a big surprise for me!
    Haven't done a TT in many, many weeks...I am not in a mood for lists and now I am busy with pictures for the alphabet challenge.
    Have a lovely day!

  22. LOL! Nope... at 2:43 a.m. I can't think of anything! I'll leave the thinkin' to you! :)

  23. Great idea for a list! I know some of those in my own language.
    Thanks for visiting my 80's TT!

  24. Great list...definitely makes ya think!

  25. I did not know that you were being voted for or I would have voted too. BUT happy for you getting 3rd place that is great!!
    Hope your day goes wonderful!! We have been having THE BEST WEATHER lately!! Enjoying it.

  26. That's a terrific list! :) While not exactly a misnomer, our breed name, Sphynx, is misleading. :) Sphynx actually originated in Canada, but because of our name, many people think we come from Egypt. But the cat show judge who named the breed, named us Sphynx because hairless cats reminded him of many of the cat statues he had seen in Egypt!

  27. Anni, But maybe the toads ARE horny! Thanks for the info about the EAST RIVER - my NY river. And I'm not sure I understand why ANTI-SEMITISM is NOT prejudice against Semites... Great list! And congrats on last week's win!

  28. Very interesting and creative list! Happy TT.

  29. Pitiful and Poopy??? (I forgive the potty mouth daily - and love you anyway! Perplexing I get!) But pitiful? I have never pitied you a day! I've envied you on occasion... but never pitied! And Poopy? You got the runs??? I have NO BLOOMIN' IDEA what I was doin' up at 2:ish in the morning! I went to bed early though - around 8... so then I woke up ITMOTN and just got UP. I went back to bed around 4 and we'll just see how the day goes from here!!!

  30. Along with tin foil you have tin cans, which are made from steel.

  31. Learn something new every day!!!

  32. Ηλικία: 59
    Ζώδιο: Υδροχόος
    Ζωδιακό Έτος Βόδι

    that's written in your profile ! No wonder that my pictures are from June !

  33. CONGRATULATIONS to you! Very nice, indeed.

    I had the same idea about interstate as well. Thanks for the info. :)

  34. Great list. I call them things that make you go hmmmm.

  35. Well... why do we drive on a Parkway and park on a driveway? And why is a peanut a nut if it's not a nut?

    But I bet others have already thought of those. Hmm. I shall think on this one some more.

    And congrats on being third in the gross listers! I think. I mean, do you want to be famous for being gross? Hmmm....

  36. Hey, congrats on the gross theme!

    These were great. I especially loved the whole issue of an Interstate in Hawaii. Happy TT!

  37. English is such a strange language sometimes. Great list, happy TT.

  38. Congrats on 3rd place. When I saw that it was one I had read I felt proud!

    Great list! Of course I can't think of anything right now to add but it will probably be on my mind all day now!

  39. Very funny! And I admit it - I'm one of those people who still call it tin foil :D

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  40. Great list and congrats on the won. I can't think of any feeling really dumb at the moment.

    My TT is up @ The Cafe.

    Oh love, were you ever able to figure out how to recreate your animated book graphic for me? I would still love it for my book blog.

  41. Our Canadian nickels are no longer made from nickel (made from steel), nor are our coppers (pennies) made from copper (mostly made from steel & it currently costs 4 cents to make a 1 cent piece - stupid government!). If they were they'd be worth a lot more than their face value!
    Fun topic!

  42. Great list. Congratulations on being #1, too!!

    Happy TT!

  43. Great!

    First thought.... PIG LATIN... not invented by pigs, and not really Latin!

    Thanks for the fun post. Last week I did 13 Idioms Using the Word "Duck" -- I think we might have been separated at birth.

  44. That was great. You're a word geek, too. I don't have a misnomer, how about an oxymoron: Well-behaved children. LOL!

    Thanks for visiting my TT.

  45. Interesting facts, Anni, on your TT. And congratulations on winning third place with your gross theme. I didn't vote for anyone as I didn't know anything about this. It must have been going on while I was on vacation last week.

  46. Congratulations! I saw your ‘win’ announcement too at the Thursday Thirteen Hub and recalled your clever ‘gross themed’ T-13 post from last week. This week’s ‘misnomers’ are cool too … reminding me of ‘oxymorons’ … like ‘jumbo shrimp’ and ‘random order’ … and if ‘friends & family’ would stop calling me on the phone this morning while I'm trying to visit blogs (like right now), I might be able to think of something to add to your list ;--)

    My favorites were #6 and 7 today.
    Hugs and blessings,