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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This little grandmother was surprised by her 7 year old grandson one morning. He had made her coffee. She drank what was the worst cup of coffee in her life. When she got to the bottom, there were three of those little green army men, and she asked him why they were there. Her grandson replied, "On television, they say, 'The best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup!'"

[also in this post is Friday Fixin's & Phriday Photo Phun]

Note: Kelli will be taking a Show N Tell break next week for the Easter Holiday...see you the week after! So, while I'm here, with my show n tell, for those who only drop by on Friday's...I'd like to wish you the best of Easter's to those who celebrate.

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This week, for Show N Tell, I am sharing three items at my home.

1] I've blogged about this a long time ago, but I thought I'd share this again. This wooden figure represents the Native American Sun Worshiper. In coyote form as the Natives loved to live in harmony with the animals as 'brothers'. My hubby carved this from a section of cottonwood driftwood that he found in a riverbed. After he carved it, I painted it and 'dressed' him in deerskin shirt and pantaloons which I stitched by hand, then, fringed his 'costume'. Our little figurine stands about 10-12 inches tall. He's now on on fireplace mantel facing the Eastern Sunrise. [the pipe bowl is carved also by hubby from a red brick -clay] I'm now thinking to myself: "Anni? What OTHER kind of sunrise is there besides eastern? What a nit-wit." That's me alright, a goofy blond who comes up with her blogging style and tends to be so redundant it makes me laugh. LOL

2] As I grew up, I was surrounded by two parents who loved to work the land. Actually, just a garden of immense size [they had five kids and their garden was measured in acres! to share the 'crops' each season with us all] My dad, with a bad habit of chewing tobacco, was forced to do it OUTDOORS. My mom didn't want anything to do with the slimy mess that the 'spitting' brought forth, so he was sent outside. Now, in all family lore, we all, all of us kids, swore up and down that his tobacco was the 'instigator' of having tomatoes come from the garden the size of saucers, and cucumbers growing a foot or longer in size. His talents with gardening surpassed anything I've ever seen before. He'd plant a cherry tree with just a twig and in two years the tree was so abundant with the fruit, producing quarts and quarts of canned cherries. But that is not the point. Well, kinda. We lived in Northern Colorado, and once took a two week vacation to Hawai'i. There, my dad became fascinated with pineapples and how they were harvested., the following Spring, he bought three fresh pineapples from the grocer and saved the 'head' of the fruit...planting them...and by golly, they took root! In Colorado!! And yes, they did eventually produce fruit, but since the growing season is so short in the wintry Rocky Mountains, the fruit was edible, but not large like when you'd get them from our tropical state, Hawai'i. That in itself is amazing. I soon became interested in the 'background' of the plant itself. I read more and more about them, and found out that there were plants...houseplants, of the same family as pineapples. Called Bromeliads. And I have three growing right now...and they're getting ready to bloom [technically it's part of the stalk and scientifically known as "scape" instead of blossom/flower]!! The taller one in the background to the left is a bright red-orange, the one in front is yellow with orange centers. The one in the background, right side...the smallest one, is actually an 'air plant' of the same plant family but needs to be watered differently than the other two. It's blossom, when fully opened, is a hot pink, fuschia, with purple tips!

3] And lastly, just this past week, before College lets out for Spring Break and we here in Corpus are inundated with swarms of beach parties and young mobs all over our beaches, hubby and I went to walk along the shores and enjoy the quiet solitude of the morning air and the surf, sand and seagulls. When we hop back in the car to head back to town, we try and stop by a novelty shop on the island to see what's new. Of course, with my wind chime fetish and my love for purple, I found this shell chime...all decked out in dyed purple. It's too fragile to hang outdoors, so I brought it home and added it to my growing chime collection hanging from the ceiling with the ones that are more or less fragile glass and are just too easily broken if left to hang outdoors with the heavy winds we get at times. [which reminds me of the one my hubby made me...a huge one; made of copper piping, sounding like church bells ringing when the wind is just right. I'll have to show that some day soon.]

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Crossing the Great Divide


  1. I just noticed your favorite poem in the side bar. That's one of mine too!

  2. I loved your show and tell, very cool. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. great catch for ST entry... Hope you'll visit mine too...

  4. Those type dolls are call Kachina dolls and are very popular and very expensive in New Mexico. You and your husband did a great job on yours.

  5. Thanks for sharing your doll and other items. Also, thank you for tip about cleaning crystal vases. Enjoy your week, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Kathi

  6. Pineapples growing in Colorado sounds wild!! Love your purple chime, Anni. Happy Easter to you as I am leaving blogland for a few days ((sob))

  7. PS: Love your favicon!!

  8. I had to laugh because I also posted some wood carvings today for S&T! Small world! I love Western things and your (Trickster) Coyote is awesome! I love the clothing you made for him! Have you read, "Coyote Waits" by Tony Hillerman? There are a few books in this "Skinwalkers" series. In fact, PBS did a couple of them as movies with Adam Beach and Wes Studi. I really enjoyed it! I did a ccopy and paste link below. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You made good since we will be breaking next week! HAH!

    My favorite is the figurine that your hubby handcarved and you dressed. I think that is cool that you two worked together to make art!


  10. Gday Anni, Love your driftwood doll and what a great job you have done making the clothes to fit it.

    Also love your Bromeliads,and
    I also have a few growing I blogged a couple a few weeks ago and took a few more photo's this week of a yellow and red just like yours.but I notice the leaves on yours are very shiny, any tips on keeping them looking like that

  11. Anni,

    What a delightful post and your treasures as well. Thank you for sharing this Friday! :)

    Have a blessed day!


  12. Anni,
    Your blog is delightful! I love your show and tell items - I, too, love windchimes and look forward to hanging some at our new farm.

    Thanks for the encouraging words regarding my son's in-laws. I am pretty thick skinned and don't care one bit what anyone wants to say about being Southern because I am immensely proud of my heritage. It's the fact that I know my son wanted our two families to blend perfectly and is upset about the fact that it just is not going to happen. However, as I told him, we will always be cordial to one another, hold no grudges, and collectively be supportive of our children and grandchildren.

    Have a great weekend!


  13. You both did a master piece with this native American sculpture it's really beautiful ! and I love the shells too !

  14. hello anni!
    "is soldiers in your cup" a huge laugh out of me! funny! {{laughing}}
    cootonwood your husband...what a special treasure! yeah, so, about that sunrise?...((chuckles)) :o)
    your dad really had a green thumb...and sounds to me like you inherited the blessing! gonna have to try the pineapple thing...
    ooohhh! i love me some purple things, too! the windchime is lovely...I have seen those...nice twinkle sounds...
    your stories are always fun to read! have a good'en...
    blessings, Lisa

  15. Anni,

    What a marvelous show and tell you have today. I love your Sun Worshiper. Michelle collects Native items and she would die for something like this. You and your hubby did a great job. You are both very talented people.

    And your plants. I would love to have those, but doubt they would do well in our climate. Your Dad definitely had a green thumb if he could grow pineapple in Colorado.

    Love the windchimes. I didn't know you collected those. A store here usually has some very unique ones in the spring. I also like them but have only one on my porch. I'm sure the one that your hubby made is beautiful. I love that it sounds like church bells.

    The other thing that will clean the water residue out of crystal vases is denture cleaner. I didn't know about the Alka Seltzer.

    That photo of the Great Divide is awesome. I always enjoy your posts. You've brightened my morning, dear friend.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. What an interesting S & T. I remember when I was a kid my dad used to chew tobacco and he had a can to spit in. I thought it was so gross. Wish he had spit outside and made things grow. Ha.
    I lived in Northern Colorado for awhile (Ft. Collins) I loved it.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. WOW! You and your hubby are so talented. The coyote is beautiful. The plant is so gorgeous.

  18. Ohmygosh ... out of the mouths of babes (and 7 year olds)! I'll be laughing for a while at that one so thanks for sharing.

    My ... you are the creative one in so many ways! I have a couple of questions if you have a moment.

    1. Why can't I get your current posts to show up in Google Reader? It shows January 2nd at the most recent post no matter what I do.

    2. How do you leave a link that is actually a link (like you did on my T-13 post this week? (Inquiring minds want to learn these things.)

    Thanks and have I wish you a delightful day!
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. I tried to leave another comment. It didn't seem to work. I'll try again.
    It was in 1954-55 that I lived in Ft. Collins. I went back (for the first time) about 10 years ago. It had changed a lot.
    Yes, it's a small world. Which reminds me. One of my favorite rides at Disneyland is "Small World."

  20. Thanks for responding so quickly to my questions. I do know you blog daily … and usually have your post up early. I keep you in my ‘Reader’ to remind me to check. It just seems odd that your link used to show up but doesn’t now.

    Thanks for the info about leaving links in comments. I know just enough that I think I understand … and with some experimentation I’ll figure it out. I appreciate you taking the time to help an older ‘newbie’ out ;--)

    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Hi Anni!
    Cool show and tell! Gotta say I loves your tip of the day. I just need to go get some alka seltzer and get to cleaning.. Have a nice weekend!

  22. What interesting stories! And I love the picture in my mind of those wind chimes hanging in your house.

    I didn't realize you were in Corpus - my dad was stationed there when I was a baby. Haven't been back since, but it sounds lovely - except for Spring Break time!

    Have you flown into DIA yet? They've now made Stapleton area into a wonderful new little town - I haven't seen it, but it sounds really neat.

  23. Ooooh I've always loved playing "I Spy"...couldn't find that gecko for the life of me though until the third picture where you circled it! lol Well I never said I was GOOD at I Spy, just that I loved playing it! hehe I did see the tree dude though!!

    Love the wooden figure your hubby carved and you painted/'s so beautiful! As for saying Eastern Sunrise, well you've now proved that you really are a blonde like me! LOL Love it! It's something I would say too, that's the problem! lol

    How fascinating that your dad was actually able to grow pineapples in Colorado! I'd never heard of the plant called bromeliads but how interesting that it comes from the same family as pineapples. It's wonderful that you have 3 of them growing and blooming!!

    Oh Anni, I just love the purple chimes you recently bought...gorgeous!!

    Have a great weekend my friend! xoxo

  24. I enjoyed your Show and Tell. I loved the wooden figurine. You and your hubby both are so talented and creative. I also like the purple shell wind chime.
    I never thought about putting one of those indoors. Good idea.

    I didn't participate in S&T today.

  25. What great things you've shown this week. Thanks for sharing and stopping in to visit.

  26. I love Corpus Christi. We tend to go there in the off season & find e enjoy it so much more then. It is even fairly warm in January. Nice to have the beach all to yourselves.

    Stop on by for a visit at Made some Kiss Me I'm Irish Beef & Cabbage yesterday & posted the recipe. Come on over, I'll fix you a plate!

  27. Thanks for showing us your home
    and treasures! Have a great day!

  28. It's always great fun visiting your site. I loved "soldiers in your cup" and was reminded of my nephew, who at the age of four would not sing "The First Noel" at his kindergarten. He sang all of the other caroles but became disruptive everytime Noel began and would not allow the class to sing. His teacher finally asked him about it "Logan why won't you sing the First Noel, you love music and you sing all of the other songs without any problem.?" She said he looked her straight in the eyes and very seriously replied "Because, Miss Dee Dee, if there is NO L, there is NO LOGAN".

    That's the soldier in my cup! Today he is doing stand up comedy and is one of the best parts of my life.

    I hope you'll stop by and play Cookie's Treasure Hunt if you have time this week. I'm giving away one of my collages, Contemplation in a Parallel Universe.

    Happy Weekend,

  29. Your husband is very talented to have carved that Native American figure, and you too of course, in dressing him up so well. If I had Bromeliads in my house, I would probably murder them, as I'm not very good with house plants - better in the garden really!

  30. I had to laugh at your dad's comment about chewing tobacco spit making his plants grow larger! Too funny!
    Great show and tell.