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More holiday crafts...

I bought some artificial fern fronds and a couple of miniature resin leprechauns along with white carnations and a green foil spray--a foam "Saint Patrick's Day" banner plus a grapevine wreath....

....designed it and came up with this finished project:

Then, since Easter is in March this year also, I wanted to try my hand at creating a 'broken egg'. Of course, the use of imagination really comes in handy. I went to the Dollar Zone here in town and bought:

2 identical plastic mixing bowls with a scalloped edge [2 @ $1.00]
3 boxed yellow chicks [$1.00]
1 carton of sparkle dusted eggs [6 in a pkg. - #1.00]
4 pink spring like flower stems [4 @ $1.00]
1 package of curling ribbon in pastel colors [$1.00]
Green Easter Grass [$.50]
Total cost: $5.50 [plus tax]
Cuteness? Priceless ::snort::

I guess it looks like an egg. ::shrug:: It didn't turn out like I had envisioned. But, it's something for Easter. I wanted to try something a bit different other than a wreath, and I'm thinking I'll do a wreath next year. LOL

Finished project...after wiring the two bowls at the back rim and gluing on the ribbon-------

show n tell images can be enlarged.

~end Show N Tell
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- - -

This week, my phavorite photo is of a bird. A whippoorwill to be exact. I was so elated to find this perched in a pine tree years ago on one of our mountain hikes in Colorado. Whippoorwills are mainly a nocturnal bird, and to see one in the daylight was fantastic. Luckily, Bud had his camera with him in his backpack this time. The muted plumage is a very good camouflage in the wild.


Our city has had an influx of democratic appearances. Last week, if you recall my Saturday photo, we stood in line to see Hillary Clinton [former first lady] during her rally for the Democratic Party. Two days ago, Senator Edward Kennedy was here at the college, backing Obama with a definitive speech. TODAY!!---Senator Obama will be here taking on thousands of people at the A B Center Arena [I'm gonna be in line for this too, I belong to the Obama's 08 campaign group for reasons that I can get the information about him 'first hand' ---I knew he was going to arrive here long before the press did with rumors handed out through the Obama's headquarters' emails. And yesterday, I got the 'formal' invitation delivered to me]. Then, Saturday Bill Clinton will be here speaking on behalf of his wife, Hillary. Our Presidential Primary for the state of Texas is March 4th.

While our company is asleep still, I thought I'd get into my blog and submit my Friday's entries. My niece and her friend, they own a business together in western Colorado, and they're traveling to perhaps find a new location across the U.S. for their store [or try to find, I guess, from what they told us - it depends on quite a lot of things that just may keep them where they are because of tax, property, loans , etc.]. They've narrowed it down to three areas [Upper Midwest, Texas, or California]. They'll be in San Antonio today working with some people with of what I know nothing. We're opting to stay here in town and will be here when the two return late this evening.

Right now, I'm going to try and visit some blogger friends....yesterday, I didn't find time to get back online at all. :o)


  1. Both the St. Pats and the egg look good to me, Annie.

  2. Nice work! I think it's a "good egg."


    Thanks for stopping by and reading about my ol book collection.

  3. Good Mornin' Anni,
    I see you came a visiting me while I was working on my new post for today. Sorry I missed you. Oh my goodness, I so love the St. Patrick's Wreath. You did a great job on it. And my oh my, The Easter decoration is just so beautiful and adorable. You did a wonderful job on it as well. Maybe you should open up you a little craft store. I know you would do good. I love the picture of the Whippoorwill. I haven't seen one of those in a very long time. "THANK YOU" for sharing all of your pictures with us today. I passed on today's Photo Phun. Hope you won't be too disappointed. LOL. Last Friday you didn't do it and I did, so I guess we are even now huh? LOL. Sounds like you have an exciting day planned going to the Obama rally. I enjoyed your Friday Fixin's. I'm going to have to remember that. If you get a chance, stop back by and read my post today. Oh it's nothing spectacular, but if you got bored or needed something to read. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day/weekend. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love ya bunches and hugs,
    Karen H.

  4. Anni,

    Love that St. Patrick's Day wreath. Now there's one more thing we have in common. I read that you have traced your ancestors back to 1600s Ireland. My ancestors (father's side) also came from Ireland. We need to hop on a plane and go over there to find our roots.

    The egg and chicks are adorable. Did you make holes in the bowls before you wired it? Yes, it does look like an egg and the ribbon and other embellishments sets it off. You've a great imagination.

    I had never seen a mockingbird until we went to Arkansas a few years ago. In the early morning, I heard a bird calling and finally saw where it was. The motel owner told me it was a mockingbird. I saw some several times while we were there.

    I would enjoy hearing Obama speak. I'm following the US election closely and am wondering, as you are, who your next President will be.

    Thank for stopping by with the kind words about Michelle and Brandon. Yes, he will keep her on her toes.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your company.


  5. Love the St Paddy's Day Wreath Anni! Didn't have time to read the other stuff. I'll be back after I take kiddos to school! Have a nice day! Jennifer

  6. Thanks for telling us how to do our photos that are left there on blogger. I of course had no idea. Now to see if I can do this. Enjoy your company..

  7. Hi,

    I was checking out people that paint and I came across your blog.

    I write and paint. Take a look at my blog Moneythoughts, I think you may find it of interest.


  8. Wow you were very creative ! Looks nice ! I still have a lot of easter decoration from last year, so I don't do any new one.
    BTW my English girlfriend is actually Irish (from near Dublin) but she married an English guy from London and we met 10 years ago during holidays in Spain ! Since then we are the best friends in the world !

  9. Hi Dear Anni, love your St patricks wreath and easter egg decorations your very talented.
    Love the photo of the Whippoorwill, havent seen or heard of it before... Take care Anni.. Jen

  10. Anonymous2/22/2008

    Annie you have been busy craft'n. You made some cute things. I would think your home looks very festive!

  11. love the St. Paddy's day wreath, and I'm esp. impressed with your Easter egg! thrifty and adorable! you are one clever gal.

  12. What a pretty St. Patty's wreath and what a clever Easter display! You did a great job on both! I am so impressed with your idea to use two white bowls! It does look like a big egg, it is very cute!

    :0) Sharon

  13. Aren't you the creative one?! Very cute!

  14. Anonymous2/22/2008

    Oh, I love them both. You are very crafty.

  15. My goodness, aren't you the crafty one?!

    I just wrote my entry for your 175 Words Challenge, but it won't publish until Sunday, 'cause tomoorow is the Saturday Photo Hunt!

    So stop by Sunday!


  16. Annie, I need your assistance......I'm new to blogging and you asked me to link a photo back to a site (bloggers over 50), how do I do that?

  17. You are very creative. I love the wreath.


  18. I like your St. Pat's wreath! Thanks for the blogger info. What I wish they would do is offer to sell us a DVD of our blogs. What do you think?

    I forgot the S&T today, so I'm just enjoying reading others!


  19. Anonymous2/22/2008

    I love both of the project. Good job! Thanks for visiting my blog this morning!

  20. Looks like you had fun crafting! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Those are both cute -- you're so creative!

  22. I cannot for the life of me figure this out.
    you can email me at
    (that AT is so worms can't do a copy)

    I see we also have the military in common, husband was in for 30 years, I was in for 4 years, and daughter was in for 5 years.

    Thanks Annie

  23. I love your crafts--very, very nice!!! I am not playing Show and Tell this week, but I stopped by to say HI:)))

    Have a great weekend.


  24. Hi Anni! Your St Patty's Day wreath is just too cute! I have almost entirely forgotten about that holiday since Easter is is so early this year. I better get something green made... thanks for the inpiration!
    PS The Easter decoration is very clever and cute too.

  25. The egg looks like it would be tons of fun to make! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Hi Anni,
    Oh, I just love that egg! Who would have thought that scalloped bowls could be made into a cute egg?? Why, Anni, of course! :)

    Love the photo of the whippoorwill. I'm sure I've probably seen one before but had no idea what it was.

    I'm off to try the Friday's Fixin' hint for today. Thanks!


  27. I love your wreath! You did a great job. The egg is darling and very creative way to make it!

  28. Anni, You are very clever with the wreaths. That's a real nice one.
    What a good idea for the easter egg. thanks for the tips.

  29. Wow, you are just so crafty! They turned out adorable!!!

  30. I keep forgetting to tell you this. I have tried to add you to my google reader subscriptions but have not been able to. I wish I could.

  31. St. Patrick---you are a one for celebrating all of the holidays, eh! You are a character.

  32. I think the wreath and egg both look fantastic! Very creative, too. ;o) I need to get enthused about some holiday decorating again... so thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Your craft projects are really lovely.

  34. TOOOO cute! You are very creative. I love the Easter decoration-very cheery and springy.
    Thanks for stopping by my show and tell.

  35. Hi are so creative!...the bowls (egg) are genious!

    I also loved the "wordless wednesday" you put up on the 20th...beautiful!

  36. Nicely done on the St. Pat and Easter egg - and a lot less expensive than a Faberge egg! When I lived in North Carolina, I often heard the whippoorwills at dusk - hardly ever saw one though. Nice photo.

  37. cute cute little egg you put together!

  38. I love how you so enjoy St. Patrick's Day! :) And what a great job on this craft!

    Come visit mine if you can...I was late getting it posted!


  39. Your holiday crafts are super cute! I think I'll make something for paddy day and Easter as well!

  40. Anni, I like the things you made. They look good to me. You did a good job.

    Also, thank you for the blogging hints you list every Friday. They help me a lot, and I just want you to know I appreciate you doing that for us newer bloggers who are still feeling their way around.

  41. OOh..I love the St. Patrick's Day wreath and the egg is beautiful! What a wonderful idea!!
    P.s. Thank you for the tip on looking up some of my stamps on ebay. :0)

  42. You're very talented! I love both of your creations. The St. Patricks Day one made me smile. And the Easter one does really look like an egg. What a great idea! :)