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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


It's gonna be Christmas before we know it. My calculations are there aren't too many days yet [pretty nifty huh? How I figured that out all by myself without the use of a calculator to add that up in my head? I think this calls for some kind of accolade! High five Anni, for figuring that out by your lonesome. CHRSTIMAS = SOON!!]

Anyway, the upcoming Thursday is Thanksgiving [not today, I am blond but not that blond] in the States. And traditional TV always televises the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. And what [or I should say WHO] is the last entry each and every year? Yep!!! Santa.

So, I went out on the internet and did a Google™ Search for a dozen Santa Look-Alikes!! [I found eleven that were safe to share]

You decide---
[personally, I think the this one looks, well, looks evil!

And my all time favorite here on this list is the last one....I love his cheeks like roses, and the nose's like a cherry!!!! :::whispering::: "I wouldn't mind sitting on his lap & telling him what I want for Christmas!!! :::slapping Anni::: Pervert --and I said, this is a SAFE SANTA blog. Oh give me a break! The last one...not the evil one!!"]

And to make this a THIRTEENER...
I'm adding a few things for fun:

Below, all are considered to be my number 13 on the list.

12] Letter To Santa

Little Johnny wrote to Santa Claus, "Please send me a sister."
Santa Claus wrote him back, "Okay, send me your mother!."

- - -

13A] Saint Nicholas is the main "Clause".

His wife is a relative "Clause".

His children are dependent "Clauses".

Their Dutch uncle is a restrictive "Clause".

Santa's elves are subordinate "Clauses".

- - -

13B] Santa is in for a raise this year, mainly 'cause insurance for flying a sleigh has tripled over the past two years.

- - -

13C] Santa is definitely NOT a man 'cause ...Having to do the Ho Ho Ho thing would seriously inhibit his ability to pick up women!

....and speaking of such a subject:

- - -

13D] Santa's favorite pick up line: "Wanna see my 12-inch elf?"


We're gonna watch this tonight. Has anyone seen it? We haven't gone to the theater in ages to see a movie, and since we have the 1st and the 2nd on DVD, it came out Tuesday on the stores' shelves, and it was on sale at Wal Mart for $14 something. Hope it's good!! [I love Donkey!! Hope he's in it a lot.]
Shrek III
Sorry 'bout the flash spot in the photo!

6:29 AM

The movie was mediocre compared to the first two. But, there were still a lot of cute, hysterical parts. [I love how Merlin the Magician mistaking turned Donkey into Puss N Boots, and visa versa]

7:59 AM
This is ridiculous!!!! Courtesy of Yahoo News
Santa can no longer say Ho, ho, ho??!!!!


  1. Hootin&#39; Anni11/14/2007

    I forgot to add the photos are all copyrighted by FOTOSEARCH. Thanks to them for the use for my T T.

  2. You are so funny! Yea for Christmas!

    :0) Sharon

  3. It really feels like Christmas over here!! I thought the first Santa was little well not so neat.... but the rest of them were HO HO HO!! Neat!! I love the very last one at the bottom on the right hand side with the pink cheeks!! He is a cutie!

    I don't think Matt D. is that sexy either!! Just cute and a very good actor! I will ask Kelly what she thinks, since she is 40 years younger then me!!!

  4. That was so funny! I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping! Yay!

  5. Hey - Santa IS real - How coincidental....I posted about him today too!!!

    Those pics are good ones!

  6. I like the Coca Cola santa best. :-)
    My TT lists 13 things about the black panther.

  7. Wow, you just put me in a Christmas mood, Anni. I like the last Santa the best, too. He is "real!"

    So much fun stuff at your place. Most enjoyable!



  8. Great post! I like the first one on the right when they begin to scroll in pairs. He looks genuine and gentle.

  9. Wow, what a unique idea HA! I like the old Coca Cola ones best too. Great idea for a list!

  10. Well...I like the Santa. with the handle bar mustache. My dad had one like that and it was cool.Baba

  11. Santa wears glasses?

  12. holy MOG Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK??? Where has the time gone, it was JUST Halloween...sigh...

  13. Hi Anni,

    Stop by my blog, I have a surprise for you!

    :0) Sharon

  14. I guess we better watch out, better not cry, better not way I am still going to pout. Santa IS coming soon! Thanks for putting me in the mood! Great TT.

  15. Every year, I am more and more relieved I don't celebrate Christmas. But I gotta tell you, those Santas are good ones.

    happy TT!

  16. I so want to see Shrek the 3rd. lol I am like a big Child. That first Santa is down right scary.

  17. Now that was downright cute as heck. You have yourself a wonderful TT. :)

  18. Someone is ready for Christmas!! Those pics made me smile and feel like a kid. Happy TT.

  19. Send me your mother....that's funny!
    Happy tt!

  20. Well you pick well when it comes to Santa's!! smile!! We have a pretty good lookin' one here in our mall...I still cannot believe he is here already!! They did not even let Thanksgiving come and go before Santa appears in the mall!! Okay so we want to SPEED things up this year!! Sandy

  21. Hi,

    Could you please give me your email address? Mary made you a special personalized award and I will email it to you!

    Thanks, Sharon

  22. I'm not playing but I just wanted to thank you for the chuckle!! That post was really funny!

  23. Anni,

    Christmas will be here before we know it, for sure. Just about 6 weeks left - not even that.

    Hope you had fun watching Shrek the Third. I enjoyed the first one, but kind of lost interest after that. I do like Donkey though.

    After American Thanksgiving, I will put up the Christmas banner on my blog. Can you believe the neighbor has her Christmas lights on? I never put mine on until December 1st.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always.


  24. This was great. I love the evil Santa. Happy TT!

  25. #6 is the very definition of lascivious

  26. The best Santas are the ones with real beards. :)


  27. Hahahaha!
    Those were great!!!
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  28. I like Santa No 4...he has a naughty twinkle his eye...heheh!

  29. I loved the letter to Santa, lol! I am not ready for the season yet, help!!
    Haven't seen that movie (none of them, in fact...
    Happy thirteening to you! (Ho Ho Ho!)

  30. :) loved your Santa post...being the santa girl I am! And you know I have my own santa, too!

    ...but other than having a santa reminder in my everyday life ...I am not at all yet into the Christmas spirit! I hope that will change soon!


  31. Those Santas all creep me out! I don't want any of them coming down my chimney!
    I'll be in your neighborhood next week, watch for the silver Thunderbird...I'll honk as I drive by!

  32. I can't imagine what the world is coming to after reading your Santa story from Austraila. I can't imagine Santa saying anything but ho,ho,ho. I suppose his postal code will have to change here in Canada as well because it is
    HOH 0H0. I agree with that woman who said, "Leave Santa alone."

    Have a great day, Anni. I'm glad that you enjoyed Shrek the Third. Not quite as good as the first two, but it was funny when Donkey and Puss in Boots got mixed up.


  33. I'm with the article..."Leave Santa alone!" What ridiculous thing will they come up with next in the name of being politically correct?

    I love the evil Santa but the winking one looks most like I imagine Santa to look.

  34. Anni,

    I just read your post over at my blog. I'm glad you like the award. It is made from one of my favorite postcards. Enjoy and have a wonderful day.


  35. Great Santa pics! :)

    Did you hear in England they were trying to ban fat Santas ... because it wasn't a good example for children ... ya know ... obesity and all! Gimme a break! C'mon parents ... monitor what YOUR kids eat and let Santa have his cookies! ;)

    Happy TT

  36. Yay St. Nick! And, I was upset over Santa not being allowed to say Ho Ho Ho, too. One bad apple ruins it for everybody!

  37. Those pictures of the Jolly ol Claus are great!

    Happy TT!

    I haven't seen Shrek 3 yet, but want to!

  38. I like the winking Santa. :)
    That first one does look kind of evil. (like the one from A Christmas Story)

    I love the one from Miracle on 34th Street.

    Have a great Thursday!

  39. That's a great list, I'm getting so excited for Christmas!

    I don't think I ever got back to you to answer where I am in Colorado. Sorry, it's been a crazy week. We're in a small town about 40 miles south of Burlington. Such a little stop in the road. We're hoping after 2 years to move to Pueblo.

  40. I went to Disney yesterday so that really got me in the Christmas spirit. (amazing how fast they can decorate - Oct. 31st it was Halloween and no Christmas stuff - than bam - overnight Christmas.

    So yeah, it is sneaking up fast this year. I've already started my shopping (thanks to online shopping - see my blog).

    Some Santas DO look scary don't they? And some look like they could be the REAL Santa...

    (yes, I have a Christmas-y name - guess when my birthday is...)

  41. I'm in love with Santa Clauses. If I don't get a new one each year, I'm grumpy. The ones you have posted here are fantabulous! Happy TT!

  42. Who on earth thinks of these things like saying "ho, ho, ho, by Santa would/could be construed as politically incorrect should be taken out and strung up immediately with fine copper wire on whatever body parts that person has available! Common sense sure is leaving town on a fast train isn' it?

  43. Poor Santa should no longer Ho Ho Ho? Offensive to women, is it? I'm afraid if a woman recognizes herself in Santa's traditional greeting, she'll probably be getting coal in her stocking anyway.

  44. Hootin&#39; Anni11/15/2007

    * * *Alice? That is an excellent retort!!! I love it.

  45. Hmm..Christmas..a time we are look forward to..I like the pic(s) of Santa..hehee..

  46. I love the Santas, but Winking Santa is the one I'd let jingle my bells...

    Love eeeevil Santa too.

    Great letters!

  47. Did I say you were bad? I meant you are baaaaddd!!! *snort*

  48. I am such a total Scrooge at Christmas, but your mug shots are nice!

    The Pink Flamingo

  49. I prefer Santa No. 1. I think it's ridiculous that stores are fully decorated for Christmas already. And the Santa Parade is this week?
    I will get in the Xmas mood soon....with grandkids you just can't help it. Love the Santa jokes.

  50. Hi there! :-)
    I found my power animal in a guided inner journey. I do Shamanic journeying by the Michael harner method.