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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Sunday morning, and I'm awake early. I was released about 5 pm Friday. The heart ablation went well, or so I was told. Remember, I was given Valium right before going into, was pretty well 'looped' during the procedure. The entire process from prepping me to my hospital recovery took about 10 hours. I was really anxious to get home and relax. The surgeons used three areas to work on my through the neck [which is still the sorest today even] and two --one on each side of the groin area.

My neck -bandaged from the entry wound
One of three photos
The other two, not publishable!
All areas are bruising nicely.

I'm tired. I slept most of the day yesterday. At least from 9:30 on. And right after dinner, I went to bed and slept 'til 4 this morning. Hubby told me it rained most of the day. Hehehehehe, I was zonked. Never heard a thing. A friend of mine sent me a flowering plant slip off her 'mother plant' overnight and it was at our doorstep when we arrived home Friday evening. She thought it'd make me feel good that someone was thinking of me while I was being poked open and explored during the ablation. [I also got a gift delivered with a special delivery from a friend around 7 PM Thursday ---but that will be another blog when I'm feeling more up to par!--Believe me, for me?--it's stupendous!!] So, early Saturday morning, we drove to Lowes and bought some potting soil. Of course, I couldn't drive, so hubby helped me saddle into the passenger seat so I could get out and about for a little while. I was instructed to walk very little, rest a lot in the first 24 hours afterward. So far, so good. Other than being tender in those three areas, I'm still breathing, and that's what counts right now. The surgery nurse told me while I was recuperating that they did only the right side ---so, in years to follow, I may need to go in to have the left side of the heart ablated --and that's the 'more dangerous' side. Anyway, while at Lowes we strolled slowly over to the one 'hot spot' in town for the weekend that was next door, the first of three. And it opened Friday afternoon...I seriously considered postponing the surgery. *snort* [Bud knew I'd be disappointed at not being one of the first, in the first 24 hours open].......


Mr. Box, I love you!! You finally came to stay with us at Corpus Christi. And I was among one of your many friends in the first 24 hours you were here. After we were told you'd come to our city, I counted the hours! I watched the contractors build your new homes. I kept track of what was put up on a certain day.

I kept track of your new home; grow from the foundation, up. And I bid you welcome. With open arms. By the looks of your visitors yesterday, all the people lined up around the dining room and those still in their cars waiting to order breakfast with you...I can see that I wasn't the only one in great anticipation. Hubby foundered on your #20 for the early birds who enjoy eating breakfast sausages. I on the other hand love your spicy, juicy stuff!! The hot jalapeno peppers to be exact. I didn't care if it was 8:30 in the morning! I said a few months ago that that was the first thing I'd sample when you opened your arms and welcomed the first guests who visited!!

They were spicy, hot, and cheesy! Oh so good. Just like I like 'em. You, Mr. Box, stuff your jalapenos with CHEDDAR cheese, and this makes the treat much more tasty. So many other establishments fill theirs with cream cheese! Yuk!! So bland and tasteless!! I've waited a long time for you to come here and be with us. I even made special trips to San Antonio just to visit with you. The last time we were in Houston, I made a special side trip through Rosenberg on our way home to have your delectable jalapenos! Welcome, WELCOME to Corpus Christi!!! I can't wait for you to open your 2nd home near our house that we can walk to pay you a visit!! I'll be sure to drop by and spend more time with you Mr. Box.


Today, I will continue to relax as much as I can, taking things easily. But, I will begin to build up my strength again, doing a bit more here and there. Yet, for the time being, I will continue to let hubby do the cooking and cleaning, while I laze around a day or two. One of the many instructions was "No lifting of 75^ pounds!" I say: "Ha!!" "I can barely lift the 25# bag of cat litter....75 pounds? Are you kiddin' me?!!"

All things considering, I'm okay! Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers...that's what sustained me in my hours of surgery!! You're super, and I feel blessed with the great friendships of blogland!!!


  1. Good morning Hootin Anni, I am so glad your heart procedure went well.Thank goodness for drugs to help you not feel any pain.Relax and rest my friend...... Baba

  2. GREAT! Great, great, great! I'm bettin' that's JUST what your heart surgeon wants to hear! The NEXT DAY you're out eating greasy fried food from Mr. BOX!!! ROFL!!! ... well... that IS great! I'm glad you were feeling UP to being at Mr. Box! It's great to have you back!!! (((Hugs)))

  3. Hi Hootin' Anni ~~ I am so sorry to hear that you had to have that procedure done but glad it went well and hopefully, you will soon feel musch better. I am amazed that you posted such a lng blog after the surgery. Do take care, Love, Merle.

  4. I am so glad that you're doing well. :)

  5. Thanks for letting us know that you are well and doing great!! I have been praying for you and thinking about your procedure!! Thanks for only posting the one picture!! smile!! I hope it is years and years before you have to have the other side done. My hubby's brother is having a triple bi-pass this next week. He lives in Illinois. Take care and again thanks for letting us know about you..Sandy

  6. Celebrating the procedure with a fast food visit? haha! Glad it went so well.

  7. I'm so happy to hear the procedure went off without a hitch and that you are okay!

    Your "happy halloween" made me jump! I wasn't expecting to hear that. giggle giggle

  8. Hi Anni, I hope that you are feeling better and recovering quickly. I like your scary new look. Take care.

  9. Mmmmm Jack in the Box is definitely the thing to make you feel better. Love me some Jack!!

  10. Oh, Anni, I've been so caught up in my daughter's wedding I didn't know about your heart ablation.

    I'm so happy it went well for you and that you're up and about now.

    Take good care of yourself and don't forget to rest.


  11. I'm so glad that you sounds OK!!!! Woman, you're amazing - I was so surprised to see your comment at my blog. I expected a long recovery time, not hearing anything from you in a while - was I positive suprised :-)

    How good that the surgery methods has advanced like that!!!!! PHew!!!!

    Heal fast, Halloween is standing in front of us :-)

    The time seem not quite to be enough for me over here right now, busy up to my teeth...


  12. Anonymous9/29/2010

    Thanks so much for this link HA I appreciate it. Glad all is well my friend :) Jack in the Box is the absolute BEST!!!!!

  13. Why did you need this surgery? My husband gets atrial fibrillation and the doctor said he could have that done now, as techniques have improved. In the past they didn't recommend it as it didn't always solve the problem.