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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I've been tagged! But, to be honest, I'm not sure just what all this entails. And reading the 'copy this' section, I'm feeling a little hog-tied and VERY blond. Tagging is fun at times with memes and such, but I know that all the five I've tagged below are very busy with their lives and sometimes tagging seems too much like a chain email--"if you don't participate something odd/weird will happen to you in the next 16 hours", so don't feel this is a necessary thing to do! I would completely understand if you wish NOT to participate. But, since I was tagged by our cyber cruise captain, I wanted to reciprocate and list five blogs. Again, it's not a big deal if you don't want to join the 'train'. ROFL

But, I also read to check my blog's ranking with Alexa ---Whoo--hoo!!! I think I'll faint. Naturally, I didn't make it in the top 100 ---duh! But, I'm proud to state this: I made it in the top 10 million, back around Easter time ---but the review for blogger has nearly 5 stars!!!

Now, to the tagging---
I hope I'm doing the correct thing!

“~Start Copying Here~” and copy all the things listed without removing the links (Of course, the train would be no use without those links).

Move all the sites labeled “Enjoyable finds” to the list labeled “Oldies”.

Add 5 sites that you want to include in the train under Enjoyable Finds and make their “Visit My Site” link like this: along with this add the url of the blog you are choosing.

Example: (This is my blog that I’m using as the example)

Then invite them to join the train.

Visit all the listed sites using the “Visit My Site” link. (I hope the blogs I have chosen will participate. I would appreciate it bunches if you do and please let me know if you have :-) * *This is copied, not my wording).

Make sure to go to Alexa and see your blog rankings :-). And, for Hootin' Anni's five tagged, - you need to turn off your javascript. Then copy.

Enjoyable finds:

PEA'S CORNER -visit my site!

JUNIE'S PLACE -visit my site!

LIBERTY BELLE -visit my site!

JEN'S CHRONICLES -visit my site!

SOUTHWARD HO -visit my site!


Ever After… My Way ~ visit my site!
Insanity Prevails~"Visit my site"
My Romantic Home~"Visit my site"
fairiebees~"Visit my site"
Exceedingly Mundane~"Visit my site"
Smokey Mountain Breakdown~ "Visit my site"
Kaliblue - Visit My Site
Just me shann - Visit My Site
Tigger Bob’s- Visit My Site
Star8278- Visit My Site
Asara Dragon- Visit My Site
A Little Piece Of Me - Visit My Site
The Rocky Mountain Retreat - Visit My Site
Scrappin…with life in this New Year of 2007 - Visit My Site
Rhonda’s Blog - Visit My Site
Skittles’ Place - Visit My Site
Cruftbucket- Visit My Site
Goldercoaster - Visit My Site
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eJabs- Visit My Site
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The Chronicles of My Life - Visit My Site
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MakeMoney Online with a 13-year Old - Visit My Site

~End Copying~


  1. I had to read the rules about 10 times before it sunk in what I have to do!! hehe I'll be happy to do this for you:-) xox

  2. LOL! Now, see? I did NOT tag you for this because I was just POSITIVE you would not do it! (you don't TAKE tags!!! You musta forgot!) ROFL!!!