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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

For my Thursday Thoughts this week, I thought I'd mention the outrageous spam I found in my blog comments the other day! That will explain why now the comments here are moderated. The spam had everything from the "F" word ---and extremely long worded nonsense! Vile, anti-christ, just plain no holds barred slander. Nothing against this blog per se, but just demeaning to all things good and wonderful! To me at least.

I deleted the comment immediately, and ran over to the settings of this blog and clicked on moderate.

Why, I wonder, do people get their jollies from traisping around the 'net, filling comment sections of blogs, or in guestbooks of websites,--------all the slanderous, meaningless jargon thought of by man? Why? What is the purpose? I'll never understand it.

But, it hinders the enjoyment of meeting new people who grace the comments with KIND words. And I still live by the old saying ---"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"!!


...which brings me to my Thursday Thirteen for the week.

Today, it's going to be 13 of my favorite Blog Topics.

Blogs with----
3)Historical value
6)Photo blogs
11)Children's Antics
13)Blog hacks

*Thursday 13 header designed by me, Hootin' Anni


[Brad Ausmus -catcher-Houston] *[Steve Finley -was D'backs -now Rockies-centerfield] *[Luis "Gonzo" Gonzales -was Houston, then D'Backs now, Dodger -left field]


The other day, in between my napping time and half-way consciousness, I stumbled across this delicious blog. Hey, the title on Blogger's List of Blogs of Interest caught my eye. "Church of Baseball". What else can I say? Naturally, having the word baseball in any title of a blog will draw me in. And this one was not disappointing. It's a hoot. It's filled with humor, style, pizazz, boos, and yays!! All for the love of the game!! Being that the author has Church in the title makes me wonder what that means, but after going there and reading the fun-packed sense of humor [done in a way that it's not coming as slander, but more or less an editorial comedy sketch].

The little ditty below the blog's title header "Reds fan by birth, Nats fan by residence, Baseball fan by the Grace of God" hit the nail on the head for me----------Baseball fan by the Grace of God! Yep, that's me too. Altho, my teams of 'birth' and 'residence' is quite different ---not necessarily by choice, but well, you know...."root for the home team and all that rot?"

The sidebar is loaded with humorous links ---the titles at least. They are directing us to all the teams' homepages, but the link titles will romp and stomp the loser and winners!! With such comedic style. Then, on the left sidebar...there's "Ladies Night at Baseball"....kinda sorta!! ---The blog's author has several nifty blog links to other women [such as I] who love baseball ---tho some are quite outdated; Diamonds are a girls best Friend ---[D'Backs? No...referring to the baseball Diamond....but the last entry as I entered was 2006, so I didn't dwell there too long]. Besides, the Diamondbacks no longer have my two favorites ---Luis Gonzales [Gonzo --now for the Dodgers ---but his hit in the 2001 World Series 7th game, made the D'Back's World Champions!! Way to go Gonzo....they whipped the Yankees in the 7th to become the youngest franchise in history to be champs!!] and Steve Finley ----[whoohooo!!!---he's on the Rockies' roster now!!!!] Purple Row? Ahhhhhhhh, yes, this is The Rockies!! And up to date too. Now, here's where I hafta admit, I'm a fan here by birth [almost --I was 6 when I became a Coloradoan---but my real life 'birth' team isn't even baseball....why shoot---my birthplace doesn't even have a pro baseball team...go figure!! But then, thinking about it, you can't begin to think of competing with the BIG RED ONE]. Then, of course, D'Backs....I'm really disappointed in the Sedona Red and Desert Tan colors....and I can just imagine what the home games stands look like....a picture of the Red Hat Society comes to mind these days....all mixed with the original Purple and now Red!!! Why the colors were changed, I'll never know!!! Think of all the purple and teal memorabilia I have on hand....all for naught!! But, I continue to strive on the team. For some reason, I don't know yet. Then, by residence ---Houston Astros. Guess I'm closer to Houston than the Texas distance AND relative residence. So, Houston it is. Besides, National League!!! And for Houston the author has a link on the left for "Crawfish Boxes" ---wonder what that means? Boxes? Ladies? Hmmmmm. I won't go further. Maybe the crawfish has something to do with Houston, who knows? It too is up to date for the most part.

Take me out to the Ballgame!! Yes indeedy!! I live for baseball season. We used to go to home games in Denver, and all the Spring Training games we could in Tucson [for the Rockies AND the D'Backs]....but now at my age and health, I'd much prefer to watch games on television. I see more, I don't have to duck for the flying bat shards nor the zephyrs aimed at my seat in the stands!!!


  1. So you were victim of a crazy guy ! I also will never understand that, but I have a different reaction then you. The worst it is the more I have to laugh, I really don't know why and then I turn it into jokes and finally the guy is embarrassed. In your case I would have put that on the blog and just comment with a lot of humor. If he reads it he would be furious ! I once had a guy on the phone who sighed and moaned and groaned in the phone, my heart almost broke, lol ! But instead of being afraid, what probably a normal woman would have been, it made me laugh and then I asked him if he was asthmatic ! He hang off ! Poor guy no pleasure. Spams I get per email I usually comment and send back and never hear of them again. But so far it only happened 3 or 4 times to me. Don't take it so seriously, mad people are in the whole world ! With that I forgot to comment your TT, lol !

  2. * *FOR GATTINA: You're so right in thinking this way. [smacking my head]---I shoulda thought of doing this, just as you tell me!!

  3. I always enjoy your posts!@!

    Amy's Random Thoughts blogging Scavenger HUnt starts May 1st. Details were announced today.. Dont you want to participate?

  4. Hi Annie,....Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I saw the crazy spam on your site and it made me change the way people leave me a comment.I hate it when others spoil our fun.

  5. People have too much time on their hands!

    Some of those are my favorite blog topics as well. You can see that in my label cloud on my blog! :)

    Happy TTing!

  6. I did not see the crazy SPAM GUYS comments but baba told me about them when I saw her at Curves. She was upset enough for everyone!! She could not get over it. She is new enough with blogging that she had never seen this happen before. I have seen it and wonder why people want to do bad things but humans were made to do bad things and good things of course too. We just choose the good things in life while others are chosing the wrong!! Our world is such a mess today and unfortunatley it is Not GOING to get any better either. Just a shame though that there are those out there that want to take someone else's fun away!! STUPID PEOPLE!! Sandy

  7. I am so sorry to hear about the spam! I was getting a few of those (they were NOVELS, that's how long they were!!) a couple of months ago and it was such a pain!!

    Great T13. I like a lot of these subjects too, especially family and pets.

  8. Too bad about the spam, I just trash can 'em. Life is full of sicko's.

  9. Hey Anni! I've had some jerk leave this type of spam a time or two -- but I didn't put on the moderator -- I just deleted it. It seems to be someone who just randomly clicks through and leaves his mark -- and then moves on. I've never had anyone come back for a "repeat performance".
    Just so you know. It does stink - but at least we have the ability to delete them! (remember back in the days of the guestbooks BEFORE we had that capability!? You had to delete the whole guestbook!) I doubt that person will be back though.

  10. I am happy if I could be of some help to you. You know these people get their satisfaction out of your "oh so scandalized behaviour" turning on comment moderation being upset, angry, furious whatever. But if you put the spam on your blog and comment it with jokes and a lot of humour just showing that it makes you laugh instead of angry, then this person will be disappointed, angry and furious because you didn't fall in the trap ! I am sure he/she would never come back again to make a fool out of himself.
    That's the same when you meet a spanner ! Instead of screaming and running away from the horror he shows you, if you stand still look at it with a comptemptous glance, he will run away in anger ! I had this once while I was walking my toddler son in a parc ! Have to admit it took me a lot of courage !But I didn't want my little one to be scared.

    May I add : TO ALL SPAMMERS ! Be welcome on my blog !

  11. There's always someone to ruin someone else's fun. sigh.

    I hope you're feeling better, and that you have a good weekend. :)