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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

To be honest, I'm one who does not like over the counter medications nor do I like the idea of taking prescription medications. If there is something that will 'cure' without using something 'artificially made with drugs'....I'm all for it.

My mother's old cure for a sore chest was what we called a 'mustard plaster'. It's a long story, trying to describe the concoction, and believe me the odor from the plaster clears any plugged/congested sinus infection....and not only that, but the 'sting' it creates when you apply the plaster onto your chest....well, it will scare the cold right out of you!! I hated them....I hated colds 'cause I knew mom would get out her dried mustard and flour[the flour is used to keep your skin from blistering!!]------and, I'd fear for my life when I saw her coming with it! But, lordy, how they made you feel better the next day. It was a miracle cure, boy sure 'nough is nasty stuff!!

And Tea Tree Oil is another I love to'll keep mosquitoes away from you all the time you're outdoors if you make a water/oil mixture and spray it on your exposed skin! When I'm outdoors, working in the yard, and the mosquito season is in full bloom----and of course the fact that I have my 'yard work clothes' on....I have hubby spray me with it....on my clothes, shoes and all....even in my hair!! Keeps Fire Ants from coming next to you too!!

Anyway, this morning while we were out for our Sunday breakfast, we always sit and read the newspaper together and swap things we're reading. Today, I read an advertisement for a book about the uses of vinegar---in the PARADE magazine. The use of apple cider vinegar in one's diet and lifestyle is all new to me. And as soon as I read the partial list of things that would be considered common usage [according to the article] ---the 'lowering blood pressure and cholesterol' caught my eye!! I'm interested...again, vinegar is a natural thing, and no harsh side effects or chemicals that may give an adverse reaction to those who fear or are concerned over this particular thought. The more natural something is, and if it's good for you---the better it sounds.

But suffice it to say...I am going to go out to the 'net and see if I can find more on the the interim, here is the article I cut [it is the snippet of the list only---if you want the entire 'advertisement'--it's in today's newspaper section inside the magazine.]

And added note after checking internet 10:40 a.m.---There are several books out there on and Barnes & Noble for ACV[which they use for apple cider vinegar] diets, recipes, etc.!!!


  1. What a great read!
    Have a nice Sunday, Anni

  2. My Hubby's mother made the plasters with all sorts of stuff then she would rub the concoction on an old piece of flannel and warm it beside a flame (how it kept from catching fire I'll never know!!) then she would want to pin the flannel to the inside of your jammies...I never noticed much difference after it's use...
    I've heard of the vinegar usage but never used it myself!

  3. To Tammy: The ones my mom made were never heated! Heated sounds nice....but no, she never pinned 'em in anyway...the plasters were laid on the chest and 'timed' morning, they worked wonders. My hubby never heard of 'em 'til he married me, and he swears by them. Guess maybe it's the mixture my mom mixed, and the way to make them was handed down to me. My daughter uses them on her boys now too.

  4. my Dads cure all for colds was to pile a big onion and put it on a string and hang it around my made my eyes burn and the kids at school the next day stayed away from me but I felt better.
    but now I just stands on psalm 91 and psalm 103 and Isaiah 53 and dont have the problems any more.God bless.

  5. My grandma used to put a creme called vix vaporup (or something like that) on my chest. It smelled very strong like eukalyptus and cleaned everything off, it also burnt on your skin !

  6. Yes, I prefer natural too. But recently I had to have antibiotics to clear up a respiratory infection and the cure was worse than the complaint! I was supposed to take a repeat, but no way was I doing that.

    Anyway, I'm ok now. Tea tree oil is also a good antiseptic when diluted with a drop of water. Mozzies also hate citronella! So if we are eating outside, we light citronella oil candles all around the place. Very effective.