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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


This is a photo of some beauty in nature! I call it Nature's Lace...I saw it in the yard the other day while raking leaves, and kept it in one piece, from harming it 'til I got a picture of it. I soaked it in a bowl of water, the dried part was curled and I wanted it to lay flat with the 'lacy' part of the skeletal ribbing of the leaf. I think it's really pretty, hubby thinks it's full of 'bug juice'...but guess what? I brought it into the house, laid it on the counter even, to his fear of being contaminated and dismay---*giggles*, and snapped away!! The photo has not been retouched or recolored [in other words, I've not used anything but----]---the brown/sepia effect is from being on a white counter under the artificial lighting and no flash! And of course, the 'whiter' effect comes from having the photo in PaintShopPro, and unmasking the image. Isn't it pretty in it's own way?

With the widespread [watching Al Gore win an oscar for a short film on the environment and keeping the world 'green' made me have even more thoughts of Global Warming] impact of support and interest in an all important shift of thoughts and understanding to the relationships of humanity and nature, I want to stop and reflect a bit of what I'm doing in my little world called home and yard and city....

I keep my yard clean of debris. There are so many areas of town where you can see trash flying around in the wind. It's garbage. People can lift a hand to make our cities and roadsides cleaner. There is no such thing as not 'having enough time in the day'---just pick it up. Put it in a trash can!! You don't need to worry about germs --use a kleenex[I carry them in my pocket for more purposes than wiping my nose], or gloves...anything to protect your flesh---but just pick it up! Now, believe me, I have sanitary issues for my well being...truly...but I take my fear of contamination and swallow my pride when it comes to keeping the world a far cleaner place. The world is more important to me than my own fixation about's different if someone coughs on me, or if someone leaves behind their germs...for this, I wish people who are ill with contagious stuff---I wish they'd stay home!!! I, and others around you don't need to be infected!!]

Or if at home, place it all in a TIED bag. Don't just dump your household trash, or yard debris into your trash bin, loose!! If your city is like so many others, they come around and pick up trash at least ONCE a week....but so many times I've seen papers, cans, plastic bottles, tin cans, etc. fall from the bucket into the air, or falling to the ground---if it were tied up in bags...that wouldn't happen!! I DO make sure our trash in tied, in a bag, BEFORE it goes into our bin.

I recycle papers, boxes, plastic, and aluminum!!

I pick up cigarette butts. I'm a smoker, and I have several decorative flower pots around the yard, that contains fine sand. I just don't toss my butt around. If I'm somewhere that actually ALLOWS smoking, I don't toss!! I even field strip my cigarette butt --learning from my USMC brothers. Tearing it apart right down to trace of a cigarette anywhere; and what's left---goes in my pocket 'til I can remove it to it's proper place. The butts are NOT biodegradable, but if placed in the compost pile, they help keep the soil loose and unpacked around your bedding plants!! And, ask my dad, tobacco is good mulch!! And the filters are used as stated above--as in part of the's another form of 'sand' that helps keep loose soil.

Believe it or not, I walk when I can. If there is something I need, and I'm within safe walking distance, I'd much rather walk than jump in the car and drive. It not only saves on fuel and's healthy to walk!! [But again, there is a drawback on this for my health also, because I'm BREATHING the exhaust!] If I do need use of the car, I try to make good use of the time/gas/vehicle emissions....I do all tasks at once instead of three trips or more ---retracing the same routes I used for the other trips!! Do it once, and get it ALL done in ONE trip!!

I pull weeds that harm the air for us humans. I know this is taking away from the ecosystem, but I DO replace those weeds with more substantial beauty such as strawberry plants...or anything that will continue growth that will 'eat up' and thrive on the nasty stuff found in our air we breathe. Plant a tree!!!---Trees thrive on carbon monoxide!! [Save the forests comes to mind]

I find myself taking showers that the naval friends of mine tell me about. Yes, I do. I go into the shower daily. So, I wet my body, and washcloth...turn the water off and scrub!! Then rinse myself off! Saves gallons of water this way.

I've nearly completely stopped using styrofoam paper plates and cups!! Instead, I use our everyday dishes. And I don't run a dishwasher that is half empty!! I make sure our laundry day are FULL loads! ---which brings to mind dryers....I dry outdoors when I can. Even if the neighborhood covenants tell me not saves energy!! I scrub windows with vinegar and water instead of chemical filled glass cleaners! AND I use a non-terry-cloth towel instead of paper towels...I know they are more than likely biodegradable, but they fill landfills to overflowing!! I've discontinued using any aerosol sprays!! Toilets are not flushed every time they're used these days. When I brush my teeth or wash my hands, I wet them, then shut the water off while doing the task and turn the faucet back on when I need to rinse!!

I rarely use lights excessively at night any longer. If I'm in one room....that's where the light is on. No other room is lighted artificially any more, unless I'm in need of it's uses.

I also read or heard on the news that when cleaning out our medicine cabinets of old out-dated medications we're not to pour them out into the toilets ---eventually they contaminate the water supply. Instead, we're supposed to return the old stuff to pharmacies and have them dispose of them properly.

I cook a lot of things from scratch. Like dessert dishes....instead of boxed items with cans/plastic containers inside, I purchase flour and sugar etc....that will last a lot longer and take up less room in landfills!! A small paper bag of flour/sugar or what have you is less landfill filling than chocolate syrup containers and plastic frosting containers or jars of flavoring.....things like this helps.

If I tire of a certain clothing article [except for unmentionables] ---I donate, instead of tossing in the garbage.

Paints, stains, batteries, I keep until the city can come and dispose of them properly to protect the fragile environment.

I never leave the beach without taking out my trash for the day!

Around the holiday season, for the last 30+ years, I've NEVER purchased a real pine tree!! Again, live trees are good for our environment!!---So, artificial trees for us. Always.

If at all, if you can contribute new and wonderful ideas for me and hubby....keeping our world a better place-------
leave me a comment on the idea, issue! It'll be greatly appreciated!!

A quote I am trying to make my motto these days is:

From Sir Francis Bacon one of the founders of "natural" modern science---
"The world is made for man, not man for the world".

NOTE: I met up with an incredible older woman who blogs with the help of her keyboardist, Mike. OLIVE Riley. Olive is Australian, and blogging....age? 107!!!! Her blog is now on my 'friends list'. Amazing woman, telling us wonderful adventures of life!! In her 'blob'!!!


  1. Hi!!
    I just want you to know you just threw a world class guilt trip on really, you have some good ideas to keep the world green...some of which I do...but always room for improvement!!
    PS...if you would drop me an email at I like to respond to comments by email..
    Oh, and gotta love Miz Olive and her blob!!

  2. Wow, that leaf is something else...what incredible detail!! You certainly are doing your fair share of helping clean up your part of the earth...just wish everyone was like that! I'm very much like you and do what I can to help the environment. Recycling is a big thing in this household...we even have a big compost heap that we use to mix up in the ground before we plant the garden:-) I just love visiting Olivia's "blob" as she calls it:-) xox

  3. We do compost and try to reuse stuff but one can only use so many coffee jars. What bugs me the most is we have Garbage Dump/Recycling Centre run by the government outside the village about 8 miles. It is available 7 days a week and people still dump their old 'fridges and cars in the wilderness. There is a fine for doing it but who ever gets caught.

  4. I'm running short on time this week, but wanted to stop by and say thanks for your kind words about my FIL...viewing is tomorrow and Friday with the funeral on Sat. morning...

    I do alot of these things...but not nearly as well as you do, Anni. I agree that "doing our part" to control what happens to our environment is crucial...wish other felt as strongly as us.

    Great post. And hey! I will definitely vote for you in 2008!

    Hugz and best always to you...


  5. here in New Jersey they pick up to recycle alum. and glass..which we do rinse and bag separatly for them.. you're right it all helps!

  6. That photo is simply beautiful! Compelling enough to inspire us to take care of our environment. You do alot! I need to get busy! Every little bit helps...the future of our world!


  7. I am very happy to read that you are thinking exactly the same way I do ! For garbadge we have very strict laws now here in the European countries and in Belgium you have to have at least 3 different garbadge cans. One for plastic, one for household left overs, one for cans. Bottles you have to bring yourself to special containers and cartons and paper are picked up every 2 weeks. If you don't do it they leave the whole stuff there once, the second time you have to pay a fine. That's good for the pigs which are still amongst the population ! I am also a smoker but I hate when people are throwing the butts in my garden and I have to pick them up and I always put ashtrays. I can get very angry when I see somebody not respecting such a simple rule !

  8. I wish they would recycle in Savannah.All of the boxes and plastic bottles take up a lot of room in the garbage cans.I need help to get Friday 's feast on my blog.Thanks, Barb

  9. The leaf is beautiful, isn't it? And the effect you have displayed is quite amazing.

    Your comments on recycling and just being careful are always pertinent. We can never have too many reminders. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think these things apply to everyone but know what I mean?

    They are the self-centred careless ones who toss butts out the car windows and start bushfires, they litter leaving drink cans and burger wrappings where they drop. I could go on. Hopefully one day they, too will "see the light" and wake up to themselves before we all go down the gurgler!

  10. Hi Anni
    Glad you saved that leaf to show us Natures beauty,
    In my area we have two bins a very large recycle Glass, paper,cans, plastics. and a smaller refuse bin collected weekly and all my rubbish is tied in bags before it goes in the bin.