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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


As always something fun from newspaper snippets!! But today, there's a blue light special.

Two for the price of one!!

This first one [click to enlarge to read the article] we have something from New Mexico, USA! In hopes of keeping drunks off the road! Whatever works, baby---you got my vote! Seems that New Mexico has come up with one of those 'brilliant ideas'...

They purchased an amazing 500 urinal deodorizer cakes. AND THEY TALK.

They're gonna be placed in urinals across the state. In bars and restaurants. When a man steps up to "take a leak", the cakes are motion sensitive, and the deodorizer will talk to the man in a woman's voice!! Flirty like! LOLOL

"Hey Big Guy" "Having a few drinks?"
"Call a cab or get a sober friend to drive."

Well, ya-a! That'll work maybe, kinda sorta!! But I tellya, I wouldn't want to be the night janitor!!!! Can you imagine all the pee that will be sprayed all over the place?!!! I can!!!

New Mexico? Something to be left, period!
Deodorizer cakes that talk? $21.00 each.
Seeing the men trying to shut off the valve? Priceless!!!!


Then, the 2nd snippet for today[click to enlarge]---
This too is a hoot.
***Calling all GYM enthusiasts***
....or maybe nudists!!

Ya, you read that right folks!!
And believe it or not, this is just for SUNDAYS!!

Seems a gym in the Netherlands will open a "Naked Sunday"!!!
You can now huff and puff away the flab in the buff!!!

Way to go Patrick de Man!!!
You do us proud!!!

So put your towels down folks...
step up to the weight machines!
Don't forget the disposable seat covers over there, for the bike seats.

Scheduled opening?
In a couple weeks! -- March 4th.



  1. amberstar2/18/2007

    Ewwww...glad the gym thing isn't here yet. The talking urinal cakes will probably have guys stealing them!

  2. You know I heard that urinal on TalK Radio the other day and I thought it was a
    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. LOL- Funny stuff!

    Hey! Just what I always wanted to do- work out in a gym naked!!! ;)


  4. I heard about this on the radio a few days ago...personally I think it's a good idea. They need to do something like this for the ladies rooms too. The cakes would advise the ladies not to flush their you-know-whats down the toilet but to use the container instead. When I worked we had a continual problem with our toilets backing up because some of the ladies didn't of the plumbers once told me he actually found a pair of ladies panti-hose down there....(EWWWWW!!!)...someone had actually tried to flush 'em!!!

    Sad world we live in sometimes!

    Interesting post.

    Still snowing here, but I'm keeping my spirits high. **That daggone groundhog should be shot at sunrise!!**

    Hugz to you!!

  5. Since the other one is kept in the mens room I wouldn't care.... they're already spraying so much all over... *lol*

    Hm. I'm all for nudity in normal cases, but there are limits even for me. The gym? No way..... Yikes.

    *seeing a lot of bumping tits and... uhum... *

    Thanks a lot for the vision!!!!!

  6. OH MYYYYY! Well, the talking cakes are a hoot, to be sure! I can just see the look on some drunk guys face when this happens! I HOPE they install cameras -- aimed at FACE level! (geeeeez!) But the Nakie Gyms??? Nooooooooo way! NO Thanks! Don't wanna participate... don't wanna WATCH either! LOL! Oh dear.... *shakes head in amazement!*

  7. Hehe, those are really good for a laugh. The first one would certainly put the guys off their aim!

  8. Both very funny Anni, and thanks for the antiques photos too, some good things, you have some great 'memory' items there for sure...

  9. Hi Anni. had a good laugh at the toilet blocks, OHH Im glad I dont have to clean the wall or the floor after the men.

  10. deslily2/19/2007

    A nude gym....I think not! all I have to do is take off my bra and my boobs do the bungi jump..and stay there...sheesh.. if i did touching my toes the boobs would "swing and sway like sammy kaye"... lordy.. gimme a break!