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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I'm ready to wash my sticky hands, and dive into these. They're warm from the oven. And I might add, they just gotta be healthy cookies!

I've been told that oatmeal lowers the bad cholesterol in blood. I need to do all I can to work on lowering the bad and putting in the good!

Good, by this I mean----tasty!!!

These are from my grandmother's recipe. Her recipe is plain oatmeal-raisin. Over the years, I've added a few things, taken out a few things [ingredients], and eventually come up with an 'original'. But, I've never written it down - my new version. I know the recipe from grandma's by heart. So I just bring out a large bowl, and a huge mixing spoon---do my thing and ta-da! Oatmeal, fresh Texas pecan, raisin 'crispies'.

They're crispy on the outside and ohhhh, so gooey on the inside. Just like I like 'em!!

My grandmother's recipe has brown sugar. I'm not much on the real sweet flavor that brown sugar adds to cookies. So I eliminate that particular ingredient, and add REAL maple syrup for the flavoring. And I add a shake of extra baking soda to make the cookies more texturized instead of floury dough. And with the syrup added, they become browned and crispy.

From start---
[oh, and yes, I shell my own fresh pecans. They're much better fresh from the shell compared to the 'bagged' boughten kind!]

Mixing the ingredients---

spooning the dough---

taking them out of the oven---

---and an added photo.
This is my grandmother's cookie plate.
It's more than likely 90 years old or perhaps more.
My mother would have been 96 this year, and her mom had the plate back when she was a child. My mom got it in her hot little hands when grandma died...I got it when my mom passed on.

got milk?


  1. The cookies sound delish, but I think that plate is so very special..

  2. Oh yummy - those look great!
    There are lots of foods that lower your colesterol - try looking on some health food sites. Take care

  3. amberstar2/16/2007

    The platter is beautiful! I have some of my grandmother's platters, too.

  4. I love oatmeal cookies. Yours look really delicious. Now I feel hungry. :) That's a beautiful platter. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh those cookies look so yummy and I do love that special plate

  6. Can I get a dozen to go, please?

    They look scrumptious!!


  7. Oh yummy
    I would love the orginial recipe