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Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Staying Inside Staying Inside - Scavenger Hunt

Since we're all staying in our homes these days, not being able to go out much other than grocery shopping, I thought it would be fun for us all...

...if we had an online/blog scavenger hunt! I've set up a linking tool. I have placed here 10 things you must find and take a photo of those ten items once you find them. And, once you find ALL [publishing a blog post with photos of all ten finds], stop back and add your link to your scavenger hunt post [not your blog url, but your scavenger hunt entry url only.] If you don't know how to do a hyperlink to ONE post instead of your blog url, it's simple:
Open your blog.
Click on the post title
The url that comes up in the browser address bar is the link url
Copy it
then, come back and paste it to the linking tool.
Click to enter.

The only rules are: You can't use something you find on the internet. It MUST be something in your house/apartment or yard.
You have two weeks to find all ten items. After two weeks [April 15th], the linking tool will be disabled.
Most of all, have fun!!

Now the ten items you must find around your house and photograph for your blog post are:

1- A piece of jewelry with RED on it.

2- An animal [live or stuffed]

3- A printed item [book, magazine, letter, package, etc.] with the letter "L" on the cover/front

4- A YELLOW flower [artificial or real]

5- Framed art with a human image

6- Anything made of glass [except for a drinking glass!]

7- Something with a buckle

8- Something square or rectangle that is BLUE

9- Anything that is unopened [can, jar, carton] with the word "Nutrition" printed on it

10- This is #10. It is an odd one. Find something and make it a "Macro Mystery". It has to be an item that is uncommon. Something we do not see every day. :for instance, a paint can opener:...and a macro image [close up]. Make the image a mystery for us to guess what the item is; not the 'whole thing'. Then, after you link your hunt items, we can guess what it is in your comments!

Ready? Set? Go!!!

If you'd like, you can link back to this blog post and share with this image by using the image, linking to


  1. Still not too sure how to do this, but it sounds like fun and is a great idea. Senior moment I guess.

    1. Just do a post of the ten items found. If you need help linking, I can.

  2. This sounds like fun. I'm already wondering where I'm going to find most of this stuff but I'll see what I can do.

    1. High go girl. I have mine ready to post tomorrow.

  3. This does sound like fun and something to occupy our minds and to make us look around. Interesting for sure. I'll see what I can come up with, then figure out how to link when done. ;-)

    1. I can help. Just let me know when you find all ten & post it. I can add your link for you.

  4. That might be fun for people with smart phone cameras. I'll pass but hope to see what everyone comes up with.

    1. You don't need a smart phone. You take photos of what you bake/cook...James, etc.

    2. OK have copied your list. Will need help with linking up.

    3. No problem. I'd be glad to help. Just post your ten photos & I will get your link up.

  5. great idean I AM ON IT NOW!!!!!! I want to be first. we need a linky here, not sure how but we need one..

    1. There Is a linking tool. Click on button.

    2. no button showing, your url is there, the scavenger button is there but no link

    3. It's up there now. I don't know what happened. LOL

    4. got it, will get mine done and link up and will advertise on my blog. great idea.

    5. worked then. Hope it doesn't disappear again.

    6. I am gonna be first.. got all 10 photos taken... I love this ON IT

  6. OK, got all 9! #10 has me stumped... and I don't know how to link up, but I can post my pics on my blog tomorrow? (By then I should have #10 figured out.)

    1. Gotcha linked up! Thanks for hunting

  7. That's really fun! I just do'nt have the energy. It's been a busy couple of weeks.

    1. Well you have two weeks to search.

  8. Anni what fun...just like your Thursday Theme Song used to be...we can use our noodles and not even leave the house. I'll be linking up very soon.
    And thank you
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. I bet you know I have lots to red jewelry!!

  10. Hi Hootin' Anni. I found you through the Canadian Cats, and decided to join your scavenger hunt blog hop. It was a lot of fun doing this, and thanks! It was strangely easy to find all these things in my house, and #10 was especially good.

  11. What a totally terrific idea! Bravo for your cleverness. Scavenger hunts are always fun.



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