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...and "Bears"! Oh My!

I'll get to the part of seeing a bear in a bit.  But first, a bit of an intro to my morning walk....

When I left home to drive to the islands  the sky above was overcast...gray and high cloud cover. By the time I twisted around from Park Road 22 to Hwy 361, it became foggy! And it was foggy all morning. In fact it was soupier by the time I left three hours later. This is what I saw:

...looking across the pond [look closer, upper center; the white along the reed] and then zooming in -White Pelicans. And off to my left, in the pasture land, more white pelicans [at quite a distance, showing another zoomed in photo]

Both alligators, Boots and Bags, were out in the open today. And just a few feet away from the boardwalk!

Again, I used the zoom lens. Was he [Boots] watching me?

...leaving this area where the gators were, I walked across the refuge's street and found the mudflats were dried out, so I walked across the flats, going way back yonder to the open ponds:

Hidden in the misty air; treasures:

Since there was very little bird activity other than a seagull or two and one reddish egret, I turned back and headed toward the car. Then, I heard a killdeer calling. I could not find it. I stopped and listened closely. Scanning the ground cover; nothing. I turned my head over my shoulder and I saw this BEAR coming after me!!! It was huge, quite viscous looking. Its mouth was ajar. Tho silent, it was threatening....

[does the bush resemble a bear to you? At first glance, I was sure it was a critter!!!!!  Mother Nature is good at pulling pranks on me some days.]

...and then, leaving, this is what I drove home in all the way into Corpus! Visibility wasn't even a quarter of a mile!! The first photo is 'regular' off the camera; thru the windshield. There IS a car on the oncoming lane [look to the right of my watermark]...can you see it through the fog? The 2nd one is the same image, but cropped, so you can find the headlights of oncoming car.


  1. Oh my, YES, that does look like a bear.
    That fog is how it was here a week or so ago. You couldn't see oncoming cars until they were almost to you. Most were smart enough to have their lights on but there were a few who didn't and it took even longer to spot them.

    1. The Texas drivers are the worst! 99% of the time it truly IS defensive driving.

  2. oh wow, as I read the sentence about the bear I was thinking a BEAR? really? ha ha on us. love it and it does looklike a bear and i bet the fog made it more real. I like fog if I don't have to drive in it. about the doctor office, I thought the same thing. it was a nice office but each of the walls was painted in a shade of sherbet. I hated the color scheme. she has always been alone, now there is a second doctor. I am finidng those fountains in other doc offices and what a waste of money and they make me crazy listening to them..

    1. To be honest at first glance that bear startled me. Lol

  3. Hello, Yes, I see the bear! I love the White Pelicans, great sighting. The fog is thick, I would not like to drive in that mess. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

    1. Where oh where did Eileen go? Your blog profile changed!

  4. Yes, that sure does look like a bear! Glad you were safe, though. That pea soup fog is so thick I am just glad you made it home safely! And those gators are scary! :-)

    1. It was a long drive home creeping along at a snail's pace.

  5. Fog is eerie and scary to drive through. Yep! A bush bear is there. Did you pick up the feather? They are symbols of protection and that is probably why the bear ran away.

    1. Just a step or two from where I stood & the bear was no longer there. Lol

  6. so you reversed my life's steps... I grew up in Tampa, married and moved to the Annapolis area for long time, now in Aurora CO at 6000 feet! Different from sea level for sure! You had me at bears! Gators are scary enough (one ate my sister's dog)And I paint too, have my latest up on the blog today for paint party Fridays link party... share yours there sometime!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  7. Didn't think you were serious about the bear till we got to look into the gator's eye. Well maybe I thought. Then got a good laugh at the bush bear. Hey it did really look like one:))

  8. What an adventure you had!! Bears and fog, oh MY! It does look like a big threatening creature. The fog pictures are quite lovely. But gosh, so scary driving in it. This scares the tar out of me!! Excellent croc eye photo! An alternate title today could have been "The Eyes Of A Croc". Which makes me think of the old movie "Eyes Of Laura Mars". An excellent movie, having nothing at all to do with this post.

    1. Driving in thick fog is havoc on the nerves.

  9. Oh yes, I can see the bear just as plain as can be! And, yes, Boots is definitely watching you! And, by the way, I think this is the best shot of the day!

  10. Yes, I do see the bear. That one I could handle, but a living breathing one, not so much. Maybe the many White Pelicans I get to photograph in summer are now in your vicinity .

  11. Oh megosh. That is funny!
    It's much easier to read with short paragraphs. Thanks.
    The gators are amazing...

  12. It really does look like a bear! I like the feather photo too. That was quite a fog!

  13. You were lucky to escape that bear! It sure does look like one. I do not like driving in fog like that...we drove in it one time a few years ago. Could not see any distance in front of us. One of those times when it is too scary to stop and pull over and scary to go on. Going for us was it was a four lane highway and not a busy one.

    Coming home, we detoured a few miles off course to a little town to eat at this diner we had eaten at before. They are on the alternate route that we sometimes take. On the alternate route, there had been a 10 car pile up...had all ambulances engaged from miles around.



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