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Google Maps Email Alert [and more stuff]

A few days ago, I received this email from Google Maps....a couple of my photos have been viewed on Google Maps over 100,000 times! -first one: 136,535 times the 2nd one: 7,971 times. Whoa! The last time I heard from Google was when one reached 50,000 hits.  Both photos are of the same area...a bird refuge near Brownsville/McAllen Texas area.

BUT!! Is this a scam? Phishing? Is it legit? I don't advised and on alert! This image is a screen shot...I did NOT click any links. And, I'm looking into it. Be aware.

* * *

Now, for the "More stuff"

I haven't had much opportunity for use of my lensball lately. But sometimes, if my pockets are deep enough, I will take it on walks occasionally. Lately, as I've stated, the weather and colors of our dreary winter months isn't too good for lensball photography. But, one morning, out along Oso Bay, the sky was gray and dappled. As I sat at the bench, viewing through my binoculars for cranes [I could hear them], the puffy clouds caught my eye and I set the ball on the railing in hopes of getting the patterned sky. Here is the result. Tho, lacking much color...

The book I'm reading now:

ALL THE EVER AFTERS by Danielle Teller
While perusing Amazon for something to order, I came across a [4 1/2 out of 5 star rating] fiction work on the "untold story of Cinderella's stepmother". Reading the synopsis, it piqued my interest. Bought it. So far, so good. It's an easy read, easy to follow, well-written. On a couple of websites it's deemed a 'young adult fiction'. The build up of curiosity keeps me reading it each night before I shut the lights off for some zzzzzz's.

From Goodreads:
    A luminous re-imagining of the classic fairy tale Cinderella, told from the perspective of Agnes, the beautiful girl's “evil” stepmother Compelling fiction often obscures the humble truth... We all know the story of Cinderella. Or do we? As rumors about the cruel upbringing of beautiful newlywed Princess Cinderella roil the kingdom, her stepmother, Agnes, a woman who knows all too well about hardship, privately records the true story. But what unfolds is not the princess's history. The tale Agnes recounts is her own.



  1. I get all kinds of emails from google and I just ignore them. Now I'm wondering if they are real or not.
    Even without color the lens ball shot is very cool.
    You have my curiosity piqued about that book.

    1. That email just flashed 'caution' for me.

  2. Hello, that is a nice email from Google. Love the lens ball image. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'll take a look at the book. Or maybe you'll tell me what you thought of it once you're finished. It looks intriguing. :-)

  4. since I was a cyber detective in my other life 😜and also a master 'investigoogler' the first thing I did, was google the email. I found all sorts of STUFF, including people who got the email and were angry that google photos shared their supposed to be private photos. the answer from Google was they do not share our photos, with maps or any other place and unless we go to google map and share one, it is not there. it also said if we share one of our photos from google, as on FB or with another person, then it is out of their control. since I doubt you shared a photo on maps, it is either fake of someone shared it that should not have... I also looked up how to put a photo on google maps, I have seen them and wondered, and it is involved. of course I know you could find all this, I just could not help myself.
    the lens ball created a really interesting view of what you saw...

  5. Just because Google Maps said it, doesn't make it true and you're very smart to beware of this message. I do like the sky in your lensball. I can't wait to get out and about and try using mine again.

  6. Yes, you can’t believe much of anything these days. I would be wary of Google Maps.....
    The lens ball made a fascinating photo! Well, YOU made it!

  7. I am so leary of emails that aren't from friends. Like you I click on nothing . Might be missing out on something but think it is the wisest move these days.
    That book could be interesting. They say there are 3 sides to every story. Hers, theirs and the truth. Kind of interesting to see what the step mom's is. Let us know.

  8. If the Google e-mail is true, this is high praise for sure! Yet again you have reminded me that I actually have a lensball. I keep forgetting about it. Maybe I will take it out today. I like your lensball image, it is artistic. They are harder than they look.

  9. It's sad that we get so many scam e-mails that you just don't know what to believe.
    I like that lensball photo! I really need to get one.

  10. It is sad that we live in an age where we have to be on high alert for almost anything that comes to us. I am usually quite cautious and do not click on a link unless I am very sure what it is. i do like the lens ball picture.

  11. Now you got me wondering about emails I get...if you find anything out, post about it. If I can remember I am going to try to do some checking myself.

  12. Forgot to say the lenseball shot feels you know what I mean. I like it because it is different to the norm.



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