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How the Grinch Stole the Hat...

I know most think having stores filled with the holiday season right after Halloween is atrocious. But, to crafters it's not any too early to begin making things to decorate the house and yard for December. For example, by having plain pine wreaths and picks in the stores, you can take a lot of time, ahead of time, to get it 'just right' rushing if you buy in early November. So, I stand by my conviction that it's never too early for the holidays when it comes to stocking and displaying and selling things for decorating. Anyway, I stopped at Walmart to buy the half gallon of non-alcoholic Southern Comfort Egg Nog [our local grocery store carries only the quart size and more expensive than Walmart], and as I was walking to the cashier I saw some adorable [rather large] tree toppers!! One, a snowman's top hat, and another Santa's hat. The third was a snowman head and top hat in one piece. They were all marked $9.98. [BTW, I got to the self check out aisle and scanned it for....$11.98!! I had the clerk on duty at the counter walk back and saw I was right on the price. You really have to watch's happened so many times when they overcharge by computer scans, I can't tell you enough to keep an eye on them!!] I really don't like this chain store, but I go there once in a while 'cause there really is no choice in some matters!

Okay, enough of my complaints. Here's the Santa Hat Tree Topper I bought...

Now the story goes a bit further. I got it home, showed Bud my purchase. And I set it aside for the day. While trying to fall asleep that night, I got an idea! A wonderful, cute, and easy to do idea!! 

"I don't have to use it as a topper for the tree!"
"A tree topper is what it is not gonna be!"

The next day I got out my wig and stuffed it up the hat.
"It'll work just fine, I'll grant you all that!"
I worked a bit longer, I worked a bit more,
I worked like Santa's Elves in days of yore... make what I had running across in my mind
I just knew it'll turn out dandy, it'll be just fine!

"With red velvet, holly and white fur, it'll spruce up the fireplace."
"All decked out in finery; 'twas to be the mantle's showcase!"
"A tree topper isn't what it was to be...
I didn't have to use it as a topper for a tree."

"All the bloggers in Blogville, liking Christmas or not"...
 "...Y'all have any ideas; any forethought?"
 "I didn't have to use it as a topper for the tree!"
"What I made, can you guess what it's to be?"


  1. I haven't a clue Sam I am. I can't wait to see what you did with it.
    I do agree that for crafting purposes it is nice to have things in the stores early.

    1. Ya, you can get things made BEFORE there's a rush. Also, I have sent a glass tree ornament from hobby lobby overseas before Amazon came into existence, and shipping takes/took WEEKS.

  2. If it were Halloween I would guess a witch, but now you've got me wondering. And what a cute little poem you wrote, Anni! Makes me smile. :-)

  3. Christmas Witch? love the poem and can't wait to see what you dreamed up... some of my best ideas come after I go to bed. sometimes I wake up with something good...I just had a thought, YOU MADE A GRINCH..

    1. Guess you need to go back to bed & come up with another thought. Lol

  4. forgot to say, it matters not one whit to me when they put things out.. my friend just put up her Christmas tree, I say go for it.. and agree, it is great for crafters to have things out early and since everything is so expensive it gives people on a budget time to buy more things a little at a time

    1. Expense is a factor, for sure. You got that right.

  5. I do see a bit of a frown so I am going Grinch also. Loved the poem.

  6. I cannot WAIT to see!!! What a fun post, I just love everything about it. Your Grinch poem is as cute as can be, and gave me a huge smile! We go to WM ALL the TIME, and I did not know about the prices being wrong so much! We will be on the lookout now. I love WM because you can get everything there...clothes, crafts, and also a few groceries if you need them. Plus they are so cheap. I just bought a lot of leggings for $4.44 each! And they have one lined with fleece, and holiday print ones.

    1. When it comes to food stuffs here in Texas ...our Texas local store chain is cheaper than walmart.

  7. Every two weeks we shop at Walmart and NEVER use the self-scanners. The clerks are so willing to pack things in our re-usable bags exactly as we like and the local store is only 25 miles away. The prices are well worth the trip. Now what are you up to with your crafty craft? I'm guessing your hat will be made into a tree! We shall see....

    1. You have better service than here. Altho I've never cared for Wal-Mart. Even in Colorado & Arizona.

  8. I am sure you came up with a good idea. Waiting to see what it might be.

  9. I love to come across a differing opinion!!!! Probably because I have so many of them, myself. -grin-

    Your reasons for early Christmas produce in stores, is a very valid one. I don't happen to craft. But a million others do. And having supplies at hand, early, allows for more thoughtful crafting.

    Plus, many people want to get at their Gift Lists early. Waiting till the last thing, is a *bad idea,* in my estimation. So that's another valid reason, for early gift stuff, in stores.

    Thankfully, we no longer exchange family gifts... Just gifts for the Grand Children. I did that, some years ago, because I was t-i-r-e-d of trying to find gifts. !!!! I got resistance, but it held!!! Heh-heh-heh... And I'm sure it is much easier, on all family members.

    Luckily, all but one of our Grands, are to the age, when money is the best gift! So that's "easy to wrap."

    Love your rhyming, but don't know what the answer is. I'm dense! -grin-


    1. We stopped exchanging gifts years ago. During the year all year, we see something for each other, we'll buy it. Gift giving is just not Christmas only.

  10. I am one who likes to buy things before they sell out in the rush, so having early Christmas items in the store is a big benefit to me. I remember when I was a bit slow getting to the store, because of work or family, to get things like red candles, red ribbons etc., table decorations, and they would all be sold out as well as many other holiday items. I like to shop early these days and take the stress out of it. Loved the cat-in-the-hat rhymes and your cute hat. I'll look forward to seeing where it goes.

    1. I've had that happen a few times too. Out of stock is no fun.

  11. You are full of creativity today! I love the poem, and have no idea what you are making. Can't wait for the reveal!

    1. ....coming soon, to a blog near you!

  12. Love your poem...I agree about watching the prices scanned...but you have that no matter where you go. Such as I went to a bookstore today, and she told me the total, which I thought was a bit high, but went on and paid it. 90% of the time I would have said something...I got out to the car and checked my receipt...they had double charged me on one thing...a $17.99 item. I know she did not do it on purpose...



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