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Dawn Breaks....

Two Years Ago today,
around 3 a.m. as a category 4---,
Hurricane Harvey made landfall,
taking our fencing by its powerful force
and displacing many in the town of Rockport Texas
about 30 miles from our home.
Many and much are still under recovery!!!

On Friday this week I left home about an hour before sunrise, heading to Indian Point Park with tidal pools and open bay waters which attracts those two legged walkers/joggers and a multitude of shore birds on North Beach. Here's what I saw after I began my walk. It was still dark, the view from the park's parking lot showed the city in a blanket of lights, the harbor bridge was still illuminated with animated colors. From the fishing pier, the lights glowed on the sea. But, on the Eastern horizon, the sky, no longer dark, was showing signs of the night vanishing.  There won't be much of a sunrise because of the cloud bank.  Still....

Dawn breaks on a new day....


  1. These photos are absolutely stunning! Night in the city. The first one of the lighted bridge is so beautiful. My other favorites are third row on the right, and fourth row on the right.

    1. My favorite is how the sea glows under the pier lights.

  2. Hello, pretty views and sky captures. I like the lights at night. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day. wishing you a great new week ahead.

    1. Thanks Eileen. I'm still learning nighttime photography.

  3. What a project. I'm often awake at 5:30, but I'm happier indoors!!!! Good work.

  4. Oh, Anni, I LOVE so many of these...they are wonderful in my opinion.

  5. Anni I'm convinced you were a professional wildlife/nature photographer for Nat. Geo in another life. Wow the early bird surely caught a prize as the day dawn.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. I love your photos of a new day being born. You are definitely a talented photographer. :-)

  7. Isn't the early morning the best time? Love the remnants of the night still hanging in there with the colorful lights. I would love to walk on that pier.

    1. It's a good place to get some walking done! I too like that pier.

  8. Not only does the sea really glow under the pier lights, the sky above is really magnificent! Oh, and the touch of red water in the bottom right corner - what awesome balance and beauty you have captured!

    1. I think the 'red glow' is boulders under the street light at the parking lot

  9. I love morning photography! You have some amazing shots here.
    I remember when the hurricane hit there, hard to believe it's been 2 years.

  10. These are all wonderful photos but the third down on the right jumped right out at me. There is something about that picture with the water and the lights that make it extra appealing.

  11. I use feedly to comment, this did not come up on the feed, the last one I show is strolling. now what's up with feedly? I wonder who else is not showing. thanks for letting me know.
    All the photos are gorgeous, number 1, 7 and 8 are really beautiful, love them. Two weeks after Harvey hit you, Irma hit us... I hope Dorian does not come our way or your way. we are watching.

  12. I always enjoy your early morning photos.

  13. I love the early morning and these photos were special..... thank you.

  14. Your photos are incredible, Anni.

    I don't get up until 10:00 AM as I go to bed way past midnight.

    1. I used to be one who stayed up late too. After the birth of my children it's been early to bed, early to rise.



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