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Oh the Sun Came Out! For a Little While!!!

Palm Trees line the streets and medians along Shoreline Blvd.

There is a very small area with a sandy beach right in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi...between the T-heads and coastline hotels. During the winter months, the beach is quiet and, if lucky, you can find sea glass (sea glass is sand washed glass that has been eroded to a smooth, somewhat opaque discoloration and often used for jewelry making).  Since it was cloudy in the morning, and my first intended destination was nixed 'cause of an accident closing the northbound lanes over the harbor bridge, I decided to stop at the beach and walk the distance with adding more steps to my daily count going beyond and into a city park...

From the beach, looking toward the bluff, many churches line the streets...

For surge protection [tropical storms and hurricanes], the city has the seawall, AND a breaker. I walked out partially...

Views from the beach:

Just one skyscraper in this photo [there are about 5 or 6, never counted to be honest] and the back part of the marina where the yacht club exists, a hotel from the beach, and usually I show you the street side of the miradors looking out to the bay...this time, from the beach looking toward the bluffs.

On the beach...first image an immature ring billed sea gull sleeping, the 2nd photo is of the laughing gull [smaller] and adult ringed billed, and a tern in flight...

Not quite my two mile walk along the beach and back, so off to a nearby park:


  1. Nice to see the sun after a cloudy period, eh Anni? I know that feelling. :-)

  2. the first thing i noticed in the large photo of the really large church, is the excellent shot of the gull... glad you found a little sun and could stop here since the way was blocked to where you wanted to go... so much beauty, no matter which way you aim the camera.

    1. I didn't notice the gull 'til I got 'em off the camera.

  3. I, too noticed the flying seagull in your inspiring church photo. Flowers? REAL flowers? I can't wait. Your walk today was so varied and nice.

  4. The gorgeous and wooded park is the very opposite of the beach scenes. Looks like you have a bit of everything there. The churches are so pretty, and varied. I love the first beautiful palm tree picture!

  5. Your walks are always so wonderful. Lots of beautiful scenery to take in

  6. I have to be honest.Today the picture that really stood out for me are the park ones. The warm sunshine looks so good.

  7. What a beautiful day and walk! I love seeing the flowers!

  8. Beautiful views on your walk! Such a nice place to live!

  9. Fabulous shots. Love that first one!

  10. I remember downtown Corpus Christi as being very lovely. Really beautiful houses along the coast. Thank you!

  11. Flowers are looking green. Nice ending to your walk.

  12. Same here in PA... a real beaut. Sunny for a change and high '50s. Nature is getting ready to bring forth her bounty.. My first year North in many a year and I love every moment of the clean crisp fresh air... all good!

  13. The sun is always nice to see. We have also had heavy rain and even flooding. A couple of sunny days and more rain tonight. *sigh*

  14. I Always love the photos you share thank you for the memories!!! I can't wait to be back down there thank you for sharing