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Ooooh blah Di....Life Goes On

I must snap out of it! I miss Tahoe very much. But, life goes on. I haven't felt much like getting online and doing any blogging for a while. I do know all your lovely comments the last couple of days have lightened my sorrow a lot! And I do appreciate it. I just haven't felt up to visiting anyone and commenting. But, I will try to go forth today sometime.

The morning sun peeking through the oak trees
West Guth Park
Corpus Christi, Texas

In the meantime, these photos [a LOT of them, so they will be small in loading size. Enlarge them through the Lightbox feature by clicking on them] are from my day trippin' at West Guth Park just off Interstate 37, northwest of the metro area of Corpus Christi.
Early one morning last week, I saw this:

Two new pine trees [rare in the South Texas Coast] have been planted in the park!  A Cottonwood along the brook and a Live Oak Tree near the Duck Pond

Live Oak Acorn, a special treat for this birder...THREE flycatchers together!!  [on top, the one in the backside of the rings is a Scissortailed Flycatcher, the one with the yellow breast on the top ring is a Western Kingbird -of the flycatcher family, and the small red and brown on the bottom left ring is a Vermilon Flycatcher] on a Disc Golf Basket, and the brook with grass.  I have some closer, zoomed in images saved for my birding blog at a later time.

Jet Blue Sky, Turks cap blossom/plant growing through the bridge slats, and more grass flowing in the breezes.

_ _ _

There is a high school up on the hill from the park entrance...Tuluso High School.  The Athletic Team was out practicing on the park's field

On a treetop, a Loggerhead Shrike and a heavily shaded picnic area [literally dozens in the park all around!]

The Northwest Senior Center and look closely to the far left mid section of the twisted tree...there is a bird...a woodpecker

Again, the bird on the branch to the middle left...then, zooming in as it flew to a nearby tree, the Golden Fronted Woodpecker!

The Duck Pond and a Grackle on the mesquite tree-top

A pair of White Winged Doves and an immature Starling

Along with all this, the trails twist and wind, uphill and downhill. There is a very large area with BBQ pits for large get-togethers, the disc golf course throughout the park, trees, a brook, picnic areas, a nice sized swimming pool that is closed for repairs for now. Yet, as I headed back to the car to hop in and search for any other birds along the park road, I found no long-billed curlews! There are usually dozens of them. On this day, none. I saw one ground squirrel as I headed out through the park gate and back on the interstate to home.


  1. Oh no.... now am having this song stuck in my mind. Hahahaha... such a happy song :) . I recall we learnt it in my school days. The good old days.

    1. Hope it didn't stick in your mind too long.

  2. Wow Anni, what a collection of birds you have posted here. I hope you're out of your doldrums now. It was good to see you again! Have a great day. Jo

  3. Hello, Anni! I can understand your feelings, I still miss my Goldie Girl. It does get better. Love all your birds. The three flycatcher together is a great sighting. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

    1. It's a difficult time. Thanks Eileen.

  4. I can understand the sorrow from losing Tahoe, it takes a long time to get past it. I can't remember, do you have other cats or dogs? or was Tahoe the only one. When Max died in 2002, our house was like a tomb and we had to take a vacation. when we got back 2 weeks later we got Baby and that helped with the loss, not a replacement just somone else to love.... beautiful pics as always, love those trees at the beginning and I thought you found a field of yellow minions. LOL... we have one of those chain thing's at the park where bob flies

    1. Tomb like is so true. Thanks Sandra

  5. Good to see you out and about and snapping pictures of birds and other wildlife. I hope you have more great days ahead. You are a wonderful educator through your blog.

  6. We all have to carry on after our loved ones leave us, for whatever reason. But a period of mourning is also appropriate, Anni. Thanks for showing me all those lovely birds, and I for one have had my own spirits lifted by your post. :-)

  7. Pets are family members and losing one is quite difficult. It just takes time to move past the hurt. Beautiful photos you have shared, today.

  8. Thanks for the tour and glad you are feeling a bit better. Time heals much....

  9. I know you will always think of Tahoe, ad he will remain in your heart. He had the best home with you! The school kids look like little yellow and white flower blossoms! That's a very nice senior center. I enlarged the Turk's Cap, because I have never seen any. Blessings to you, Anni.

  10. I missed something along the way here. I too feel for you in your loss.

  11. Totally understand how you're feeling. Our furbabies leave lasting paw prints on our hearts and when they leave us it's almost unbearable.
    Love all the birds

  12. WOW! You do have a lot of variety to keep that camera busy.Great photos.

  13. I love that song!
    I can imagine how you miss Tahoe. You get used to them being around and think they are right there, then remember that they aren't.
    Great photos!