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"G"....It's a Favorite Day...Halloween!!!!


Watching an episode of NCIS New Orleans, Dead Man Calling, it was so convincingly true that I had to do some research to see if the 'ghost' was real! [New Orleans has many ghost tours!!]  The synopsis:  In short, this particular show was about the history of an unsolved murder from 1867 all with a well-known New Orleans' family history...the Anderson family secret.  Well, using the public records, grave stones and burial records, and genealogy sites online, there is no listing of a certain Cornelius LaRue [the ghost].  Still, there happens to be a big "BUT" in this search....there are a lot of Anderson's listed in the state of Louisiana/Orleans Parish records!!  The eerie part of this is...there are many, many names listed with the surname Anderson that has the middle name of....yep....LaRue!!  Spooky.

ghost image courtesy of Google Images

An Historic Cemetery
Nuecestown Texas [before Corpus Christi was established]

The knotted burl of a tree in a city park [notice orange arrow]...
the remnant grows grossly!!



Bud's Headless Horseman [our dining room centerpiece this year]

Taken last year - Port Aransas
A golf cart
[that may look like a pipe coming from the skeleton's mouth, but it's actually the car's antenna next to the cart.  And I'm pleased to say the skeleton was in the passenger seat instead of the driver's side!]


  1. For sure you are spooky today! Did you snap those webs? Will you get many trick or treaters?

  2. What a ghoulish post!

  3. Hello, love all the spooky photos. Happy Halloween, enjoy your day!

  4. Leave it to you, Anni, to have the best spooky website for Halloween. Happy Halloween!! :-)

  5. Neat stuff! The spider pictures are my very favorites! There is something about spiders...hmmm

  6. Wow! Awesome photos for Halloween. Loved this posting.

  7. Oooooooh! Spooky! I believe in ghosts :) Love the burl in the tree! x K

  8. Spooktacular post for today. Happy Halloween

  9. I love these spooky photographs. Excellent web shots!

  10. I just KNEW you would have a great post today!! Love every single word and photo! Now I am going to go watch that episode of NCIS New Orleans! I LOVE that show!

  11. Oh to tour your home on Hallow's Eve, you are the queen of ghosts and ghouls